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  • Money Back Guarantee
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Buying process

Twitter retweets are a great and efficient way to achieve vast exposure and truly make your voice heard by the world. However, growing organically on the platform might take months and years. That is where the paid service comes in.

Buy instant Twitter retweets from NeptuneViews, which are 100% real, cheap, and will bring maximum exposure to your account.

What is buy instant Twitter retweet service?

The instant Twitter retweet service delivers the users with purchased tweets instantly. These services are typically provided by a third party to allow users to quickly boost the visibility and engagement on these accounts while enjoying multiple other benefits.

The account holder pays a specific sum of money for getting a vast number of retweets of their content already posted on the site. Nevertheless, to eliminate potential risks, one must investigate correctly and search for an authentic service before purchasing retweets.

Real vs fake instant Twitter retweets

1. Relevancy

Relevant remains the top-notch way to distinguish between real and fake Twitter retweets. Retweets provided by authentic services always include relevant words to your content, ensuring that the sense of authenticity remains intact.

On the other hand, fake retweets might contain irrelevant words, causing a credibility crisis for the reputation of your overall account and content.

2. Accounts

Accounts used for the delivery are another primary KPI to judge the authenticity of retweets you are getting. Remember, retweets that are real always come from real accounts.

Such profiles are humanely handled with a proper profile picture, profile name, Twitter handle and bio section. At the same time, it also has an account history relevant to your topic of discussion. Conversely, the fake retweets do not adhere to any of the requirements discussed.

3. Activity

If you are getting about 100 retweets, it is natural that at least 10 of those users will perform any other activity on your account. This might include liking your content, posting comments, etc.

Genuine service providers always consider this point and provide extra activities for enhanced engagement. On the other hand, the fake service provider will only care about investing time in crafting such detailed profiles. They are more concerned about quantity than quality.

5. Unreal pricing

Pricing is crucial in determining the difference between real and fake Twitter retweets. Accurate services invest money in hiring staff and operators, which is used to deal with customer issues, create accounts, and handle them.

The same is why their prices are always usually market competitive. Nevertheless, the fake services use bots and software to create and maintain the account. The same is why you will be surprised to see their unrealistically low prices.

6. Relevancy

Relevancy is one of the most crucial features one must consider when choosing a paid service. Authentic and real services always look at your content and deliver relevant retweets. For instance, if you have posted a tweet about women’s degradation or domestic violence, the retweet will include words like “me too” or “One of the worst actions done by a man.”

Why purchase instant Twitter retweets? – 7 reasons

Here are all the reasons you must invest in purchasing instant Twitter retweets.

1. Faster reach and account expansion

It is a great idea to buy instant Twitter retweets because it can contribute to expanding your message’s reach on the platform. When your tweets get a significant number of retweets, they are shared with a network of different users, thus accelerating the spread of your content and giving it reach to a wider variety of audiences.

As a result, you, as the account holder, can observe a sudden and positive spike in your overall account reach, conveying your message to a wider audience than before.

2. Strategic brand exposure

The purchased retweets can serve as a powerful tool for strategic brand exposure. When your content is exposed to a broader audience, they effectively convey your message to their followers.

As a result, you get the ultimate opportunity to tap into community networks. You can use this exposure to enhance the recognition of your brand and foster great loyalty from the target customers.

3 Increased support for campaign goals

Retweets can drastically support specific campaign goals and accelerate the success ratio. This includes raising awareness of any cause, driving traffic to any particular website or discussing a noteworthy topic on the special media.

When people see that your content and tweets are already retweeted by multiple other “authentic” account holders, they perceive that you are saying something worth the support. As a result, they support you in every battle of yours.

4. Event promotion

Want to promote your product or an event on a larger scale? There are no problems with being there with retweets.

It lends a helping hand for creating hustle, bustle, and excitement among the audience. Hence, a larger audience will interact with the announcement you made. This helps to promote the commodity within a period. 

5. Reputation Management

Increase your online reputation with the help of retweets. The purchased positive retweets provide a manageable way to get insight into what others come across when they search for you.

With a little boost to the positive tweets, it increases the visibility and can be seen in the search results, making you seem to have a great personality in front of the one searching for you.

6. More followers and likes

When you have more instant retweets, it is a clear indication to the Twitter algorithms that the person is doing something unique and noteworthy, which is getting famed.

Hence, it validates, and when witnesses witness that all the retweets come from different and genuine accounts, it automatically ranks your account in the search engine.

Thus making the content and your tweets reach a wider audience. As a result, people who find your words resonating with their thoughts of mind end up liking your tweets and following your account.

7. International coverage

Twitter is one of those few platforms the international media uses to gain insight about the commoners on any trending topic. You can use paid instant Twitter retweets to gain their attention on any specific subject.

When you have enough support and visible proof in the form of instant Twitter retweets, Twitter sends the message that you are speaking on behalf of a particular group.

8. Helps to raise voice

When someone retweets your post, they are not pressing only a few buttons. Instead, they contribute to sharing the words and acknowledging their support for your message, thus expanding its visibility.

The same is true for each tweet, which acts as a catalyst to spread your words and thoughts among others. It impacts you by spreading your message to millions of other users, who can ultimately become a part of your awareness movement or discussion about a certain topic.

9. Bring conversions

Once you have gained recognition on Twitter with the help of a paid Twitter tweets service, converting is a piece of cake.

You can simply create accounts on different social media accounts offering monetization opportunities and redirect your audience on Twitter to those platforms, thus generating a handsome amount every month.

From where to purchase?

Numerous services claim to provide such retweets. Unfortunately, only a very few of these can fulfil their claims. Therefore, it is recommended that you go with a trusted service like NeptuneViews.

It is a stellar choice available in the market, and it still stands in the competition for providing multiple social media presence boosters under one roof, with Twitter retweets being no exception.

Why choose NeptuneViews to buy real Twitter retweets?

The following are some of the perks that give NeptuneViews an unmatched edge over its competitors in the market.

1. Demographic distribution of retweets

Retweeting is not about increasing the sheer number of your shares. Instead, it is about showing support and recognition to the world. That is why NeptuneViews provides retweets from accounts representing different parts of the world.

Every account used in the order delivery has a name relevant to the culture of that specific area, bio details, and even a different IP address. This way, Twitter learns that your word’s reach is not limited to any region. Instead, it is recognized and acknowledged in different parts of the world.

2. 100% real retweets

NeptuneViews provides 100% real retweets of your Twitter content. That means a human handles each account used in the process with real profile sections, biodata, activity history, and status logs, leaving no room for the sharp Twitter algorithms to detect something fishy and alarming.

3. Support from word of mouth

The purpose of retweet is indeed served once and if people have understood its true meaning. The same is why NeptuneViews provides relevant words while supporting your cause to ensure your growth on the platform.

For instance, if you are someone in the food business and want to utilize the platform to gain more views and customers, NeptuneViews will

4. Pocket-friendly pricing

As a newbie, it is pretty hard to invest a lot of money in gaining exposure. That is why NeptuneViews provides an extensive range of packages, starting from just $3 for 100 tweets. In case you think your need is met, there are other packages available as well.

5. Non-drop and permanent retweets

All the tweets proffered by NeptuneViews come from genuine and authentic accounts. Hence, there is no way Twitter can detect whether the account holder has purchased the account retweet or whether they are coming from organic growth. The same is why you can rest assured of their permanency and credibility.

6. Increases visibility

Purchasing retweets from NeptuneViews is like hiring someone to do the marketing work for you. Helping to make your tweets stand out the most among a large count of users is the work of buying retweets.

You can increase your visibility and be discovered by many others. As the visibility increases, the reach will also increase. Allowing you to grab your attention. It helps to gain the majority of the followers and works great for improving visibility.

7. Drives traffic

Driving massive traffic to your profile is more challenging than you think. Well, now it is with the use of NeptunViews. Using NeptuneViews to buy retweets is like creating an arrow that leads the audience to your profile.

People get so curious when they find a tweet that has been retweeted many times; hence, they get to explore it. Well, that is the exact service NeptuneViews offers through their tweets. With their purchased retweets, NeptuneViews make people curious about what you share, making them click on your profile. With this work, you will notice considerable traffic towards your website or profile.

8. Cost sufficient

Spending on those fancy ads might break the bank. They cost a stack of money for the advertisement, which won’t be a pocket-friendly option. Insead investst at NeptuneViews without exceeding the budget.

It promises to deliver an incredible service in the most cost-efficient way. Get an ease on the promotion without burning a hole in your pocket. It is a way better budget-friendly option than those that could empty one’s pocket.

9. Money-back guarantee

NeptuneViews truly stands by its claims and promises to deliver what’s offered with its 100% money-back guarantee. Hence, if you find even a single flaw in the overall offering, you get a full refund without any cutting.

How do you purchase instant Twitter retweets from NeptuneViews?

NeptuneViews has simplified the purchase process, which is a piece of cake. You can order as many Twitter retweets from the site in these five simple steps within 10 minutes

Step 1. Navigate to the official site

Buy Twitter Retweets


The first and foremost step is to navigate to the official site. Open any browser you use, type, and press enter. The internet will automatically redirect you to the homepage.

Step 2. Go to the services tab

Look at the above bar and click the ” Services ” button. When you hover over it, all the proffered services related to different unique media platforms appear. Go to the twitter’s tab and click on Twitter Retweets”.

Step 3. Select the package

buy twitter likes and retweets

NeptuneViews offers an extensive range of packages for essential to advanced needs. Look at each package carefully to decide on yours. Once you have chosen, click the green button that says “Buy Now.”

4. Add the payment credentials

buying twitter retweets

Once you have clicked the buy now button, the site will ask you for personal details like card credentials and a link to your account to put the order in the process. Be transparent and provide accurate information.

5. Place order

buy 100 twitter retweets

Lastly, you can place an order by scrolling to the bottom and clicking the Place Order button in the bottom right corner of your computer screen.


Purchasing Twitter retweets can help you gain vast exposure on Twitter in a shorter duration than usual, bringing exposure, attraction, and international attention in no time. Buy Instant Twitter Retweets from NeptuneViews that are 100% real and cheap to help you excel without breaking the bank.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it safe to purchase Twitter retweets from my account?

It is entirely safe and secure if you purchase it from an authentic site such as NeptuneViews because authentic accounts are used. However, if you collaborate with any inefficient firm, you might incur significant losses, with account bans being no exception. Hence, it is mandatory to do proper research before selecting your service or going with a well-known or trusted option.

2. When should I purchase Twitter retweets for my account?

Certain KPIs can help you decide whether or not to purchase Twitter retweets. Here are some of those.

  1. If it has been more than six months and you are unable to get any attention
  2. If you are starting up a brand and want instant engagement
  3. If there is any trendy topic and you want to get attraction before it turns out to be dates.
  4. If you have been trying hard on the platform for a while, no engagement is coming to boost your morale.
  5. If you want to capture the attention of international media over any specific topic at a particular time.

If you are experiencing any of the above-discussed situations, investing in a reliable service to purchase instant Twitter retweets for your account is high time

3. What benefits can I enjoy from the paid service?

There is a really wide variety of perks you can achieve by buying Twitter retweets for your account. For instance, it helps to boost engagement, bring more conversions, start a brand, gain customer trust, make you stand out, gain the attention of international media, and raise your voice in needy situations.

4. Why am I unable to pay for the Twitter retweets?

There might be an extensive range of reasons you are unable to pay for the package. First of all, make sure to check if your account has enough balance to pay for the chosen service.

The next thing you want to check is the availability of the particular package. To check, click try to purchase any other package that suits you. If you are looking for help with the root cause, contact the customer support staff, who will guide you accordingly in case of any confusion. If you are having any confusion regarding anything, feel free to contact the customer support system. They will ensure that you receive a response within 24 hours.