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  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Instant Start


  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Instant Start


  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Instant Start


  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Instant Start


  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Instant Start
  • Fast Order Delivery:

    The site has a fast delivery system ensuring quick delivery of views. Their active staff members start processing your order as soon as you complete the purchase. Your order will be completed within the estimated time mentioned on the service page.

  • Non-Drop Views:

    The total views you purchase from this site for your story will decrease once your story expires. The reason is that all the views come from real users with proper account information. So everything will look natural.

  • Refund Guarantee:

    Neptuneviews offers a refund guarantee for your order if they fail to provide it within the estimated time. For further details, read their Refund Policy.

  • Budget-Friendly Views Packages:

    They offer a variety of view packages at cheap prices. You can choose the package that meets your budget requirements. Thus, choose a suitable package and buy story views to improve the identity and credibility of your brand.

  • 24/7 Live Customer Support:

    They have an active team of professionals who provide 24/7 live customer support. You can contact them at any time and acquire information about their services. Contact them via the embedded chat system, WhatsApp, or Email. They will hear and solve your queries.

  • Secure Payment Methods:

    The site offers safe and secure transaction methods to clear payments. All their payment methods follow the PCI DSS standards, ensuring the safe transaction of funds. You can pay them via Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

  • No Passwords Required:

    They take care of the security and privacy of their customers. Therefore, their staff will never ask about your Instagram account password or other sensitive credentials. Only provide them with your story URL for which you will purchase views or Instagram username and get your views.

buy insta story viewsInstagram story views are very important when it comes to your Instagram growth. They show how many people have viewed your story, giving you a sense of how many people are interested in your content.

And guess what – when you Buy Instagram Story Views, they will certainly help you boost your online social media presence. More views on your stories give you a head start by enhancing your visibility, attracting more organic viewers, and even increasing your chances of getting more followers and potential customers.

Most of the famous brands and businesses are spending on buying Instagram story views for all important stories to drive their sales and generate more revenue. They are improving their digital marketing strategy by investing in buying views for their stories to show their followers that their every video is going viral and increasing trust in their brand.


What Are Instagram Story Views?

Instagram Story Views are the number of Instagram users who see our story within 24 hours of its publication. The number of views on your stories dictates the success rate of your content. You can show off your number to point out that you are popular among people and worthy of following.

When you buy real Instagram views for your stories, people will discover your Instagram account easily, and you will get organic followers. It is similar to killing two birds with one stone. Thus, the more views your story has, the more engagement you will get and the more you get that blue tick!


Why Should You Buy Instagram Story Views?

Why Should You Purchase Instagram ViewsPurchasing an Instagram Story views service is a great strategy to move forward as we live in a digital era where an Instagram view is worth a great deal. As we all know, when you view IG stories, the account owner will get notified that you have seen their story. So, if you choose to purchase Instagram story views, you too will experience the pleasure of getting notifications of countless people seeing your stories.

There are different reasons why you should purchase views for your IG Stories. One of the reasons to buy Instagram story views service is to

  • Get Ranked Higher. An Instagram story is a great way for brands to advertise their products or services among their followers. For individuals, this great story feature helps to keep the followers engaged and connected. The higher the number of views on your story, the higher the ranking of your story on your follower’s story feed. Therefore, the higher the chances of your followers visiting your story.
  • Enhance the Reach: Another important reason to purchase views for your IG Stories is to make your stories reach out to each and every Instagram follower. When you have more followers on Instagram, your story might not be visible to all. And when you have more views, your stories are more likely to be prompted to more followers. Therefore, there look no further when it comes to buying views for your IG Stories.


Key Benefits of Buying Automatic Instagram Story Views

Key Benefits of Buying Automatic Instagram Story ViewsIt is a good idea to purchase Instagram story views in many ways. Some of the major benefits of purchasing story views are as follows.

1. Grow Your Business Quickly:

Social media, especially Instagram, has become a hub for growing your brand or business. Big business companies advertise their products and services through IG Stories, posts, and videos. They invest in buying story and video views to reach a wider audience. Therefore, you should also purchase story views to promote your brand identity in a limited time and get more organic views.

2. More Excitement:

Buying story views on Instagram provides more excitement because you will get notified immediately whenever someone visits your story. Therefore, the more notifications you get, the more excited you feel. Moreover, checking story view count is great fun, especially when you receive notifications continuously. So, buying Instagram story views will provide you with more excitement.

3. Enhance the Visibility and Reach:

Purchasing views for your IG stories is a great deal because it helps you increase the visibility and reach of your stories. If you have a real-time, active, and engaged targeted audience, you can easily enhance the Instagram engagement rate of your account. So, with more views, your stories will reach a wider audience, increasing the visibility and organic of your account.

4. Great Tool For Social Media Marketing:

IG stories are a great feature introduced in 2016 where you can post short video clips of your daily routine life or specific events. Purchasing views for your stories is a great tool for social media marketing of your brand because more views indicate the quality of your products and the target audience’s trust. Thus, with this strategy, you can engage more people and convert them into potential customers.

5. Become Famous:

Having many views on your stories increases the popularity of your account and helps you become a social media sensation. When you see a large no. of views on your IG stories, people consider your account worthy of following and interacting with your stories by liking and commenting. This way, you earn fame and can grow your account more effectively.


The Best Sites to Buy Instagram Story Views With Fast Delivery

Hundreds of sources claim to be the best sites to buy Instagram story views. These sites claim to provide real and instant story likes.

But none of them touches the standards of Neptuneviews that provide 100% real, instant, and non-drop views for your IG stories. The platform’s easy, reliable, and secure payment system ensures instant delivery of views on your stories.

The platform was primarily developed for YouTube growth-related services. However, due to the high demands of the customers, it also started providing growth-related services for all social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly known as Twitter), and Threads. So, you can also choose to buy their other Instagram services, such as Instagram likes, comments, and shares.


Factors to Consider When Purchasing Instagram Video Views

When purchasing views for your IG Stories, there are multiple factors to consider. Let’s discuss some important factors one by one.Factors to Consider When Purchasing

1. Check the Authenticity of the Seller:

Before making any deal for story views, do comprehensive research about the seller and check its legitimacy by reading the reviews of the people who have already availed of their services. Ensure the platform is real and does not provide bot services.

2. Quality of Views:

After ensuring that the seller is authentic, check the quality of story views by ensuring that views are authentic and come from real accounts. Fake or low-quality views will harm your account’s credibility and popularity.

3. Pricing Plans and Packages:

Before purchasing views from any service provider, compare the pricing and packages of different sellers and look for the affordable option that provides value to your investment. Consider total views attached to each package and whether they meet your goals.

4. Delivery Time:

The next factor to consider when purchasing IG story views is the delivery time and speed for the purchased views. Avoid sellers providing excessively slow services.

5. Live Customer Support and Guarantees:

Choose the sellers providing reliable live customer support and clear guarantees. This helps you reach them whenever you face any issue regarding their services, and a refund guarantee supports your purchase.


How to Buy Instagram Video Views with Instant Delivery?

Follow the steps mentioned below to purchase story views on Instagram.How to Buy Instagram Video Views with Instant Delivery

1. Always Choose a Reliable Seller:

You should always do comprehensive research about the seller and its services. Choose a reliable service provider selling real story views- not bots. Analyze its legitimacy by checking delivery time, affordability, and diversity of packages.

2. Consider Your Budget and Number of Views:

The next thing to consider when purchasing views is your budget and the number of views you want to buy for your Instagram story. Moreover, consider the site’s security measures and the quality of its services. Taking these measures will ensure the safe transaction of funds.

3. Enter Your Credentials:

After selecting a view package, the next thing to do is enter your details. It includes entering your video URL in the mentioned box and providing the username of your Instagram profile. This helps the service provider to deliver the package precisely.

4. Check Out and Wait for Delivery:

The last step includes checking out your information to confirm the order. Review all the credentials you entered. After doing this, wait for the delivery of the order. If you are still waiting to receive your views, ask the seller about the delay.

Want to Buy Instagram Story Views? – Final Thoughts

Buying Instagram Story views can boost your story’s engagement and instantly grow your business. The service helps you increase brand recognition and visibility through targeted views from real accounts. However, choosing a reputable source like ours, which is the best platform offering real and safe story views from genuine accounts at affordable prices, is important.

FAQs About Buying IG Story Views

Is buying story views on Instagram illegal?

No! It is not illegal to purchase Instagram story views unless they come from a fake seller. Many bloggers, influencers, businesses, and companies use this service to boost their credibility and revenue.

Will my views disappear after I purchase them?

No! If you purchased them from an authentic seller, your Instagram story views will not disappear after you purchase them. They will be permanent on your Story screen until the story expires.

Will purchasing story views catch more organic engagement?

Yes! Purchasing Story views boosts the visibility of your Stories, resulting in more organic engagement from the users who discover your content. However, you should also consider creating high-quality, engaging content for further organic growth.

How can I get 1,000 views on an Instagram story?

Follow the steps below to get 1000 views on the IG story.

  • Share valuable content and unique stories.
  • Use the right hashtags.
  • Add engaging stickers and features.
  • Mention and tag other famous users.
  • Avail polls and Q&A

Is purchasing Instagram story views safe?

Yes! It is safe to purchase story views from our site because an SSL certificate protects our site.

Will my account get banned for purchasing Instagram Story views?

No! If you purchase views from a reliable service provider, Instagram will not ban your account.

Why should I buy Instagram story views?

If you want your IG Story to appear on the Explore page, buy story views from a trustworthy seller. Story views contribute greatly to engagement, and a high level of interactivity on social media ensures that your content will be widely shared.