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    Comments from Real Users:

    You will get real FB comments from genuine Facebook accounts. All the users will have proper accounts and profile pictures. Therefore, everything will look natural, and the Facebook algorithm will consider its organic growth.


    Niche-Relevant Targeted Comments:

    When buying comments, you must get comments from the right people. We offer niche-relevant targeted comments to ensure that the comments are from users who have an interest in that field. This way, you will get the most out of your posts and get the required engagement and attention from the people who matter the most.


    Various Budget-Friendly Packages:

    Our site offers a wide range of budget-friendly packages according to your needs. These packages are perfect for getting the most out of your budget and increasing your ROI. You can purchase these comments easily, quickly, and cost-effectively with us, ensuring you get the most out of your package. Thus, choose any package suiting your budget and engagement goals, and get comments on the spot.


    Non-Drop Comments:

    We offer non-drop comments from authentic users. They might unfollow you on Facebook but will never delete their comments. This way, your posts will have a high maintained engagement rate. You will not have to worry about the decrease.


    Secure Payment Methods:

    Our site offers secure payment methods for funds transactions. You can pay us via cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. With this option, your payment will be secure, and you will not have to worry about fraudulent transactions. All payments are processed securely through our authorized and secured payment gateways.


    No Passwords Required:

    Our team of staff members will never ask about your Facebook password. You only need to provide your post link. Thus, enjoy our services by providing any private information.


    Refund Guarantee:

    At Neptuneviews, you will get a money-back guarantee on purchasing Facebook comments and other social media marketing services. The comments you get will have an excellent retention rate because all the comments are from real users. This way, our refund guarantee will prevent you from losing if we fail to deliver comments according to the mentioned time.


    24/7 Live Customer Support:

    Our team of professionals provides 24/7 live customer support. You can contact us at any time through live chat or Email. Our staff is always there to help you.


    Instant Delivery:

    Our services are quite fast. Once you place your order, our professionals will start preparing your order immediately and will surprise you with instant delivery.

In today’s fast-paced work environment, standing out on Facebook with just talent and unique content is nearly impossible. Purchasing Facebook comments is a good and effective strategy to break through the news and capture attention with minimum struggle. Neptuneviews provides 100% genuine Facebook comments for each struggling content creator to get what’s achieved in months and years, only in a few days.

What is buy Facebook comment service?

The buy Facebook comment service is specialized for those with enough talent who are ready to put in effort but still fail to grab the deserved attention due to the extremely high competition. The process works with the user placing an order to a third party for delivering an agreed-upon number of comments to the account activity for a specific fee.

Such services enhance new account holders’ visibility and profit-generating scope through Facebook algorithms. However, knowing the difference between counterfeit and genuine followers and efficient services is imperative to avoid the risk of loss in the long run.

Real vs fake Facebook comments

1: Relevancy

The first and foremost difference between a real and fake Facebook comment is the degree to which it adheres to your posted content. That means the service must carefully look at your account, understand the content, and provide comments accordingly. For instance, under a food post, comments must not be appreciating someone’s dressing sense. Instead they should be relevant to the food or near to the topic you are discussing.

2: Language and context

The natural and genuine comments are typed and posted by real people. On the other hand, fake comments are bot created. The most significant difference between the both are language and context. All those human comments have simple language, diverse connotations, and different dialects and might contain grammatical errors. Such comments are not 100% accurate and do not contain complex vocabulary.

Conversely, the comments that come from automated accounts look fake. As there is no human mind but a computer behind such comment creations, they are 100% grammatically and politically correct. For instance, in your order of 1000 comments, you would not find a single comment with at least one grammatical error. When a bunch of such comments are delivered on your account, it alarms the Facebook algorithm to investigate something fishy and take action timely.

3: Interaction

Fake comments post a few words under your account’s comment section and vanish. If any genuine follower or first-time visitor asks a question, they have yet to be replied. On the other hand, honest and genuine comments constantly interact. They not only post words about the relevant stuff but also answer all the replies made by genuine commenters. It ultimately creates an unbreakable message thread that enhances the account’s engagement.

4: Lesser likes

Comments are not all that matter. Facebook properly investigates all the accounts that are getting instant comments and fame, even without spending much on marketing campaigns. One aspect of this inspection is judging the document’s authenticity by comparing it with the number of likes received.

Let’s say the human liking ratio is nearly 1.5 times more than that of commenting. It happens because liking content is much easier, more convenient and faster than opening the comment section, thinking and writing words and then posting it. The same is why you should also focus on getting more or at least an equal number of likes. An efficient service always caters to such problems with their packages.

5: less credibility

Fake likes are granted by small services that are relatively new in the industry and need more human resources to create and post comments. The same is why they go for bot-created comments. Well-known services have an extensive range of human resources that manage the accounts.

6: Diversity

Facebook is a global platform with users from different countries forming connections. Therefore, always aim to get comments that belong to profiles of people dispersed in various parts of the world. If any seller claims to deliver it but does not do that, it is a clear red flag.

7: Blank profiles

Bot-created comments come from the accounts that are managed through AI. Hence, they do not have any profile description or bio details to portray a sense of authenticity to the Facebook algorithms.

Why Buy Facebook Comments- 9 Benefits

Following are some of the benefits you can attain by purchasing Facebook comments from a reliable service

1: Enhanced conversions

When you collaborate hands with an efficient and genuine survival, they do not only provide some random pieces of sentences as comments. Instead, they focus on delivering meaningful words that resonate with the content of your account, page or post. For instance, you run a food business preparing lunch boxes and meals to deliver to the office. This is a convenience business where people who need help preparing food give orders. They would seek a good taste.

So, use an efficient service to leverage Facebook as a marketing tool. They will comment, “ I ordered from the XYZ company, and their food was delicious,” or, “I am a regular customer, and their food is always yummy.” This will automatically spread positive word of mouth and attract new customers to your product. On the other hand, if you go with some random seller, the comments would be generic, like “Good food” or “Looks Good.” Thus, providing you no benefit at all.

2: More exposure than ever

Exposure helps you enhance your customer base. Through relevant comments, the Facebook algorithm detects the tone and matches it with the remarks of genuine users. If it finds that other people are posting the same comments on the same kind of posts as you have, it will automatically make your account discoverable to those.

At the same time, if your account has positive comments, it will make you trustworthy in the follower’s eyes, ultimately resulting in those followers recommending you to their friends and family.

3: Increases engagement

Engagement is one of the efficient ways of making your page or account discoverable to those interested in your kind of content but who need to learn about you. Average comments, however, never enhance engagement. Instead, you need to have intriguing words full of curiosity. For instance, if the comment is “Food looks tasty” it would not awaken your interest to know more about the service.

If you see comments like “I have tried their food and it was full of taste” or “I have never tasted this delicious food anywhere,” this will make you want to investigate more about the food than what was so special about the food. At the same time, comments like “Where can I find your products?” or “How to order from here? This will make the genuine followers answer to those, thus enhancing the overall engagement level.

4: Increase your follower count

Positive word of mouth is the most effective tool for bringing more followers and converting first-time visitors to a loyal fan base. Suppose you have positive comments under your posts, reels and other activities. In that case, it will convey to others that you are doing something good and valuable on the platform. This also makes your account visible to other people, thus enhancing the overall fanbase and increasing the follower count.

5: Opens the gate for collaborations

No matter how many good quality videos you have or how much valuable content you have, it will only make you reach the heights you want to achieve if you have people to support you. Remember, what is seen is what is sold. Hence, a new influencer must gain vast exposure and enhance the follower base. No brand likes to work with a new face who is undiscovered or would not bring any traffic to their product.

On the other side, social media influencers and other account holders with a vast follower base and comments are immediately approached by the brand to obtain benefits with their fanbase. The same is why, when you have good positive word of mouth, you invite good brands to come and collaborate with you in exchange for a handsome sum of money.

6: Make your previous content  visible

It all happens to us when we see random videos in Facebook reels, like the work of that content creator and check their account to see similar kinds of content. It is called the ‘’ convincing technique” which works on Facebook and other areas. Purchasing Facebook comments helps you for future gains and enhances the overall value of the content you uploaded the previous time. It happens when a new audience lands upon your account by the exposure granted from comments, they see all the content they have an interest in.

In such situations, it is natural to develop the thoughts, “ If I have liked this content, let’s see some of its previous videos as well. This way, your previous content becomes valuable as well.

7: Helps to rank high

Perform a simple test. Make any two videos for the Facebook reel. Post both on the same date but and comment a few sentences by different accounts under one. Now, wait 24 hours and compare the views both videos have gotten. You will notice one video with 100s of likes whereas others would gain only a few.

It happens because when a video or post gets comments, it triggers facebook algorithms that the people are already seeing it and considering it valuable enough to react. Thus, the platform enhances its ranking even more, making it visible globally to a diverse audience.

8:  Eligibility for the monetization

Like YouTube, Facebook also has some eligibility criteria which make you capable of generating handsome income by displaying advertisements on your videos. This includes having a well-established social media page with at least 10000 page followers, etc. But the issue is that Facebook today is highly crowded with over 50 million active content creators and billions of users worldwide- each interested in different kinds of content. The same is why It’s difficult for a new content creator to adhere to such requirements because of high competition.

If you invest in getting good-quality comments, you can enhance visibility, gain more followers, and rank high in the Facebook algorithm. Thus helping you minimize the period of fulfilling the requirements to become eligible for ad monetization.

9: Increase trustworthiness

When you have more followers than the competitors, you have more power to endorse something, as people tend to follow the already popular trends. This also is a helpful tool to utilize if you plan to launch your brand or products soon.

Where to purchase from

Multiple sellers claim to have 100 percent genuine followers. But the irony is that there are claims. The same is why It is recommended to go with well-known selling brands such as Neptuneviews as they have goodwill in the market. Thus, they are significantly less likely to harm your account or not fulfil their promise. Launched in 2015, Neptuneviews has catered to an extensive customer base with a maximum satisfaction rate. The site has a comprehensive offering to help you choose the perfect package for your Facebook account needs and requirements.

How to buy Facebook comments from Neptuneviews?

You only need 5 minutes and a few clicks to order the Facebook comments from Neptuneviews. Here is how to do it

Step 1: Select the service

Navigate to the official site from and hover over the “Services” area. Find the FB Post comments” in the first row and click on it.

buy fb comments

Step 2: Choose the plan

All the proffered plans will be displayed in front of you. Choose the plan that looks good and adheres to your account needs. Notice the green-coloured button “ Buy Now” and click on it.

buy comments for facebook

Step 3: Pay

At this point, Neptuneviews will ask for your account details and payment options. Make sure to fill in each blank accurately.

buy comments facebook

Step 4: Order

Lastly, hit the Place order button on the bottom right corner of your screen. And that is it; now you must wait until your desired number of followers is delivered to your account.

Buy Facebook Comments

Why choose Neptuneviews?

Following are some of the significant reasons that make neptuneviews a highly reliable option in today’s landscapes

1: Completely safe and secure

One of the significant signs of a fake service is that they ask you for personal information to be used negatively afterwards. However, neptuneviews does not ask for personal information that is out of context. In addition, none of the required data is shared with an outside party.

2: 100% accurate comments

Unlike fake services, neptuneviews does not provide any fake comments. Each comment comes from the authentic profile with an operator setting in the backend. Thus, each comment is relevant and matches your profile’s context.

3: Human return context

Bot-created comments sound robotic and perfect, which can trigger the Facebook algorithm to de-rank or put a ban on your account. Nevertheless, Neptuneviews provides comments in an utterly human-written context. Each comment is written in more straightforward language and does not use unreal symbols or sound perfect. Also, the tone is kept realistic with frequent use of I and We.

4: Variety of plans

Each account differs from others, as do their needs and comment requirements. The same is why Neptuneviews provides an extensive range of plans to cater to content creators of every level and type.

5: Efficient customer support system

The customer support system is one of the primary and most effective ways to judge any site’s legitimacy and efficiency. Neptuneviews has a highly robust and supportive customer support staff. They have real-time operators on standby, which provide detailed and satisfactory answers to all your questions within 24 hours.

Final Thoughts

Buying a Facebook comment service is one of the efficient tools to minimize your struggle in a highly competitive environment. They help you boost growth, enhance engagement and open the gate for multiple monetization opportunities.

Neptuneviews provides you with entirely genuine, accurate and affordable Facebook comments that resonate with the content of your account. At the same time, these are 100% human-written comments with real operators sitting in the backend with proper profile descriptions to ensure Facebook algorithms miss your account.

You can purchase the followers from Neptuneviews in simple steps. Navigate to the official site, hover over the services, select your desired plan, enter details, and place the order.

You can purchase the followers from Neptuneviews in simple steps. Navigate to the official site, hover over the services, select your desired plan, enter details, and place the order.

You can purchase the followers from Neptuneviews in simple steps. Navigate to the official site, hover over the services, select your desired plan, enter details, and place the order.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to purchase comments from Neptuneviews?

Yes, it is entirely safe to purchase comments from your Facebook account from Neptuneviews as it does not ask for personal details or share your data with an outside party.

How many plans are there for purchasing Facebook comments?

Neptuneviews has an extensive range of packages to choose from. It offers 6 different packages with distinguished features to suit different accounts.

How to buy Facebook comments from Neptuneviews?

You can purchase the followers from Neptuneviews in simple steps. Navigate to the official site, hover over the services, select your desired plan, enter details, and place the order.