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  • Money Back Guarantee
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  • Money Back Guarantee
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  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Instant Start


  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Instant Start


  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Instant Start

    Views from Real Accounts:

    Neptuneviews is a website that provides Instagram views services from real accounts- not bots. The accounts have real profile pictures and usernames.


    Niche Relevant Targeted Views:

    The website provides its customers with niche, relevant, and targeted views. The viewers will show a great interest in your posts and actively like, comment, and share your posts.


    Non-Drop Guarantee:

    You will get real views on your Instagram videos with a non-drop guarantee. Your view count will never drop after you purchase them. That results in the organic growth of your brand.


    Affordable Prices:

    The website offers complete view plans at cheap rates. Thus, you can select any view package according to your budget.


    Refund Guarantee:

    The website provides services according to its promises. If they do not meet the promises, you will get your funds back regardless of circumstances.


    No Credential Details Required:

    Most websites offering fake Instagram video views will ask you to provide your Email address, Instagram password, and username. Neptuneviews, on the other hand, will never ask for your credential details. Moreover, they will strictly take care of your privacy.


    Instant Delivery:

    Neptuneviews provides instant Instagram video views. So, when you place an order, their team will start working on it immediately to provide you with real video views.


    Secure Payment Methods:

    The website has the most secure and useful payment system. You can clear payments using your credit card or through digital currencies. All their payment methods follow PCI DSS standard rules.


Instagram views are a visual representation of increased support and enhanced recognition on the platform. However, waiting for these to grow organically might take a long time. Cut the time and buy cheap Instagram views from NeptuneViews, which are 100% real, instant, and non-drop and can bring conversions.

What is “the Buy cheap Instagram views” service?

The “buy Instagram views” is a specialized service that is meant to cater to the problems of all those trying to bring attention to their account but constantly failing. It is a contract according to which the account holder needs to pay a precise amount in exchange for getting a specific number of views on different types of content on their Instagram page.

Nevertheless, as a startup, it might be challenging to invest the bulk of money in the startup. The same is why such services aim to offer visible exposure through views with cheap pricing and affordable plans.

Real vs. fake Instagram views

To ensure complete transparency and maximize benefits, it is optimal for the account holder to know the difference between real and fake Instagram views and select the service accordingly. Here are a few key points you can consider to determine the difference.

1. Time duration

Instagram allows content creators to post videos of different lengths. Each Instagram user would have other interests that have affected the watch duration. For instance, someone who is interested in arts and crafts is least likely to watch the whole 2 minutes of video discussing finance content.

If the same user is exposed to artwork-related content, they probably wouldn’t mind spending hours watching. The same is why authentic services provide views of different durations to maintain the sense of authenticity, whereas fake ones do not care about it at all. Instead, they would deliver all the views for the same duration to increase numbers.

2. Distribution

An Instagram account has multiple videos raging from start to end. If only a single video of yours has various views, whereas the other one remains entirely ignored and unseen, it will bring no benefits in the long run.

Instead, they can act as an imposter who notifies the Instagram algorithms that something is happening wrong here. Real followers are always distributed equally on all your videos. Fake sellers, however, do not guarantee such distributions. Instead, they might just deliver all the views to any one or two random videos of yours without considering the quality and other factors.

3. The account views come from

Accounts play a crucial role in the detection of real and fake views. The natural views always come from real accounts that have proper descriptions and a profile picture. In addition, when you click upon such an account, you will also find a well-maintained wall and an activity log.

Thus leaving no room for the detection. On the other hand, the fake views usually use bot-created accounts that do not have any such feature except for the profile name and an email address.

4. The rate of cheapness

To many people, the concept of low prices refers to the lowest possible pricing they can find for a particular service in the market regarding any specific service.However, it needs to be corrected because finding drastically and unrealistically lesser pricing is the giant red flag in the views-selling market.

If you see sellers offering way lower pricing than the market proffering, it is a clear indication that they do not have any human staff to handle and create the account.

Instead, they are utilizing bots and do not have any human staff to pay. Hence, they are able to charge such low fees. So, by cheap Instagram views, it means to seek a service that offers some degree of lower pricing while staying near the average pricing of the market.

5. Engagement

It is unrealistic that you have multiple views on all of their content but no likes, comments, or participation in other forms of engagement activities. The same is why Absolute Service makes sure to enhance engagement by performing some different activities on your account.

The fake followers will only sit silently on your followers list, providing no benefit and making your account suspicious in the eyes of Instagram’s sharp algorithms.

6. Interest

The fake service only spends a little to maintain authenticity. They have a small batch of accounts that they use to deliver every order they get. When the algorithms see that these are some people without any profile information and viewing every other type of content with the same duration, they quickly smell that something fishy is going on.

This can significantly decrease your credibility on the platform. On the other hand, the real services have multiple sets of followers showcasing different interests and likings. Whenever they get any new order, they analyze the type of content the account has and deliver the set accordingly to maintain authenticity.

7. Permanency

The legit sites use legal sources like humanely handled accounts to provide the required number of views on your account. Such views have no fear of getting caught by the algorithms. The same is why it remains permanent and will never vanish. 

At the same time, for so many reasons, like a legitimate account and a blank profile, fake views can easily be caught, resulting in a permanent ban on the account from which they have hailed.

Why buy Instagram views?

1. More engagement

Instagram views are an extremely efficient way to increase engagement on your account. When you buy an authentic follower, they perform certain activities to encourage other people to participate. Thus, taking part increases your account engagement level, which keeps on increasing day by day.

2. More visibility

What’s seen is what’s sold is the prime rule of every other social media platform, with Instagram being no exception. When you have more authentic-looking views on your content, Instagram gets to know that you are actually offering something unique and entirely different kind of content.

Hence, it analyzes the type of account you are getting, and it makes your content visible to other users, which showcases similar kinds of interests and likings.

3. Increased credibility

Views are a visual representation of how much reach you have gotten because of the quality of your content. If you share videos regarding a specific niche and are getting a large number of views for them, it will automatically increase your credibility in the market. That means your words will gain the value of reshaping the situations and minds of people as they take you as an expert.

4. More genuine views

When you have multiple paid views under different accounts’ content, it establishes your account as a primary source for others seeking information about relevant stuff.

Thus, the number of genuine views and likes increases every day. At the same time, you also get to enjoy increased respect among others for offering such high-quality content.

5. Cutting through the competition

Instagram is a platform with 2 billion active users from all across the world. And out of these 2 billion, about 207 million are content creators of different niches.

Hence, no matter what niche you target, you are going to find tons of competitors waiting for you like a hungry shark, making it difficult to embrace your presence. However, the paid views help you cut the competition.

By getting a significant amount of support in the starting only, you leave a triggering effect on Instagram that your content actually has some uniqueness that is getting popular, even when the big players exist. This way, Instagram  itself makes your content discoverable to a broader audience, and you are able to cut the competition in no time.

6. Higher ranking

 By getting paid views constantly delivering on different parts of your content, you notify Instagram about your presence and the likes of the people. This way, your ranking becomes better in the search engine. That means whenever someone searches about your account or regarding products and services relevant to yours, your account will show up at the top.

For instance, you’re someone who has just started a cosmetic business and wants to use Instagram to sell. There are multiple other players in the market with an already captured audience. Now, how will you gain the audience’s attention?

The answer is through the paid views. When your account has more opinions than Otters, it appears at the top whenever someone searches relevant keywords like cosmetics, lipsticks, blush powder, etc., hence helping you make a place for your brand in less time than usual.

7. Internal satisfaction

Producing content is not a piece of cake. What only some realize is that each piece of content takes hours of research and an immense amount of effort before it becomes visible on the profile. However, someone who has been putting such efforts into crafting quality content daily and still does not get recognition might start feeling anxious, depressed, and whatnot.

This is precisely where the paid Instagram views come in for help. Through purchasing such opinions, you can feel that your work is actually getting accessible and recognized by some people. These outcomes will also bring genuine results, but until then, you can always enjoy the paid exposure.

8. Recovering the growth

You were doing well on Instagram by posting content daily and gained a significant position on the platform. But suddenly, a mistake happened, and your account got deranged. This is a very tough situation for all content creators.

Once an account gets d-ranked, it is nearly impossible to regain the same growth pattern anytime soon. But do not worry, as the paid Instagram views are here to repent. Through constantly giving your account a helping hand, these views help to fill the gap and regain the same growth pattern you had before.

9. Brand collaboration opportunities/

As brands are always hunting new faces that are popular among the masses, Instagram has become their all-time favorite place to conduct the activity. Through the paid views, you can significantly signal these brands that you are the one they have been searching for.

These views are not only some sheer number but social proof of how much people have watched and liked your content. This way, you can increase your chances of extensive collaborations with humongous brands and generate some amazingly handsome money in the long run.

From where to purchase?

There is an extensive range and variety of sellers looking forward to scamming you with their unrealistic promises, mere claims, and drastically low pricing. However, these are only some valuable words that will result in no profits but significant losses.

The same is why it is recommended to do proper research or go with very well-known and trusted services like NeptuneViews. With years of experience in the niche, the site has successfully helped multiple social media stars reach heights of success in no time.

Why choose NeptuneViews to buy Instagram views?

Following are some of the reasons that make NeptuneViews an irreplaceable Instagram views-selling site in the market.

1. Cheap pricing

If you are just starting, it might get difficult for you to invest hundreds of dollars. NeptuneViews completely understands. The same is why the pricing plans are kept minimal so that all the content creators can enjoy enhanced exposure and fast recognition without any difficulties,

2. 100% real views

NeptuneViews is a wholly customer-oriented site and does not do anything that can make your account suspicious of Instagram. The same is why every view purchased from NeptuneViews is 100% authentic.

That means that every view you get comes from a genuine account that is created and maintained by the human staff rather than bots and software. This helps to maintain a sense of authenticity.

3. Instant delivery

NeptuneViews does not kill the excitement by keeping your order in the queue for long before processing it. Instead, the order delivery starts as soon as you have placed it.

Nevertheless, by instant delivery, we do not mean that all the views are granted in one go, as this can alarm the algorithms. The delivery starts in small batches. Views are granted slowly but gradually to showcase that your account is organically growing.

4. Non-drop views

As every view provided by NeptuneViews is fully real and comes from reliable sources, it is nearly impossible to get caught. The same is why all of the delivered views are fully permanent and will not vanish at any time after the purchase.

5. Geographically dispersed views

NeptuneViews understands that the main aim of someone on Instagram is to target a global audience rather than being limited to any particular region. This is why NeptuneViews uses accounts from different areas and countries to deliver views of your content.

It showcases that users of other places are getting interested in your content. Each of these accounts does not only have the name, activity log, and profile picture relevant to the region shown, but they also have a unique IP address belonging to a different area.

7. Demographically suitable views

It is nearly impossible for a teenager to be interested in childish stuff because of the age difference. Similarly, things like sewing, stitching, and makeup-related videos are usually watched by women rather than men.

NeptuneViews takes these demographic details very seriously. Before delivering the views, your account and its content are thoroughly inspected and analyzed. Then, the accounts of age group, race, and gender most suitable to your account will be used to deliver the views.

8. Distributed views

The views purchased from NeptuneViews are never delivered to any particular piece of content, like a specific video. Instead, they are distributed strategically among different videos, with the maximum belonging to the latest one and descending order following the next. This way, the algorithm gets a message that no unfair means is used in the process.

9. Supportive customer support

The site has a swift and customer-oriented staff. If you have any issues regarding anything, feel free to reach out, and they will make sure to solve them within 24 hours.

How to purchase Instagram views from NeptuneViews?

You can purchase the package of your choice from the site within five steps, as mentioned below.

Step 1: Visit the site

Visit the site by opening the browser and searching for Press enter to land on the official homepage.

Buy Cheap Instagram Views

Step 2: Choose the service

NeptuneViews offers support for multiple other platforms as well. So, you need to find and select the Instagram views from the list. Look at the top bar and hover your pointer over the ”Services” tab. Here, look at the lists and find your desired option: Buy Instagram views” and click on it.

Step 3: Select the package

At this point, all the offered packages will be displayed in front of you, each with a different range of prepositions. So, look at each package very carefully before selecting one. Once you have landed on the desired package, scroll below to find a Buy Now button in green. Click on it.

buy cheap views on instagram

Step 4: Payment

You can pay for the desired package by entering all the required details, including some of your account credentials and the links to your account.

buy cheap instagram views

Step 5: Place order

Finally, scroll down to the bottom and look at the bottom right corner. Here, click on the Place Order button, and that is it; you are all done.

buy ig views cheap


Instagram views are the first step towards success on the platform. However, waiting for them to grow organically can consume months and years. Why wait that long when the paid service is available to help? Buy 100% natural, cheap, and instant views from NeptuneViews that convert.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

1: Is it safe to purchase the views for an Instagram account?

It solely depends upon the type of service you have chosen for this purpose. If you have collaborated with an authentic and genuine site like NeptuneViews, which ensures compliance with policies, there are no risks at all.

Nonetheless, suppose you have unfortunately joined hands with a scam site. In that case, there might be some potential losses involved, like de-ranking the account, losing followers, and even a permanent account ban.

2. Why am I unable to pay for the desired package?

Having an insufficient amount in the account is one of the most common reasons why people are unable to pay for the chosen package. Make sure to check your account before proceeding.

Also, be sure to provide accurate details at the time of filling out the payment form. If you think none of these problems exist with you, feel free to contact customer support. Reach out to them, and they will make sure to notify you about the issue and its solution.

3. Will purchased Instagram views help me be successful?

Paid Instagram views are the same as organic views, with the only difference being the charge. Hence, they will act the same to bring conversions and enhance engagement on your account, making you successful.