Creating a YouTube video and working hours and hours on the content will only be worth it if it has an attractive thumbnail.

An incredible thumbnail catches the audience’s attention and makes the viewer click on the video without hesitating. Thus, promptly changing your rather boring Thumbnail with an attractive one is always a good idea. But it seems challenging. Well, it’s not. Keep reading, and we will tell you how you can change the Thumbnail on YouTube with some simple steps.

So, without any further discussion, let’s delve into the content.

How to change the thumbnail on YouTube

How to Change the Thumbnail on YouTube

Changing a YouTube Thumbnail is a straightforward process. Follow the step-by-step guide mentioned below to get done with it.

Step 1: Open the YouTube Studio app

Unlock your phone, Open the app gallery, and find the YouTube studio app.

Open the YouTube Studio app

Step 2: Select Edit

Open the app and look for the specific video to change its Thumbnail. Select the video and tap on the edit icon in the top right corner of the video.

How to Change The Thumbnail on YouTube

Step 3: Pick an Image

Click on image below and It will open the gallery of the phone and pick the new image you created.

How to Change The Thumbnail on YouTube

Step 4: Save changes

Click on the save button, and the changes will be saved. Here you are with your new Thumbnail.

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How to Change an Auto-generated Thumbnail on YouTube

When you don’t upload any thumbnails while uploading the video, YouTube sets it on its own. Nevertheless, you can change it with any other auto-generated thumbnail on YouTube. Here is how:

Step 1: Open the Youtube app

Firstly, you need to upload the video to change the Thumbnail on YouTube. So, Power on your mobile phone and go to the YouTube app.

How to change an auto-generated thumbnail on YouTube

Step 2: Upload a video

Next, click the plus icon (+) below to upload a new video. You can either upload a video or a short video on YouTube. Select the video you want to upload from the gallery. You can edit by the free YouTube video editor available on the Play Store.

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Upload a video

Step 3: Choose a Thumbnail

While uploading, The YouTube Studio app will suggest three auto-generated thumbnails. You can choose the one that you like out of those three options. Click the desired Thumbnail. Tap the save button present on the top corner to add a thumbnail and the system will add it to your YouTube video.

Choose a Thumbnail

Importance of Thumbnail for Achieving Several Views.

Thumbnail plays a vital role in achieving many views. A thumbnail is the first thing a viewer sees in a YouTube video. An attractive thumbnail lets new viewers know what is happening inside the video by clicking on it. Thus, it can be a reason for gaining a majority of views. Also, check the Get YouTube Music.

In addition, experts and successful YouTubers suggest that carefully considering different aspects while making a thumbnail helps them craft that perfect image that looks beautiful and stands out in the crowd. For instance, using a vibrant color such as Red or Yellow can help viewers spot your video in the cluttered space of the search section.

How to Add Custom Thumbnails to Your YouTube Videos [Steps, Tools And Tips]

You can customize your own if you don’t like YouTube Studio’s thumbnail suggestion. But for that, you need to verify your YouTube account. You must confirm your YouTube account to upload a custom thumbnail.

So, let’s learn how to verify a YouTube channel to activate the “create custom” thumbnail option.

  1. Go to Browser and type to open a YouTube page. Sign in with your YouTube account.
  2. Tap the three-dot option in the top right corner to open the menu. Search for the desktop and click it.
  3. Click on the profile pic and select the YT studio option. Please scroll down to find the settings option and fix it.
  4. Click on the eligibility option to see the required things to verify. “Verify your phone number” will appear on the right side. Click it
  5. Select how you want to receive the OTP by calling or texting. Enter your phone number and submit.
  6. After receiving the OTP, enter it and tap on the submit button. Voila, now you are eligible to use the custom thumbnail option.
  7. Upload your Thumbnail as we told you in the ” How to change auto-generated thumbnail on YouTube” section.

How to Create a Custom Thumbnail

A custom thumbnail is the Thumbnail you design according to your will. It is imperative to create attractive video thumbnails. Let’s see how we can create a custom thumbnail and upload one.

You can find many YouTube thumbnail maker apps on the Play Store to create an incredible custom YouTube video thumbnail, such as Thumbnail Maker, Ultimate Thumbnail Maker, and many others. These thumbnail-maker apps will also provide some fantastic templates for custom thumbnails of your video.

You can also add text and stickers to your Thumbnail to make it look fun and eye-catching Thumbnail. Keep in mind while creating a YouTube thumbnail that the Thumbnail should match the content of the video. You can also include the title in the Thumbnail to catch viewers’ attention.

You need to know some essential things before making a “custom thumbnail.

The thumbnail size should be 1280 by 720 pixels, maintaining the ratio of 16:9. Thumbnail should be at least 640 pixels wide.

What App Can Edit YouTube Thumbnails?

There are multiple apps available in the market, and you can choose to edit your YouTube thumbnail. Yet, not all applications produce efficient results. The same is true; here, we discuss the top three apps you can rely upon.

1: Wondershare Pix Studio

Wondershare Pix studio is the ultimate hub for all graphic designers. It offers various types of templates for a YouTube thumbnail design. In addition, you can also look upon the service for creating other relevant graphics such as Logos, Posters, Banners, and whatnot.

In addition, many editing options are also available to make changes to your already created Thumbnail.

Wondershare Pix Studio

2: PicMonkey

PickMonkey is an online picture and video editing software with various filters, fonts, and tools. In addition, you can also use all the beautifying features such as touch-up, airbrush, and blush to beautify yourself in the Thumbnail. Or you can add special effects to your creation with its advanced features.

PicMoneky is one of those few editing software that allows you to make, change, and create Thumbnails for as low as 4 dollars a month.


3: Fotor

Fotor is an online editing software that helps you enhance your YouTube thumbnail’s overall outlook without putting in much effort or time. All the advanced features and attractive themes combine to let even beginners craft some unique thumbnails within the shortest possible period.


Final Words

On the bottom line, YouTube thumbnails are a great tool to enhance your overall search rankings and increase your channel’s traffic. Hence, changing a boring thumbnail with an attractive one is crucial. The content above lets you know how to add or change thumbnails while uploading a new video.

You either custom one or can go for auto-generated once the pick is yours. Make sure to customize the best YouTube thumbnails for your new YouTube videos to give a fine impression to the audience.