YouTube provides many features to help enhance the audience’s watching experience, with highlighted comments being one among them. These distinctively bold words with colorful backgrounds stand out in the crowd. But what purpose do they serve?

Keep reading; the forthcoming content will help you know what a highlighted comment means on YouTube. So, without any further delays, let’s delve into the content.

What Does Highlighted Comment Mean on Youtube?

What is a highlighted comment on YouTube?

YouTube introduced its comment section to help users share feedback and express their views regarding the video. Nevertheless, the highlighting feature is one step ahead of the same thing. On the ground level, a highlighted word grabs the viewer’s attention over a specific statement.

For instance, you commented on a video, and someone replied. Now, YouTube will notify you via email and highlight that specific comment in the list to let you quickly locate it.

Conversely, if someone posts a comment on your video, and you click upon it, the site will highlight that comment, displaying it on top of the comment list so you can quickly reply.

Lastly, when you hover over a comment’s timestamp and click upon it, the automatic feature highlights it regardless of whether the video or the word belongs to your account.

What is a highlighted comment on YouTube?

Significance of highlighted comments

The comment feature significantly enhances the user’s overall navigation experience, including the following.

Enhanced interactions

YouTubers use such comments to boost account engagement and draw attention to anything they want. Hence, highlighting a word can address questions, acknowledge someone’s participation, and increase constructive criticism. Whether you own a channel or not, the feature is available for everyone.

Recognition among the community

It is an excellent way for account owners to recognize the dedicated community members and subscribers and reward their precious contributions.

Higher visibility

When a comment is highlighted on YouTube, it acts as a bridge between new subscribers and viewers to discover insightful contributions and active community members. Thus, the new user can reach out to the older community members to understand the content theme of any particular account clearly.

Pinned Comment vs. Highlighted Comments

Pinned Comment vs. Highlighted Comments

Many viewers take the idea of pinned YouTube comments and highlight YouTube comments as the different sides of the same coin. Nevertheless, here we present some differences between them to tackle the case.


Pinned comment is a premium feature that YouTube provides to content creators and account holders. Nevertheless, regardless of whether they own that channel, the feature of highlighting is granted to every platform user.


Pin comments are comments that the YouTube account holder pins on top of the comment section to bring the audience’s attention toward a particular matter. They serve by providing additional context about the video or its related issue. On the other hand, the highlighting feature draws user attention to user-generated content. Also, check the YouTube content on Instagram.

A moderator may also use the tool to contribute to the conversation, reply to comments, or create humor. In addition, when a highlighted comment appears in the cluttered comment section of a YouTube video, it indicates that YouTube itself has considered the statement to be of great value.

Visual difference

A pinned comment is displayed at the top of the comment list beneath the account holder’s name and a line stating “Pinned by.” Plus, an icon of a thumb pin is also displayed. Nonetheless, the other feature does not have any such visual representation. Instead, these comments have a colored background with bold text that makes them stand out, acting as a bookmark in the cluttered space.


Video creators usually use the Pin feature to link related content, promote sponsorship and subscriptions, share disclaimers, or answer frequently asked queries. Conversely, Highlighted comments are an engagement tool to boost account engagement and acknowledge, reward, and praise loyal community subscribers.

Community Construction

Pinned YouTube comments offer an insight hub, offering quick access to the latest updates. Nevertheless, they do not support constructive criticism or play a role in building community.

On the contrary, Highlighting a comment actively brings valuable contributions and contributors to the limelight, recognizing and encouraging them.

How To Remove such comments on YouTube

For every comment that is highlighted, YouTube creates a specific URL to incorporate the algorithm changes. Hence, you must restore the URL to remove highlighted comments on YouTube. You can do it by deleting the part that starts with &lc. What remains is the actual state of the URL.

Remember that when someone clicks upon your comment or its timestamp and highlights it for any reason, the participant receives a notification from YouTube. Hence, if someone finds your comment worth their time and highlights it, you get a message saying, “Highlighted Reply.”

How To Remove such comments on YouTube

Are These Comments Beneficial?

Now that we are done discussing every bit of such comments, one crucial question is, are these comments valuable? Well, here are all the reasons that make this feature beneficial

  1. Helps to keep the audience updated: These comments help you navigate all the insightful news and updates about the video and the account owner, allowing you to cope with the changes.
  2. Spot comments: The moderator uses the feature to spot comments with highly engaged replies. As a result, your reason to comment is fulfilled.
  3. Enhance engagement: On the channel, Highlighted statements in the comment section help content makers witness highly engaged comments and recognize their top fans. As a result, the chances of your comment getting pinned above the video’s comment section increase.
  4. Increase traffic on the channel: If you are a content maker, highlighting your comments will help YouTube automatically bring more traffic to your channel.
  5. Enhances overall user experience: These comments allow you to use YouTube easily, comfortably, and efficiently.
  6. Boosts your credibility and reputation: Whenever a highlighted comment tag is displayed in front of a particular comment made by a famous YouTube, it helps your audience know that you are not just an ordinary individual but someone sincere in creating insightful content, impressing people of excellent knowledge. As a result, your fandom and reputation in the community are enhanced.
  7. Attracts collaborations: When your credibility and reputation are enhanced on the platform, other YouTubers and content creators reach out to collaborate with the rising talent, providing you with more fan base than ever.

Final Thoughts

On the bottom line, YouTube makes sure to enhance the user experience. Highlighting a comment is one of its great features that lets the user in many ways. The content above explains what these comments mean on YouTube.

The feature is an excellent way to locate any specific comment on YouTube, reply to a comment, or get rewarded for making the first comment on any video. In addition, moderator uses it to rank their video on YouTube by maintaining healthy engagement. The participant also gets a notification as a reward for their handwork.

The content above discusses everything you need to know about the YouTube highlighted comment feature. So now, when you see a comment highlighted on YouTube, you know what it means.