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With over 1.4 billion active users, Instagram is an excellent place for businesses and startups to
gain exposure and enhance their customer base.

Nevertheless, it might be difficult for new companies to rank their pages and gain followers
within the highly competitive environment.

This is where the paid help comes from. But before you buy Instagram followers for business, it
is crucial to understand a few things we will be discussing in the following Content.

What is the “buy Instagram followers for business” Service?

The Buy Instagram follower is a paid service that facilitates those trying to embark on their
presence on the platform but constantly failing.

Under the process, the account holder pays a specific sum of money to a third party to deliver a
predetermined number of followers on the business’s Instagram account. Thus increasing
visibility and accelerating growth.

Organic vs fake Instagram followers

Understanding the difference between organic and fake followers is imperative for any business
to avoid de-ranking and getting caught by the Instagram algorithm. Here is how both of these
differ from each other.

1. Engagement

The most significant difference between Instagram organic and fake followers is engagement.
When followers are granted from natural and organic accounts, they have people sitting at the
backend who operate accounts, interact with your posts, and boost engagement. On the other

hand, fake followers are granted from fake accounts. Thus, they do not interact with your posts
and account activity in any way, triggering the Instagram algorithm to catch them.

2: Less likes

Another significant difference between organic followers and fake followers is related to likes.
Organic followers frequently like your posts and posted videos. Fake followers, however, don't
do anything but increase the number of accounts in your followers list. Instagram accounts this
way can easily detect that the growth of this particular account is not natural but fake.

3: Unreal profile sections

Natural accounts differ as the account holders, their preferences and ways of operating them
differ. However, Fake accounts need to put more effort into creating realistic and engaging

4: Spam comments

Some fake accounts provide comment services to prove that they are real. However, it is not
good because most comments are spam and irrelevant. For instance, you posted a picture of
your new product or service or perhaps promoted any new offer, but these accounts will post
commitments like " Looking great", "Nice look", etc.

Why buy Instagram followers from Neptuneviews

Following are some reasons to Buy Instagram Followers for Business

1. Enhance brand visibility

Instagram is a platform over 200 million businesses leverage to increase their customer base.
Thus, creating a highly competitive environment that might benefit your direct competitors and
big players if they are in the market before you.

However, when you buy Instagram followers for business, you expand your reach and enhance
exposure. Thus providing an ultimate opportunity to shift the audience of your direct competitors
to your product if your offers are compelling.

2. An instant boost to goodwill

People tend to trust brands and products which are used by a vast number of people.
Businesses starting up naturally have a limited fandom and follower base. Purchased Instagram
followers come in handy in such cases.

With an instant boost to your account, they help new ones gain trust in your product or services.
As a result, further growth happens naturally and organically.

3. Increased your social presence

The benefits of purchasing Instagram followers extend beyond just visibility. Social media users
are more likely to follow and interact with the Content that seems valuable to them.

There is no better way to judge the social value of any brand than by looking at their follower numbers. With
enhanced and efficient service, you can increase the number of your followers, which is visible
proof of your company's worth in the social realm.

4: Saves time and efforts

Social media is a fast-moving environment where updates can come at any time. In such a fast-
paced world, establishing strategies and timely implementation can be a real task to increase
the number of followers.

However you can buy followers for business Instagram as it is an easy and compelling way to give a
shot boost to your account for further growth and enhanced number of customers.

5: Enhanced engagement

With a more extensive follower base, you can attract more genuine followers interested in
similar Content than yours. Thus enhancing engagement and interaction in the long run.

How to buy Instagram followers from Neptuneviews

You can purchase Instagram followers from Neptuneviews by following the step-by-step guide

1: Choose the number of followers

In the first place, navigate to < services< Instagram followers and select the
number of followers you want to obtain through the services.

Look at the "Select Followers" tab
to choose the number. Then click the green button that says "Add to Cart".

buy followers for business instagram

2: Go to Cart

Notice a handbag icon on the top right corner of your screen. It is the cart; click on it to check your selected services.

Buy Instagram Followers for Business

3: Check out

The cart will display all the selected services you have chosen. Click on the bottom right corner of your screen that says ” Proceed to checkout”. Click on Instagram Followers for Business - Organic Followers

4: Order

Finally, provide your details such as name, email address, brand link, provide payment credentials and click on the “Place Order”. And that’s it; wait until your required followers are delivered to your business account.

uy Instagram Followers for Business - Organic Followers

Why choose Neptuneviews

In the online world of purchasing Instagram followers stands multiple brands selling their services. So, why should you go with the Neptuneviews only? Here are all why Neptuneviews are your first choice for buying followers for your business Instagram.

1. Multiple packages to suit your needs

Every business is different from others, and so are their needs. And Neptuneviews agree with it. The same is why you can choose from three different types of packages based on whatever works best for your business.

  1. Basic package: Provides 10 thousand followers and five thousand likes divided among the recent posts for only 59 dollars.
  2. Standard package: Provides 30 thousand followers within 159 dollars and 15 thousand post likes divided among the recent posts.
  3. Premium package: Provides 80 thousand followers and 40 thousand likes divided among the recent posts, only 419 Dollars.

2: Organic followers

As discussed above, fake followers can ruin the overall reputation of your account to a greater level. The same is why Neptuneviews provides all the followers from real accounts with natural persons sitting in the backend.

3: Real likes

Most Instagram selling services provide likes on any posts or activity they find on the top. However, considering the legitimacy concerns, Neptuneviews distributes all the likes on your recent posts. Thus eliminating the chances of getting caught by algorithms.

4: Completely Safe

Launched in 2015, Neptuneviews has facilitated millions and billions of clients worldwide. None of the sensitive data is shared with any third party. Hence, you can be assured of investing in the right place.

5: Simple to order

Last but not least, neptuneviews have a straightforward ordering process. Consider the step-by-step guide mentioned above to successfully place the order for your selected package.


In a nutshell, the Content above discusses how buying business followers on Instagram benefits your brand. In addition, it discusses the whole process of purchasing the followers from Neptuneviews, along with all the crucial details.




Will I get caught if I purchase followers for my business Instagram account?

It depends upon the service you have chosen. If you get help from an efficient and well-reputed survivor such as Neptuneviews, the chances of getting caught are near 0.

Will I get my money back?

Yes, Neptuneviews stands by its services. Hence, if we fail to fulfil our commitments, we provide a money-back guarantee to our respected consumers.

How can purchasing followers help my business on Instagram?

Purchased followers enhance your business account’s engagement, making it discoverable to the audience interested in similar Content. As a result, your account gets vast exposure on the platform and increases its customer base automatically.

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