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Twitter likes are helpful for  instantly grabbing genuine followers and convey your words to the world with visible support and agreement. Buy Instant Twitter likes from Neptuneviews that are real, non-drop and cheap.

What is buying instant Twitter likes?

Buy instant Twitter likes revolves around the concept of paid service to get enhanced exposure in the highly competitive realm of Twitter. It is a contract between the account holder and a third party. According to this, the account holder needs to pay a certain amount of money as a fee to the third party to obtain any specific number of likes on their existing Twitter tweets. Thus accelerating the growth and achieving success in less time than usual.

Real vs fake Twitter likes

The following are the top 4 differences between real and fake Twitter likes, which you must know to avoid scams and potential losses.

1. Activity status

The concept of likes is far beyond just pressing the like button. Its primary purpose is to provide an enhanced liking to your overall account, which is only possible through performing the different activities.

The same is why real likes never restrict them to only increasing some sheer numbers in your account-like list. Instead, these perform other activities like posting good words with likes, commenting, or sharing your account content to influence its credibility positively. On the other hand, the fake service only cares about increasing your profiles like coun, which might backfire sometimes.

2. Accounts they are coming from

Real likes constantly hail from real accounts. Such accounts have a proper bio section, a unique profile picture, and other details. The same is why all of their accounts are handled by human staff. At the same time, fake services use software and bots to deliver your order. This is why such accounts do not have real or authentic-looking profile descriptions. Sometimes, the account used for order delivery has a completely blank profile, which can harm your account’s reputation in the long run.

3. Customer support staff

A customer support system is the backbone of any service that comes to help when no one else can solve your issue. A transparent and robust customer support system is also social proof of the service provider’s authenticity.

To decide if the service you choose is accurate or fake, send a few concerns to their customer staff and wait a day or two. See if they are able to provide a satisfactory answer. If not, or if you have yet to get the answer from scratch, it is a clear indication that you are going with the wrong option. So, seek alternatives instantly.

4. Unrealistic pricing

As discussed above, the services must hire human staff to create and maintain the accounts to maintain authenticity. Thus, their pricing is always market competitive rather than drastically low. However, the fake services only care about appealing to the customers with unrealistically low pricing. The same is why they always use bots and software to create and maintain the account. So, next time you see way lower pricing than expected, you know to avoid falling for it.

From where to purchase the Twitter likes?

In the online landscape where thousands and millions of services exist claiming to provide similar services under different budgets, it might get confusing to choose a single one without the risks of loss involved.

Hence, you must seek the option by researching for an authentic site with the help of the knowledge discussed above regarding real vs fake likes.It is advisable to go with a well-known service such as, which, with years of experience, has gained a significant reputation in the market.

Why buy instant Twitter likes?

Following are some of the significant perks you can avail yourself on your account by purchasing likes for the twitter account from a reliable source

1. More engagement

Engagement is the fundamental tool for Twitter algorithms to determine whether someone is doing something or not. If you have more engagement, Twitter will notify you that you are doing something worth the viewer’s attention. Thus, it will rank your account more.

The purchased services help to increase the global traffic on your account by delivering likes from distinguished parts of the world. As a result, Twitter ranks your account, and you start to gain natural attention from genuine users.

2. A more extensive audience comes across your tweets.

Feel like having a personal spotlight on oneself while purchasing the likes for your tweets. Imagine there are two shots of fried chicken. One with a huge crowd and one with just a few customers. Which one do you choose to buy for yourself? The crowded one is more attractive.

The same goes for the tweets. Tweets having an excellent number of likes automatically attract the user’s attention. This makes them curious about what you post or write. Hence, more and more people are starting to engage with your content.

3. More trust

Many people taking an interest in your content means that they like it. This catches the eye of others as well. They stop to see what makes it so good that it has gotten so many likes. The number of likes helps them to put their trust in your tweets. The users think very little about the content, which has already gained considerable popularity. Imagine it as your friend recommending a game to you. So, trusting their option, you try it even if you have not heard about it.

4. Interaction

More like means more interaction. When the audience comes across a tweet that carries a lot of likes, they become curious and want to check out what you post about. Hence, they will share it with their friends or even like it if they like. And if they like it too, they may like  it

5. Seems more vital than others

When something gets a lot of likes, it automatically looks more important than others. People take more interest in tweets with significant likes. They take that tweet more seriously rather than just swapping it over.

6. More likes and comments

The tweet with more likes grabs the viewer’s attention, making them like it. It’s like, ”  Oh, this tweet has a lot of likes; let me like it, too”. It makes them comment on their thoughts as well, making the tweet even more famous. That way, more people become likely to participate in the discussions, leading to higher likes and comments. 

7. Twitter gives priority to you

Twitter itself is interested in promoting tweets that have significant likes. When a tweet gets many likes, it catches the eye of the Twitter algorithm. The computer system judges whether people liked the tweet based on the number of likes. If they do, the computer system will show it to an even larger audience, helping it gain more attention.

8. Make you seem to be like an expert

Too many likes make people think you must correct what you have written about. This way, they think of you as an expert in the field, whatever you have chosen to talk about. It’s like when too many people are gathered around a person who has been giving a lecture. Others might think he must be an expert and tend to join.

9. Chance of getting viral

Everyone desires to go viral personally, but it isn’t a piece of cake. However, purchasing likes for your tweets increases the chance of getting viral. See it as if you are telling a lie to a friend. He finds it very good and tends to share it with others.

This joke will become popular in a short period. Well, the deal is the same with the tweets. When more people like you, there is a chance that others will like it too. And as it spreads over the users, the chances of getting viral increases. So, if you are wondering how it feels to be viral, buy likes for your tweets for a higher chance.

10. Encourage organic growth

Buying likes for your tweets helps to push your organic growth. As we have discussed earlier, higher numbers of likes attract more users, resulting in increased engagement. As it will come across with a new audience, The chance of them liking your content increases. This helps with organic growth as well. Buying likes for tweets isn’t just adding a number to the count of likes but boosting your tweets.

11. Feels good

A favorable change always motivates one to keep on going. It feels incredible seeing your likes going up. It will help you continue your journey on Twitter rather than give up soon. You feel motivated and want to continue your struggle despite hardship. It makes you feel happy, and it is nice to see a higher number of likes on your tweets. It’s like when you get a good score on your test, making yourself happy.

12. Enhances the marketing

Everyone doesn’t buy a product or service they have yet to hear of before. Instead, they are interested in buying those things they hear about from others a lot, pulling their attention toward them. Similarly, when people realize that your band has gotten a ton of likes, it grabs their attention. They buy from a brand that is liked by others a lot. It is likely to grow your brand in exchange for lower-cost marketing.

Why buy Instant Twitter likes from NeptuneViews?

There is an extensive range of reasons that make NeptuneViews stand out among such services, some of which are discussed below.

1. 100% real likes

Genuineness matters a lot when trying to cut through the competition on any social media platform, with Twitter no exception. That’s why every like provided by NeptuneViews is 100% real and authentic. This means that each account comes from accounts that are fully created and handled by human staff. Each has a proper profile section, profile name, unique profile picture, and a properly written bio section.

2. Active likes

Active likes refer to the situation where accounts liking your likes have an active activity status to ensure authenticity. The same is why NeptuneViews ensures that each like comes from an account and does other activities, such as posting its content, liking other tweets, likes, and commenting on different posts.

3. Instant delivery

NeptuneViews does not kill your excitement by holding your order in the Queue for days and weeks before starting the delivery process. However, by instant delivery, we do not mean the completely on-the-spot delivery of all the likes. Instead, we suggest an instant order processing that delivers all the likes in small batches, with a small break in between. This way, the Twitter algorithms are notified that you are getting organic growth and are not using any boosters.

4. Distribution of likes

It is questionable if you have an immense number of likes only on a few or single tweets, and the rest of your content seems to be unseen and unexplored by users. This is why we ensure that we not only deliver the likes but disperse them equally on every tweet of yours. Thus, we impact the overall credibility of the account positively for a higher ranking.

5. Money-back guarantee

NeptuneViews is one of the few services in the social media world that is sure about its high-quality service and always delivers what’s offered. That is why each customer is granted a 100% money-back guarantee. If you find even a single flaw in their service, report it immediately, and you will get every penny back without any cuttings.

6. Diverse variety of liking account

Twitter is a site that extends beyond particular borders and is accessed by more than a hundred countries. Thus, it allows you to gain worldwide exposure, which is only possible once your tweet gets likes from different parts of the world.

The same is why NeptuneViews has multiple groups of user profiles belonging to other parts of the world. These have names relevant to the culture they represent, relevant profile sections, and e and ft IP addresses. We pick accounts similar to your account from these groups with a simple random sampling approach to let Twitter know that your account is being exposed to different parts of the world.

7. Robust customer support

NeptuneViews’ customer support system is fully customer-orientated. Hence, no matter how hard your issue seems, convey it to our staff through email or website, and we will ensure to resolve it within 24 hours of the timespan/

8. Pocket-friendly pricing

Only some people can afford to invest a lot of money initially only for exposure. NeptuneViews understands this. That’s why different kinds of packages are offered, from essential to advanced pricing plans and features. Hence, you can look at the packages, decide the best suits you, and start without breaking the bank.

9. Easy-to-understand interface

Unlike the majority of sites, the NeptuneViews is developed to cater to the needs of commoners and non-technical people. The same is why the interface is kept so simple that even a person with only basic knowledge and a bank account can place an order in a few simple and easy steps.

How to order Twitter likes from NeptuneViews.

You can order any suitable package from NeptuneViews using the following simple steps.

1. Visit the site

buy twitter likes

In the first place, open your browser, type, and press enter. You will land on the official page of NeptuneViews.

2. Go to the service area

Now, look at the top bar of your computer screen with various options. Look for the Services area and hover your pointer on it. Multiple services in different categories are displayed when you place your pointer on the tap. Look in the “Twitter” line and select “Twitter likes.”

3. Choose your package

buy likes for twitter

All the proffered packages related to Twitter likes will be displayed before you. Now, it is up to you which package you want to go with. Look at each package’s offerings before making a choice. Once chosen, scroll down, and you will see the green button saying Buy Now under the box of your chosen package. Click on it.

4. Add payment details

buying twitter likes

Now, the site will ask you for a few credentials related to your account and bank details for payment purposes. Provide transparent information, as it will be used in the order processing.

5. Place order

buy likes on twitter

Lastly, place order. To do it, scroll down to the bottom and look at the bottom right corner of your screen. Here, you will see a button saying “Place Order.” Click on it, and you are all done. Now, wait until the site starts processing your order.


Twitter likes are an instant way to boost reach, increase conversions, and multiply profits over the long term. NeptuneViews helps you by providing 100% natural, cheap, instant Twitter likes that will bring conversions.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to buy Twitter likes from NeptuneViews?

Yes, it is 100% safe and secure to purchase Twitter likes and related services from NeptuneViews because all the likes come from 100% natural and genuine accounts. These have proper profile sections, profile pictures, etc., so as not to alarm the Twitter algorithm if something fishy happens.

In addition, the site will never ask you for unrelated personal information like a bank password or some OTP. Although the initial details are requested for payment purposes, these are kept from any third party to ensure transparency of operations.

Why should I buy Twitter likes?

There are a variety of reasons you should consider buying likes for your Twitter accounts. First of all, if you have been trying to raise a voice against any cause on the platform and are not able to do it, it is mainly because of less exposure. The paid service helps you instantly attain all that exposure, thus saving your time and efforts in the long run for the greater good.

What do I do if I need clarification?

If you are confused about any process or encounter issues, feel free to contact our customer support system. We will ensure that you receive a completely satisfactory answer within 24 hours.

What if I could be happier with the service?

With years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers, NeptuneViews stands tall in the market for the unmatched quality of its services. Therefore, if you can find any flaw regarding the services, we promise to return every penny of your investment without any cuttings or surcharges.

I am unable to pay for the Twitter likes- why?

There could be many reasons for it. First of all, check that you have input the accurate bank details. Secondly, ensure your account has enough balance to pay for the chosen package. However, there are still issues with our customer support system if there are still issues.