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Comments are an efficient way to grow on Facebook. However, is it enough? No, because instead of just getting engagement, tracking and controlling the engagement you get from these comments is equally important to maintain a sense of authenticity on the platform.

Buying random Facebook comments for posts and photos is wise to spread customizable word-of-mouth and grow faster. Neptuneviews provides 100% real custom comments that will multiply your followers, likes, and success ratio in no time.

What is buy custom/ random Facebook comments for posts and photos?

Random comments on Facebook refer to comments that are specifically tailored to convey a certain message about your post or photos to the public.

Account holders can purchase pre-written comments from the service to personalize and influence the general feedback on their content.

At the same time, it is also beneficial for increasing your social media reach and embarking your presence on the platform.

Why Buy Custom/Random Facebook Comments for Posts and Photos?_ 5 benefits

1. Enhanced engagement

When you choose to purchase custom comments instead of repeated ones, you have an amazing opportunity to intrigue people about participating in the discussions in the comments. 

For instance, you have posted a picture of yourself eating a burger or pizza somewhere. Now, the purchased service will post comments (as instructed by you)  like: What is the flavor of this place? Or what place is this? Thus convincing the other followers to answer and enhancing real engagement.

2. Brand recognition

Another significant purpose of Facebook comments is to gain customer feedback. Brands leverage the tool of customized comments to convey a good image of their services or products.

If you also run a business or are starting an entrepreneurial venture, you can enhance your customer reach by buying positive random comments under pictures of products or posts.

This way, customers will gain the courage to invest in a new brand they have not tried before.

3. Increased support

Suppose you post serious stuff or discuss sensitive topics. In that case, it is immensely important to gain support because even if a single person becomes offended by your content, others seem to follow.

In such cases, going with the custom service is highly profitable. You can tell the type of words you seek to prove your point to the public. For instance, you posted about the issues and inequality homemakers face today.

With the help of random comments, you can help people understand the issues from different women’s perspectives.

For example, you can have a comment where one woman discusses the abuse she suffers as a housewife, whereas the other one sheds light on the importance of being self-dependent. Thus, convincing people to understand and be by your side. 

4. Enhanced reputation

Reputation means a lot when you are on a prominent social media platform such as Facebook; comments are one effective way to build that. However, when you have only positive comments under your post, it creates a sense of counterfeiting.

With the control gained by random comments, you can infuse a few negative comments in a way that will not affect your reputation. For instance, you are a makeup brand.

Now, under your posts and photos of different makeup products, you can add a few negative comments, such as ” The only bad thing about this brand is that their makeup products run out real quick.”

5. Showcasing your expertise

The custom comments help you establish yourself as an expert or highly knowledgeable person on a certain subject.

By customizing the comments, you can position yourself as someone others can trust and rely upon when considering any particular issue.

From where to buy?

There are tons and tons of services available out there, Claiming to provide authenticity and reality. However, their claims are mere claims as they use bot-created accounts, which provide repeated and vague comments.

This is why it is always recommended to go with a well-reputed and very well-known service such as Neptuneviews to minimize the risk of loss and scan near zero.

Why choose Neptuneviews to buy Custom/ Random comments?

1. Full control

Neptuneviews gives the customer 100% control over what types and numbers of comments they want for their account. You can also provide the exact wording of the comments you want; the service will do the same.

2. Highly relatable comments

Inefficient services focus on increasing the number of comments on your account and posts, which is why such comments are always irrelevant.

For instance, they might comment on something funny on a serious post or vice versa. On the other hand, Neptuneviews posts the types of words under the comment section as you have instructed.

3. Niche-specific accounts

The relevancy doesn’t end at the post comments. Instead, the site ensures that all the comments have an account history similar to yours.

For instance, if you have instructed the site to post music-related comments, Neptunviews will also ensure that the commenting account will have a view history of watching famous singers and following them on the account.

4. Customer support

Another edge of Neptuneviews over other services is its unique and highly supportive customer support system. You can send any query, and they will ensure satisfactory solutions within 24 hours.

5. High Security

Neptuneviews always adheres to all security standards. This is why you will never be asked about personal or sensitive information. Although you must provide a few credentials for payment purposes, these are kept from any third party to provide optimum security.

5. Drip feeding method

When you get an immense number of comments instantly, Facebook’s algorithms can detect something fishy. To avoid such cases, neptuneviews uses the drip feed method.

Under this approach, the comments are delivered equally on every post and image and are not instantly delivered. Instantly, these are delivered strategically on every post in a small set of numbers, Thud looking natural and not offending the algorithms.

How to Buy Custom/Random Facebook Comments for Posts and Photos from Neptuneviews

1. Navigate to the site;

Facebook Fanpage Likes

Browse in your browser and press enter. Now hover over the services area and select “Custom/ Random Facebook Comments.”

2. Select package

get facebook fanpage likes

All the plans and pricing will be displayed on the screens. Look carefully and select a package. Now press the buy button in green color.

3. Payment details:

Buy Facebook Fanpage Likes

At this point, your desired package will be inserted into the cart. While checking out, provide all the payment credentials.

4. Place order

Buy Facebook Fanpage Like

Finally, hover to the last to see a button saying “place order.” Click on it, and your order will be placed instantly.


Facebook comments are one effective way to grab more followers and likes and become successful on Facebook. However, growing organically can be tough on a platform with thousands of followers already.

Neptuneviews helps you break through the competition by providing 100% real, instant, and authentic custom/random comments for your Facebook posts and photos, which convert.


When should I buy random/ custom Facebook comments for my account?

Answer:  If you want to influence the audience by thinking positively about the content you create, it is high time you collaborate with a paid custom comments provider.

Is it safe to purchase random comments for a Facebook account?

Answer: It depends on the service you choose. You are entirely safe if you have collaborated with an authentic and customer-oriented company like Neptuneviews.

Nevertheless, if you have to shake hands with a scam site, it can cause drastic losses because most sites have a specific set of bot-created accounts they use to deliver every order they get.

How do I buy custom/ random comments from Neptuneviews?


  1. Go to the official site< services< Facebook comment and click.
  2. Choose your desired package, provide the payment credentials, place an order, and you’re done.
  3. For a detailed guide, consider the content above.