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Buy Youtube Services

The Services that we offer for Youtube are Yoube Views, Youtube Likes and Youtube Subscribers


Buy Instagram Services

The Services that we offer for Instagram are Instagram Likes, Instagram Followers and Instagram Views

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Buy Twitter Services

The services that we offer for Twitter are Twitter Followers, Twitter Likes and Twitter Retweets

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Buy Facebook Services

The services that we offer for Facebook are Fan Page Likes, Post Likes and Facebook Comments


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Buy our exclusive Instagram promotional services to stay ahead of the competition

Buying Instagram promotional services is the key to kick start
your Instagram career and this is what the influencers are doing.

At the moment offers these services for Instagram promotion

• Buy Instagram Followers worldwide
• Buy Instagram Followers Targeted
• Buy Instagram Likes
• Buy Instagram views

Does Buying Instagram Followers Work?

We know how competitive the current marketing industry is to get into and that why the answer is Yes, you should buy Instagram followers to get some initial boost in numbers.

It is no more a secret that many influencers and celebrities got famous by doing the same. The important thing is that you should be aware of the type of service you are getting from the service provider, there are mainly 3 paid ways of increasing Instagram followers
1- Ad campaigns
2- Buying real Instagram followers
3- Bots
Ad campaigns: with the help of an optimized ad campaign one can increase the number of Instagram followers but this is the most expensive method and you should be aware of the cost as in many cases each follower may cost up to $10 to $15 and also you will be required to have some technical knowledge of creating Optimized ad campaigns and funnels.

Buying real followers: Buying real followers from the quality service provider is considered to be the best option that one can go with, there are sites such as Neptueviewscom from where you can get these services.
Real followers are from real people profiles, many of them may not be active users but the numbers will be real and legit which will eventually help you to get search appearances and will improve your social presence and authority.

Bots: Bots are the type of followers that you should avoid buying. Bots are software generated numbers with no real existence which can cause some serious damage to the profile.

Nowadays Instagram algorithms are smart enough to identify any software-generated numbers. Therefore it is better to avoid such services.

Does Buying Instagram Followers Work?
Buy YouTube Targeted Views

Buy high retention YouTube Services to kick start your YouTube career

We offer a top-notch high quality and high retention YouTube services; give it a try and we promise you will be back for more

At the moment offers these services for YouTube Promotion

• Buy Youtube Views
• Buy Youtube Targeted Views
• Buy Youtube subscribers
• Buy Youtube Likes
• Buy Youtube Comments

Buy High Retention YouTube Views

Ever worked really hard on a video and uploaded it on YouTube? Ever wondered why you aren’t getting the views or traffic you deserve? Or how to buy high retention YouTube views? If so, you have come to the right place.

We provide our users with the best organic views with absolutely high retention rate, that too on subsidized, affordable and cheap rates so that you can easily fit them in your budget. You can also buy high retention drip-feed or slow YouTube views. This can help you get on top of your competition and boost your video’s ranking. Through our quality YouTube views, you can not only establish your page/channel but also your content, so that you can gain your audience’s loyalty.

Now there are a number of service providers out there claiming to be the best at selling YouTube views, most of them are scams or substandard providers selling bot views which might negatively affect your YouTube channel in the long run.

YouTube is an amazing platform where you can reach a global audience. But, with more than 5 billion videos and roughly 500 hours of video content being added to the site per minute, it is really hard to stand out from the enormous competition and put your brand or product out to the world. It’s really sad if you put in hours of work and create amazing content, yet fail to reach your audience’s eye!

There might even be lots of other videos in your niche competing for the first page, hence, you require some sort of an edge. That’s where we step in, our team at Neptune Views is dedicated in serving our customers with full retention YouTube views which give their videos that necessary ranking boost and help them get on top of the search results.

Buy High Retention YouTube Views

Buy High Quality Facebook Image/Post/FanPage Likes

Buying quality facebook Promotional Services from high authority provider like will help you to enhance your social presence

Buy Facebook Fanpage Likes

At the moment offers these services for Facebook Promotion

• Buy Facebook Fan page likes
• Buy Facebook Post likes
• Buy Facebook Post Comments

Why should you buy Facebook Fan page/Post/Image likes?

The more Page, Post, Image likes on your Facebook, the more trustworthy you will be for your audience. Facebook has now over 2.7 billion users and you cannot afford to ignore it if you are an influencer, digital marketing company, or social media personality.

In recent times an advertisement is very much expensive to get Facebook likes etc therefore the only and affordable option to grow your Facebook profiles and Fan Pages is to Buy Facebook services from a quality service provider such as

Difference Between Real and Bot Likes?

There are mainly 2 types of Facebook services, Bots and Real. offers only real Facebook services instead of both types just for the sake of variety.

Bots likes are software-generated numbers that are extremely cheap but they won’t worth buying. Whereas real likes will help you to improve search appearance and will also help you to engage the audience.

Buy Twitter Followers Instantly

Buy Twitter Promotional services as per your requirements

Twitter is among the biggest social media giants which you cannot afford to ignore and that is why neptuneviews offers twitter promotional services

At the moment offers these services for Twitter Promotion

• Buy Twitter Followers
• Buy Twitter Retweets
• Buy Twitter Likes

What are high retention YouTube Views?

Presently, there are different kinds of YouTube views available out there in the market place. These include high retention views, low retention views, organic views, bot views, etc.

You can check whether or not your service provider has given you high retention views or not, by accessing the dashboard of your YouTube analytics and then clicking on “viewer retention”.

Retention means the length of time spent on actually watching a certain video. High retention YouTube views mean that a consumer has actually watched your complete video, he didn’t just open your video and leave halfway.

As compared to this, Low Retention views are the ones where a consumer opens your video, watches a small part of it or instantly closes it, so that you just get one view.

If you risk buying cheap low retention views, you are not only at risk of getting flagged by YouTube’s algorithms and eventually getting a drop in your total views; but also negatively affecting your YouTube channel.

High retention views on the other hand are the most important ones because YouTube prioritizes your video based on the retention time. This indicates that your video/content was engaging and it caught the consumers’ attention. Retention time is also one of the key parameters used by YouTube’s search engine for ranking your videos.

We at Neptune Views only provide high retention organic YouTube views which are in line with YouTube’s algorithm. So that our customers get value for their money and time.

Our basic aim is creating returning customers by delivering them high-quality views so that they can put their trust in us.

Our purpose is to not only deliver the views but also educate our customers through our years of professional industry experience, about the types of views and services currently out there in the market place, so that they don’t fall prey to any bots or scammers.

Is buying YouTube views legal?

While buying YouTube views people usually have their reservations and misconceptions; like, is it illegal to buy views on YouTube? Will YouTube delete my video? Can my account get banned? Are all views fake?

Firstly, it is NOT ILLEGAL to buy YouTube views. As long as they are not BOT VIEWS, buying real organic high retention views are in line with YouTube’s TOS (Terms of Service).

Secondly, YouTube will delete your video or channel only if your video content is stolen, or violates its privacy policies.

According to YouTubes Fake Engagement Policy:

“YouTube doesn’t allow anything that artificially increases the number of views, likes, comments, or other metrics through the use of automatic systems”

It is illegal to buy fake auto software-generated views also known as BOTS, however, there currently stands no law against paying other people to watch your videos. Thinking about it rationally, watching YouTube is free so why would it be illegal to pay a few people to watch your videos.

These views help in ranking your content and gives you that extra edge over your competition to grab your audience’s attention. But you still need to be careful while choosing your service provider. Check out their ratings and reviews before opting for one, so that you don’t fall for any illegitimate source.

And finally, NO NOT ALL VIEWS ARE FAKE. There are websites providing real organic views.

You can put your trust in Neptune Views as our team of professionals have 5 years of industry experience and has served over 10,000 consumers with the highest quality organic views, as customer satisfaction is one of our core objectives.

Best place to buy YouTube likes

Now after doing your research through the methods we explained above if you have made up your mind that you would like to try organic YouTube video or channel promotion services.

The first question that appears in anyone’s mind is that what’s the best place to buy YouTube likes? And rightly so.

There are a number of best websites to buy YouTube likes through whom you can purchase YouTube Likes at cheap and affordable prices which can help you skyrocket your channel engagements and your marketing campaign.

We would highly recommend you Google them and go through their reviews first to get a better-unbiased opinion on their service.

Neptune Views is one of the best sites to buy YouTube likes as our team of highly experienced social media marketing professionals are dedicated to serving our clients with the best services.

You can buy YouTube likes instantly according to your own personal or brand needs by simply choosing from our wide range of packages available here.

We apply drip feed YouTube views so that your YouTube analytics don’t experience any irregular spikes etc. Neptune views also allow you to buy non drop YouTube likes that are organic so that your numbers don’t drop over time.

Should I buy YouTube subscribers?

Let’s be honest, numbers matter. Anyone who comes to your channel, will get a first impression of its authority based on the number of likes, views or subscribers.

Your audience will differentiate your channel from others based on your numbers.

So, if you are an honest content creator or you are marketing your brand, you would like users to interact with your content and eventually trust it and be willing to subscribe to it.

As a new YouTuber the most frustrating and demotivating part is the first stretch of the hockey stick graph, it can take up to 6 months or more before you get your first break, or complete your watch hours requirement or gain enough subscribers to monetize your channel.

YouTube has very high-tech Artificial Intelligence based algorithms which are updating every passing day. With over 300 hours of video time being uploaded to the platform every minute the algorithms evaluate your content based on various factors.

These factors include a number of likes on your videos, high retention views, your subscribers, originality of your content, and various others.

Buying high-quality organic YouTube subscribers through Neptune Views is a good investment in your own business.

We provide high-quality organic subscribers which are non-drop, meaning that you won’t see a drop in numbers over time. Nor will you experience any unusual spikes in your YouTube analytics due to our drip-feed approach.

We know that YouTube doesn’t rank your content as long as you don’t cross the 1000 subscriber mark.

Also, your subscribers get notifications about your other posts/videos, so that your audience doesn’t miss out on any of your updates and eventually the numbers on all of your videos grow.

Hence, while growing or promoting your YouTube channel, you should buy organic subscribers from well-known service providers.

How can I buy YouTube subscribers?

You can google different service providers, go through their reviews to make an informed decision or you can save yourself the hassle and simply place your trust in us, click here to check out the wide range of packages available in Neptune Views.

Shortlist and select any optimized package, based on your own personal needs and buy organic YouTube subscribers from Neptune Views.

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