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Buy YouTube Targeted Views – Non Drop and Drip Feed

Buying High-quality drip-feed targeted views is no more a difficult task, you can now buy country based targeted views for your youtube channel, unlike other big channels and companies you will not be required to spend tons of money to get some high-quality services to enter this new era of the digital industry, the formula is simple, the more number of views the better ranking will be.

Buy youtube targeted views

Why you need more Targeted YouTube views

To estimate, around 500 videos are uploaded on YouTube within a minute. Now think, with such a huge number of content available, how could you stand out in a crowd to shine bright? Well, youtube has its algorithms and it decides whose videos will be watched by whom by using its recommendation log.

Here, you need to fulfill YouTube algorithm requirements to get in recommendations. This is done by producing unique content and getting more and more views. This ensures YouTube that video has content for what people want to watch.

To come up with these requirements, many you tubers buy YouTube views. We assure that our buyer is getting legitimate views because we know that YouTube can easily detect fake views and in case of customers have to bear the consequences.

What We Offer:

  • Timely Delivery
  • Full Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Views from real people IDs/100% real views
  • We keep customer data confidential
  • 24/7 support

Important Note: We evenly distribute the views on all available videos, this is to maintain diversity and keeps everything natural.

Effects of  buying YouTube Views:

Many companies sell YouTube views for revenue. Such companies pay a damn to their customer interest and produce fake views within days. Buying targeted views from such companies can hit your channel, YouTube can not only detect such views but can remove them too.

Youtube knows that companies are generating money in this way but YouTube also has to maintain its integrity. Keeping in view all this, Neptuneviews does not use bots, we use Real People Profiles to increase your visibility on the platform

Consequences of Fake Views:

As I explained earlier that Taking Targeted Views is not banned by YouTube subjected to the condition that the views must be real. Any kind of fake views, or bot-generated views will not be removed by YouTube but bear the following consequences too.

  • Youtube can limit your natural reach, this means that your videos will not appear in recommendations anymore
  • If you continue using fake views, YouTube can BAN your complete channel too.
  • Say some of your videos were trending and now they are nowhere to be seen. Yes! This can happen too if you try to get views unevenly. If one of your videos has a hundred views and the other one has zero views, this will raise ambiguity and can hit your reputation too.

So, instead of falling into a dark pit, follow a steady path of success, and (your brand name) is here to get the job done for you.

Why Neptuneviews:

I am sure, you are in clear Trans to avail of our service now, just give us your YouTube channel link and the rest is up to us. You can be one of our thousands of satisfied customers. Not only do we deeply understand the delicacy of the task, but we also offer the service at a very low rate as compared to the market.

We have other Social Media services too. Relish yourself with our top-of-the-notch services and enjoy the success of your YouTube channel.

Timely Delivery

The main reason we stand out in the market is our fast timely delivery. We know that your time is precious, that why we have experts working round the clock to ensure the timely delivery of the assigned project.

Real Views:

This is the main point of focus in our strategy. No bots, no fake view! We use real IDs and follow a natural distribution of views to make everything seems to work in a natural flow. All the profiles that we use are ranked, have organic traffic, and are completely optimized profiles.

Customer Support:

Customer Satisfaction is our utmost priority. Our after-sales services are up to mark. As our professionals leave no stone unturned to provide valuable services and resolve any relevant issue at priority. Our support team is here 24/7 to assist you with your queries.

Know More To Buy Targeted YouTube Views:

In addition to buying targeted YouTube views, here are few pro tips from (brand name) to drive more organic traffic and the long sustenance of your channel.

Tips To Get Real YouTube Views:

The digital market is the most competitive market now, one should not dream to get popular overnight. Like any other physical business, youtube too needs an effort especially related to quality content.

You must upload and distribute your videos optimally, don’t be lazy in this regard plz! Unless you will end up in great disappointment.

Tip 1: Thumbnail Importance:

It is the very first thing that a person will come across in your video. It should be super attractive, clean, high resolution, HD Quality with SEO optimized title over it, a title that urges the viewer to open the video at least once. You can even use any object or a clip from the video too, this will increase the viewer’s curiosity.

Tip 2: SEO Titles, Descriptions, and Tags:

SEO of your video description will increase your chances of appearing in google searches manifold. This will not only drive more traffic to your channel but will also help you to make more money. Appearing in google searches authenticates your content and your worth. It is essential to use the main keyword at least 3 times in the description. Rest you can search for relevant Keywords to add in title, tags, and description too. Later you can add the funnels to your traffic receiving videos too.

Tip 3: Optimizing playlists

Creating a proper collection and playlist on your channel will increase the Watch time over videos. When you create a playlist, the second video auto-plays after the first, this will automatically increase the watch time. Plus, these playlists make user navigation over the videos easy, and here you can hit to win subscribers. Moreover, don’t forget to add Keywords in Playlist Video Titles and place the most-watched videos above the fold section of your channel.

Tip 4: Proper Use Of end screens:

When one video ends, another video starts, which might be yours or can be anyone else’s too. You can use the End screen to get the best out of it. Embed a template at your end screen to show thumbnails of your other videos. Else you can ask a viewer to subscribe to your channel or even you can play a video to promote a third-party site for which you are contracted to create a sale funnel. But, don’t overload the screen, using any two above-listed options will be well enough.

Tip 5: Cross-promotion

Using cross-promotional techniques is also proven successful in driving more traffic. Social media appearance can change the game thoroughly. Here, you need to make your presence on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pin interest, etc. you can simply create a post on Facebook and Twitter for your content promotion or you can add a link in Bio of Instagram so that people must know where they can find your content.

Youtube shares a sizeable chunk of the digital market and is a considerable contributor in making one’s social media presence. With popularity as a money-making machine, youtube has masses of professional you tubers.

In such a crowd getting enough views to monetize your content is a tedious and time taking journey. But you can easily figure out this issue if you plan to buy targeted YouTube views.

Yes! Buying targeted YouTube views is legitimately subjected to certain conditions that you must have in-depth knowledge of, before buying any. We have summed up all the relevant considerations regarding buying targeted YouTube views here.

This is to ease your decision process, moreover, you can go through our futuristic yet most inexpensive plans to buy targeted YouTube views.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of buying targeted YouTube views?

Because of massive competition among videos, new you tubers had to wait long in lieu of getting audience attention. But now, YouTube legitimately allows to get paid real views this will help new you tubers to gain Social Proof, SERP Ranking, and attracting more organic traffic.

Can you watch your own YouTube videos and get views?

Yes, you can get a view by watching your video, if it happens once or twice. Else, your video should be public and experts say that YouTube stops counting a view if a video is watched more than five times repeatedly from the same account. So, don’t make this mistake to generate views.

What is the best site to buy targeted YouTube views?

You can buy a 100% real YouTube view on our site (site name). We ensure quality as a basic priority.

How long does it take for YouTube to update views?

Normally, YouTube takes 24 to 48 hours to update a view.