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  • Money Back Guarantee
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  • Money Back Guarantee
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  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Instant Start


  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Instant Start


  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Instant Start
  • Views from Real Accounts:

    Neptuneviews is a website that provides Instagram views services from real accounts- not bots. The accounts have real profile pictures and usernames.

  • Niche Relevant Targeted Views:

    The website provides its customers with niche, relevant, and targeted views. The viewers will show a great interest in your posts and actively like, comment, and share your posts.

  • Non-Drop Guarantee:

    You will get real views on your Instagram videos with a non-drop guarantee. Your view count will never drop after you purchase them. That results in the organic growth of your brand.

  • Affordable Prices:

    The website offers complete view plans at cheap rates. Thus, you can select any view package according to your budget.

  • Refund Guarantee:

    The website provides services according to its promises. If they do not meet the promises, you will get your funds back regardless of circumstances.

  • No Credential Details Required:

    Most websites offering fake Instagram video views will ask you to provide your Email address, Instagram password, and username. Neptuneviews, on the other hand, will never ask for your credential details. Moreover, they will strictly take care of your privacy.

  • Instant Delivery:

    Neptuneviews provides instant Instagram video views. So, when you place an order, their team will start working on it immediately to provide you with real video views.

  • Secure Payment Methods:

    The website has the most secure and useful payment system. You can clear payments using your credit card or through digital currencies. All their payment methods follow PCI DSS standard rules.

buy cheap insta views scaledAre you looking for enhanced exposure to your brand on Instagram? Want to increase your Instagram account’s visibility, reach, and engagement? If yes, Buy Instagram Views from a reputable source and quickly increase your brand’s identity.

Instagram has become a hub for many businesses, social media influencers, and other organizations to promote their content. So, if you need help to reach a wider audience or want a boost in video views, buying views for Instagram will be a great option because organic growth is difficult and slow. So, if you feel that it’s your time to shine, buy instant views and become an Instagram star in no time.

This article will discuss everything about purchasing views for Instagram videos, like what the buy Instagram views service is, why to buy Instagram video views and from where to buy them. So, stay connected with the blog post till the end.


What’s Buy Instagram Views Service?

Buy Instagram Views service is a great and instant service that helps you increase the visibility of your content, making it more likely to be seen by many new and targeted audiences. This service also helps you improve your profile’s overall reach and engagement, resulting in more organic growth.

Multiple sites offer such services at reasonable prices. The process to avail of the buy Instagram views service includes placing an order to purchase views for your Instagram posts, videos, and stories, clicking to Add to Cart after selecting a quantity, specifying the required information, and checking the payment methods. When you buy this service, it will surely add to your clout!


Why Should You Purchase Instagram Views?

Why Should You Purchase Instagram Views?Getting many Instagram views to your videos or stories organically might be challenging. That’s why you can purchase them from a reputable seller to increase the credibility of your brand’s profile.

Following are the multiple reasons suggesting why you should buy Instagram video views.

  • Increase Your Popularity:

Having many views on your videos or posts on Instagram increases your account’s reputation. This is because people tend to judge the quality of an account just by seeing the view count of its videos. That’s why you should buy instant video views to make your video go viral on this platform.

  • Catch The Attention of A Brand:

If you are an influencer on Instagram, you can catch the attention of a famous brand. Many companies will consider working with you online when your videos go viral and reach many people worldwide.

  • Increase Brand Loyalty and Trust:

Similarly, if you own a company, purchasing views will enhance brand loyalty and trust, leading to increased revenue in the long term. Millions of people will notice your profile worldwide, increasing your website traffic.

  • Increase Ranking in Instagram Algorithm:

More views increase the ranking of your videos on the Instagram algorithm. The Instagram algorithm considers it a sign of authority and considers your content worthy of promotion. So, it suggests your videos to newer audiences, and it will boost your content to feature on the Explore page.

  • Evolve Your Account from An Ordinary Profile To That of an Influencer:

Purchasing Instagram views is very helpful as it assists in building your account from an ordinary profile to that of an influencer with tremendous precision. Video content is a great way to enhance the engagement of your Instagram profile.

Therefore, if you want to increase the number of video views and popularity of your profile for a longer time, upload high-quality videos consistently and make sure people watch them every time you upload them.

  • Get Sponsorship Deals:

With more video views on Instagram, it becomes easy for you to win sponsorship deals, affiliate marketing campaigns, and branded content from larger business companies. Therefore, invest in buying video views, become an influencer, and receive the best possible deals.

  • Grow Other Social Media Accounts:

When you purchase views for an Instagram video, correctly mention your other social media accounts in that video. It increases the chances that your other social accounts grow with your Instagram account. As everything is linked on social media platforms, take the chance to grow them organically.

  • Boost Your Online Presence:

In a digital era of rapid content consumption, purchasing views for Instagram significantly boosts your online presence. More views on your videos show that you are active on this platform.

  • Improved Video Reach:

As video content is more appealing on Instagram, buying views will surely increase the reach of your videos. A higher view count boosts the chance of your videos to feature on the explore page. This way, your videos will reach a wider audience.

  • Accelerated Engagement:

Buy Instagram views for videos and increase the engagement rate of your profile. With a substantial number of views, users will likely watch your videos. They will increase their engagement in the form of likes and comments and share them with other IG users.

  • Sign of Authority:

A video view count on Instagram shows authority and ranks you as an expert in your niche. With more views on your videos, many people will consider your videos worthy of watching. This way, you will get more potential followers and collaboration chances.

So, that’s why you should buy Instagram views for videos!


Where to Buy Instagram Views Instant?

There are hundreds of websites selling Instagram views services. But most of them are fake and provide views from bots. That’s confusing- which one to rely on?

Don’t get panic. Neptuneviews, a legitimate website that provides instant, cheap, and non-drop Instagram video views is here to serve you in this regard. You can rely on their services as they provide views from real accounts. Moreover, if you have any queries about their services, a team of professionals can assist you.

Final Words

Buy Instagram views to boost your business and quickly improve your brand’s identity, credibility, engagement, and visibility. Thus, select a reputable Instagram video views service provider like Neptuneviews that offers real, instant, non-drop Instagram video views at low prices and helps you stand out from the competition.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and place your order now to increase your Instagram views instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Is it a good decision to buy Instagram video views?

Yes, Of Course! It is a fact that videos will get the attention of many people if they have thousands of views. Thus, it is smart to purchase views for your Instagram videos.

Will people find out about the Instagram views I buy?

No! Your followers cannot find out about the views you purchase from us. We provide real views from actual accounts.

What credentials do I need to provide to purchase Instagram video views?

You don’t need to provide sensitive credentials like an Instagram password or Email address. Only provide your username and video link for which you will purchase views.

How do you buy views for Instagram videos at

Buying Instagram video views at Neptuneview is quick and simple.

  • Identify the right service from the options you are willing to buy.
  • Click Add to Cart after selecting a specific package and move to the checkout page.
  • Provide the required information and select the payment method.

That’s all! Enjoy the amazing results.

Is buying Instagram video views safe?

Yes! Purchasing views for Instagram videos is safe if you buy them from an authentic and safe platform. Most of the providers use shady techniques like views from bots and artificial views to increase your video views.

Only trust legitimate platforms like, which is transparent and provides what it promises.

Will I get my account banned if I buy views for Instagram?

No! Instagram would not get banned. Choose to buy video views from a legit and trusted service provider, like ours, who uses proper advertising techniques.

Can I also buy views for my Instagram stories?

Yes! You can also buy story views on Instagram from our website. Thus, while purchasing Instagram video views, choose to ‘Add Instagram Story Views.’

How to buy targeted Instagram views for cheap?

Neptuneviews offers different packages for targeted Instagram views, all at low prices. Thus, simply find the package that meets your budget and click “Buy Now.”

Can I buy Instagram video views using Bitcoin?

Yes! We accept payments via cryptocurrencies. Thus, you can pay us using Bitcoin. You can also clear payments using your credit card.

Will I get permanent Instagram views after buying them?

Yes! You will get permanent video views on Instagram as we offer views from real accounts, not bots. It means they would not be taken down by the platform as spam.

Will video views decrease in time due to Instagram updates?

No! Video views will not decrease as views are made by different IPs and devices. Therefore, they will stay on your profile indefinitely.

Do video repeats count as a view?

 No! Video repeats are not counted as a view.

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