Instagram started as an online platform to share pictures, modernize daily life, and make new connections. However, today, the site’s scope has expanded beyond this by introducing multiple features, with IG notes being one prominent among them.

It lets the users connect daily and effortlessly. However, these note features can sometimes be removed due to a wide variety of reasons. Yet you can reboot the case. Wondering how? Keep reading, and the forthcoming content will delve into some methods you can use to fix the Instagram notes feature not showing.

How to Fix Instagram Notes Feature Not Showing

Method 1: Update to The Latest Version 2023

Instagram is one of the ever-evolving applications you can find there. Thus, the feature can sometimes vanish from your mobile if you do not update the app promptly. Here is how you can fix Instagram notes not showing

Step 1: Open the app store

Firstly, open the Google Play Store on your Android mobile phone. If you are an iOS user, you can use the Apple Store or any other app store for the same purpose.

Step 2: Sign in

Check if you are signed into the device with your proper email account. You can check it from the profile icon on your mobile screen’s top right corner. If you aren’t already signed in, use the same icon to log in with your Google account.

Step 3: Search for Instagram

Now jump to the search bar, type “Instagram app,” and search. The app will now display a long list of all the similar applications. Select the original Instagram app that usually features on top of the list. Tap on it.

Search for Instagram

Step 4: Update Instagram

If you already have the app on your phone, a button “Update” will be displayed at the region. However, if you have uninstalled the application ‘Download,” will be at the place. Once you have the latest version of the app, the notes feature will automatically appear on the screen.

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Update Instagram

Method 2: Re-login into the account

Sometimes, the Instagram app updates itself automatically as per your phone’s settings. This can trigger the algorithms. Resulting in your account automatically getting logged out of the app. The case usually happens if you have used the “Sign in with Google” option. Nevertheless, it only takes a few minutes to fix. Here is how you can do it.

Step 1: Check

First, you need to check whether the reason is being logged out. To do this, Tap on your profile icon or try to upload some stories or reels on your account. If an error occurs, it indicates that you have been logged out of the account.

Step 2: Open app

Navigate to your phone’s app gallery and open the Instagram app.

Step 3: Navigate to settings and privacy

Now tap on the profile icon you must see on the mobile screen. Tap on the Sign-in option.

Navigate to settings and privacy

Step 4: Login

Finally, log in to your Instagram account. Put your username/ email and password in the designated area and press “Login.” Or you can log in with the ‘Sign in with Google/ Facebook option”.

Now check your notes feature in again. The Instagram notes feature would have been fixed if you had done everything right. If the problem still needs to be solved, delete the application from scratch and reinstall it. Nevertheless, do this only if you accurately remember the password of your Instagram account.


How to enable notes on Instagram

Notes feature came into being on 2022 December 13. However, some of you must find enabling the feature on the phone challenging. No worries, as there is a complete guide below that will provide help to you. Let’s have a look.

Step-by-step guide To get Instagram Notes.

  1. Power on the phone. Find the Instagram application in the app gallery and open it.
  2. Go to the DMs section through the messenger present in the top right corner of your phone.
  3. Your profile picture will appear on top when you reach the direct messages section. Click the profile picture.
  4. To use the Note feature, click on ” share a thought” and write whatever you want in that note. When writing an exciting note, remember that Instagram doesn’t allow you to write a note of more than 60 characters.
  5. The feature lets you choose your audience who can review the note. For example, you can select only followers, a close friends list, follow back people, or anyone following you.
  6. Finally, tap the share button to share the fantastic note you have just created.

I didn’t like your old notes and wanted to delete them. Well, there is a way to delete them. Go to the note you want to delete and tap the delete option. Voila, the note will be deleted within 24 hours.

Why can I see notes on my Instagram?

There are multiple reasons for not seeing the notes feature on your Instagram. Let’s go through some of those reasons.

App updating:

The foremost reason for not being able to see notes is not updating the Instagram application. Either the app must be automatically updated, or you must remember to update it to use its new feature. To utilize it, the app must be updated frequently. So remember to update your Instagram to be aware of the features.

Having multiple accounts

If you have several accounts, it can be a reason for not seeing the notes feature on every account, And the feature is available on a particular account. This can be a glitch of having too many accounts on one phone.


Instagram looks forward to its audience and tries to understand their requirements and complaints. The app algorithm is robust and makes sure to provide a worthy feature. But sometimes the audience doesn’t like the feature, or the feature doesn’t get the importance Instagram thought of. As a result, Instagram discontinued or deleted the feature from its application.


The app introduces a new feature, but it’s not accessible to you. Well, your location can be a reason for that problem. Sometimes, these are launched in particular regions and countries first and then in other countries. It may take time to be found in your country.

Final thoughts

On the bottom line, Instagram notes feature is one of the significant features to reap maximum benefits from the application. Nevertheless, due to many reasons, this feature can, at times, be retained. But do not worry, as the content above discusses three practical methods to fix the problem.

So, stay hooked on the content from start to finish. However, consider contacting Instagram support if these ways fail to solve your case.