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Buy Facebook Group Members – Real, Active,Cheap & Non-Drop

As in charge of the group, you need more and more Facebook group members to build the trust
of genuine visitors in your content.
Neptuneviews stands out as a distinguished destination to buy facebook group members that
are 100% real, active, cheap and non-drop to boost your online presence and ensure constant

What is buying Facebook group members service?

The buy Facebook group members services is a procedure that involves a contract between the
account holder and a third party. According to this, the account holder pays the seller for
obtaining a specific amount of group members on their facebook account.

The main aim is to help the group creator or admin get the desired number of Facebook group
members to kickstart their careers on the platform.

While the process seems quick for new group creators to gain success, it might be equally
distressing if you collaborate with an inefficient site that provides bot-created members instead
of the genuine one.

Real Facebook group members Vs. fake group members

1. Originality

The first and most significant difference between real Facebook group members and fake ones
is their accounts of origin. The actual members always come from human operators' natural and
genuine accounts.

Thus, they have an original activity log including the watch history, likings to the other group
members and communities, etc.

On the other hand, the software automatically handles fake accounts. The same is why you
won't find traces of human activity when navigating their profiles.

2. Active status

The purpose of real members is broader than increasing the sheer numbers on your group list.
It extends beyond establishing your page and content as a valuable resource to other Facebook

The same is why such members always participate in different activities on your account. It
includes commenting on the various posts and photos, sending friend requests to each other,
participating in the discussions, casting votes in the polls, viewing videos and the list goes on.
On the other hand, the fake members do not do any such thing. Instead, they are deadly
numbers in your members list that are useless.

3. Permanency

As real accounts have human operators physically handling the account, they do not leave any
room for Facebook's sharp algorithm to detect if these are purchased. Hence, they remain

Nevertheless, the bot-created accounts can perform any activity against Facebook's policies
anytime. For instance, they might commit the same things on different posts and constantly
send unsensible messages to others, causing the algorithms to detect something fishy.

If caught, these accounts can be permanently banned, forcing your group to face a significant
loss in its members numbers which might result in the de-ranking of your account overall as

4. Profile authenticity

Actual Members have profiles with proper details such as biodata, education status, working
place, profession, etc.

The fake members usually have a blank profile with no bio-data or other information. Even if
details are there, the exact details might be used for hundreds of other bot-created accounts.

5. Unreal pricing

Another significant difference between real and fake members is the pricing of both services.
Actual member sellers have to hire individuals to operate accounts and need to pay salaries to
them. The same is why they can keep their prices the same after a certain point.

Nevertheless, fake member sellers use bots to create and handle member accounts so they do
not have to pay or hire anyone. The same is why you will notice such services claiming to
provide similar services at unrealistically lesser pricing than usual.

Why buy Facebook group members?- 6 Benefits


1. Enhanced Engagement

Facebook group members are the most effective tools to attract and engage your group more.
By actively participating in multiple activities, such as commenting on curious questions under
different posts, these paid members bring more genuine and authentic members to join your
group, thus increasing genuine engagement.

2. Enhanced networking opportunities

Having more group members automatically gives you more opportunities to connect with like-
minded people and professionals.

This can even lead you towards more extensive collaborations and mergers (If you are running
a business-oriented group_ such as partnerships with brands, etc.

3. Broader customer segment

Your group's posts and discussions get more prominent, with more members than the previous
exploration. This can ultimately widen the reach and customer segment by making your content
discoverable to more and more people.

4. Multiple expertise under one roof

A more significant number of paid members allows you to bring together authentic individuals of
diverse backgrounds. The people coming with an extensive variety of skills and experiences can
enrich the discussions.

Thus enabling the other members to learn from each other and gain honest insights about
particular matters.

5. Perceived social engagement

Paid members can help you create a perception of popularity right from the start. When
potential visitors see that you are getting such immense fame right from the beginning, they
adopt a positive attitude towards you, thus becoming members themselves.

6. Helps gain competitive advantage

It is no more a secret that there is much competition on Facebook today. Hence, the topic you
choose to create a group on might be discussed in any other group so far. This makes gaining a
genuine member base more difficult.

However, when you have an enhanced number of members on your Facebook page, it conveys
to others that there is something unique about your group than others. This way, you get an
edge over others competing in the market.

From where to purchase?

You will find multiple Facebook member sellers out there. But be careful while choosing
because most of these are only spam services that provide bot-created members, which is
strictly banned from Facebook.

Yet, these are not real and alarm the algorithms to put heavy constraints and allegations for
using unfair means. In contrast, if you shake hands with an efficient service like Neptuneviews,
you are saved from all such risks.

Why choose neptunviews to buy Facebook group members

1. 100% real members

To maintain transparency and adhere to all the guidelines predetermined by Facebook,
Neptuneviews ensures all the members you are getting come from authentic sources.

In addition, all our operators ensure that these accounts remain active in your group activity to
maintain a sense of authenticity.

2. Profile competence

eNeptuneviews ensures that all the accounts used to be your group members have a prominent profile section and proper activity history.

That means whenever new visitors click on any of the members' profiles, they will find an
appropriate and accurate username with a profile picture, biodata showcasing their interests
and hobbies, educational information, etc.

In addition, their Facebook wall will display all the activities the account has been engaged in
recently. This way, your page becomes trustable and clean in the eyes of Google algorithms.

3. Niche specific

Scam services have a specific set of accounts they use to deliver whatever and how many
orders they get. So, when multiple groups are joined by similar people (That too with similar
usernames, profile sections, etc), it will alarm the authorities if something is wrong.

However, neptuneviews do not work similarly. We have different sets of accounts to be used
under different cases. For instance, if you have made a group about housewives, we will
provide members from the female account with proper usernames like "Alica Daniel ".

At the same time, they would also have pictures of the families and ladies with their husbands
and pets to prove that a natural female has joined the community to discuss their daily matters
with other women of the same kind.

4. Enhanced quality:

Neptuneviews implements multiple quality measures like using different IP addresses to ensure
customers receive a high-end service. In addition, other measures like profile verification and
monitoring of active levels are also considered carefully.

5. More support

Facebook groups are meant to serve a particular audience, forming a group of interest-like
individuals. Thus, in the beginning, the group maker needs support so that more people can be
convinced to join the platform.

The same is why all the group members provided by Neptuneviews would not ever speak
against you. Instead, they will always talk in your favor in different activities to give you
maximum support.

6. Fully secured

Suppose any service asks you about unnecessary personal details like personal contact
numbers, logins of your page, or personal account. In that case, they will most likely misuse the
information to loot you.

Neptuneviews never asks about any such information to maintain security standards. Although
you would need to provide some generic information like payment credentials and account page
links so that the order can be timely delivered, this information is never shared with any third

7. Helps to make cross-platform career

Social media does not end at Facebook. Instead, you can leverage multiple other platforms,
such as YouTube, Tidal, Twitter and Instagram, to multiply your fame and income.

Neotuneviews provides services related to various platforms, such as YouTube views,
Facebook likes, and tidal followers, so that you can kickstart your career on other platforms

8. Efficiency way of delivery

If a sudden increase is observed in the number of your Facebook group members, it is one
prominent sign for the algorithms to detect that the fan base is not genuine and might be paid.

To solve such problems, Neptuneviews will not supply all the asked members instantly. Instead,
they will be provided in smaller but consistent chunks with a gap of a few days to eliminate all
possible risks.

How to purchase Facebook group members from neptuneviews

Purchasing Facebook group members from Neptuneviews requires a few clicks and some
minutes of your time. Here is a complete guide to ordering your desired number of Facebook
group members from Neptuneviews.

1. Go to the site: Open your browser and browser and you will be redirected
to the homepage of the official website.

buy group members facebook

2. Select the package: Look at the upper bar and hover on the “Services” Multiple rows and
columns would appear. Search for the service that says “Facebook group member” Click on it,
and all the possible plans regarding that service will appear on your screen.

Look at each package carefully; they all have different features and offerings. Once decided,
click the green button that says “Buy Now”.

buy members for facebook group

3. Payment details: You will be redirected to the "Cart" with your chosen service. Here, you
need to put in all the asked details, such as your account details and Facebook page link. Fill in
all the blanks very carefully and provide accurate information.

facebook group members buy

4. Place Order: Once you have entered all the credentials, scroll down and look at the bottom
right corner. Here you will find a button: “Place order” Click on it, and your order processing will
start right away. So, please wait until it is delivered within the predetermined time frame.

buy facebook group members usa

Final thoughts

It is essential to grab more members than the competitors to run a successful Facebook group
in the highly competitive realm of Facebook. But it might be nearly impossible to get those
organically in the starting.
Npetunevviews provides 100% real, active, instant and non-drop Facebook group members to
accelerate growth and get all the exposure you deserve in no time.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the risks of buying Facebook group members?

Answer: There are many risks involved in purchasing Facebook group members, such as
account de-ranking, getting a permanent ban, losing all your genuine follower base, getting
caught by Facebook algorithms, and so on.
However, these risks only exist until you continue collaborating with an in-efficient and scam site
that provides bot-created members. An authentic and customer-oriented site always provides
real members. Thus eliminating all such risks from scratch.

2. Are the paid facebook members permanent?

Answer: It all depends upon the service you choose. If you, unfortunately, have chosen the
wrong and scam service by getting impressed by their low pricing, these members might vanish
after a week or so.
However, as Neptuneviews works through the real account, all the members provided are
permanent and will always be there.

3. When should I buy Facebook group members?

Answer: You can buy it whenever you realize your efforts on Facebook are not paying you back.
However, an intelligent decision is to purchase these in the beginning only to minimize your
struggle time to the extent possible.

4. What should I do if I need clarification?

Answer: Contact the customer support service immediately if you need clarification regarding
the services or features. The highly supportive staff will tackle all your problems within 24 hours.