Being the largest content-sharing website, YouTube is a famous platform to showcase your talents all across the globe, gain worldwide fandom, and a way to make money. Nevertheless, the question is, How much money can you generate altogether? And how much does YouTube pay per view?

As a new content creator, you must know every bit of it. However, this information isn’t readily and easily accessible as per the YouTube policy. But you don’t need to look further; we are here to help. Keep reading, and the forthcoming content will observe many revelations related to how much YouTube pays, the requirements, and how much money advertisers pay for YouTube content. So, without any further discussion, let’s get into the content.

How much is YouTube pay-per-view?

How Much Do YouTubers Make Per Video Views?

Yes, you get paid for one view. However, YouTube does not calculate the revenue this way. Instead, YT pays per ad that appears in the Middle of the video. This phenomenon is known as the CPM rate.

How much money do YouTubers make? On average, YouTuber revenue, you get about an amount somewhere between $0.10 to $0.30 on a single view per video. There is an uncertainty in the monthly payment as it depends on the quality and quantity.

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YouTube does not pay the creator for the number of views they get on the videos. But it pays the creator based on the advertisements appearing in the Middle of their video on YouTube. That is the reason YouTube does not prescribe a specific amount. It depends on the number of videos you upload on your YouTube channel.

In addition, Uploading two or three videos a month will help you to earn on YouTube.Sorry to say, but that’s the wrong path. There are some important things to apply while you start a YouTube channel to become eligible for monetization. We will be discussing them in the forthcoming content.

Nevertheless, After completing all the tasks, you qualify for the YouTube partnership program, your gateway to earning money.

YouTube Partner Program

After becoming eligible to monetize, You need to join the YouTube partner program to start earning. The program allows you to run their ads on your videos. The ads will come into view in the Middle of the videos, making you earn money from them.

YouTube partner program, also known as YPP, enables content creators worldwide to monetize their channels and earn revenue through video posting. However, there are specific requirements you need to adhere to. Once accepted into the program, you can monetize your content by allowing the site to display feature ads on your videos. These can be any pre-, Middle, or post-roll ads.

There are various factors YouTube considers before allowing you the portion of earnings, including the number of subscribers, engagement level, type of ad, etc. In addition, the program has a wide variety of other revenue-generating features, including channel memberships, per ad view, super chats, live streams, etc.

What are the Minimum Requirements in 2023 to Make Money on YouTube?

It is obvious to mark your presence on the platform to start generating income. If you still need to set up one, create a Google account and sign into YouTube. You can use this account to manage your YouTube channel in the future. Once you are done building it, click on the user icon on top of the screen and click ” Your channel.” This page will allow you to customize your profile picture, cover image, and channel description.

Next, you should join the YouTube partner program that qualifies you for monetization. However, there are a few compliances you need to align your channel with, mentioned below

  1. Respect YouTube’s guidelines: As a content creator, you must adhere to all the guidelines and rules described by YouTube under its policies. It includes alignment with copyright laws, terms of services, and company guidelines. In addition, YouTube does not support acts of violence, sexual abuse, and psychological harm. Thus, if your content creates any such thing, the algorithm will not qualify you for monetization.
  2. Availability of Program: To be a part of the YouTube Partner Program, you must first confirm whether it is available in your country. YouTube keeps on updating the list of supported countries regularly. So, check your country’s name in the list before you jump into the business.
  3. Complete the required watch time in 12 months: To be rest assured of your quality content, YouTube requires you to collectively accumulate 4000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months. It means all the viewers must watch videos from your channel for at least 4,000 hours during the previous 12 months.
  4. Obtain subscribers: Your YouTube channel must obtain 1000 subscribers to be eligible for monetization. However, it doesn’t have any time frame.
  5. Link the Google Adsense account: YouTube sends your payment via a Google Adsense account. Thus, it would be best if you first made it and then linked it to your YouTube channel.
  6. 2-factor authentication (2FA): Content creator must take security and privacy as their utmost priority. For this purpose, you must enable your 2-factor authentication and take all the possible measures to secure your account.

The CPM Model

CPM stands for Cost Per Thousand Impressions. It means the cost an advertiser is willing to pay for every 1000 times a promotional advertisement is displayed on your YouTube channel. It does not consider the amount of how many users interact with the ad.

However, it would be best to get associated with the YPP first to generate CPM rates. Here are some of the significant factors that might affect your CPM model.

How Much is YouTube Pay Per View?

Factors Affecting the CPM Model and YouTube Earnings

Now that you know what a CPM model is and how it contributes to the total calculation of your revenue generation, we discuss some crucial factors that affect the CPM rates.

Content Niche

YouTube is a one-stop destination for all your content-related niche. Thus, the different types of content attached distinguished types of buyers. For instance, if your channel hosts food-related content, your videos will most likely feature Nestle or P&G product advertisements. Thus, the payment amount may differ depending on what type of business you are benefiting.

According to general research, content genres related to finance, crypto, technology, and business offer higher CPM rates than entertainment, meme, or public vlogging. So, make sure to choose your content type wisely.

Demographics of the Viewers

Content creators who make sure to target and reach specific demographics and segmentation of the population that is fully aligned with their content have a high chances to grab financers and advertisers. For instance, your content attracts a high-income demographic and will automatically yield higher CPM rates. That means a YouTube content creator with 1 million views or 2 million subscribers will make more money than one with 1k subscribers.

Engagement Level

Engagement is not only about grabbing a certain number of followers or subscribers. Instead, it is about sustaining them for the long run by proffering quality content and strengthening the bond between you and them. Higher viewer enjoyment is directly proportional to higher CPM rates and vice versa. An advertiser may use different metrics to judge your channel’s engagement levels, such as several videos, likes, comments, consistency between posting dates, and whether the viewers like your content.

Geographical Location

Geographical location profoundly impacts the alteration of your channel’s CPM rates. Advertisers consider financing content creators in a country with high demand for their products or services. For instance, a person living in America might attract more advertisers for ranchers’ products rather than a content creator who hails from any Middle Eastern country. Thus, jump into a niche in high demand in your country and align with your area of interest.

Upload Quality Content

YouTube carefully monitors the consistency level of your YouTube account before qualifying you for monetization. Hence, make sure to put your best foot forward by creating high-quality, attractive content. Plus, make sure to post at least one video in 3 days. However, posting content every day within two months of starting is better.

How Much is YouTube Pay Per View?

Essential tips to let YouTube run ads on your YouTube channel

Creating YouTube videos is not enough to get paid by YouTube. YouTube only lets its advertisements run on the video if it thinks the account is getting enough views and engagement to spread the ads. This requires great-quality videos with consistency. If the channel receives the necessary amount of opinions and employment, it will run its ads on the channel videos.

Take advantage of YouTube Premium.

We know that YouTube pays per view on the ads that pop up along the video, But what about the premium users? Some users love watching their favorite videos on YouTube but don’t like the ads appearing. Well, millions of people on YouTube pay for YT Premium to watch videos without getting interrupted by the ads. In that case, the creator gets paid for every view the member gives.

Consider your target audience.

Spend time understanding what your target audience is. Take measures to know their preferences and tailor your content according to them. This way, you prove yourself as a potential earner in YouTube’s algorithms and build a strong bond with your subscribers.

Pay attention to your video title.

Try to use titles similar to the videos posted by famous content creators. This way, your video gets featured under the search results of their subscribers as well. In addition, write engaging meta descriptions as these two lines summarize your whole video in the eyes of YouTube.

 Produce relevant content

The key to success on YouTube is producing content that is high quality and relevant to your chosen niche. Here is a short step-by-step guide to doing it

  1. Decide your place: Sit back and spend some hours discovering yourself. Think about all the things that make you happy and things you are good at.
  2. Choose a genre: Once you have found all your interests and talents, Choose one among them.
  3. Stick to the content: Start making the videos relevant to that niche. Do not switch between as it can negatively affect your credibility.

How Much is YouTube Pay Per View?

Other ways to earn on YouTube

Most people think content creation is the only way to earn money on the platform. Nevertheless, this is different. Instead, there is an extensive range of other ways YouTube stars use to accelerate your income growth rate, including the following.


Collaboration is widespread on YouTube for many purposes, including traffic generation, promotions, marketing, and maximizing revenue generation. It typically involves two YouTubers collaboratively trying or one YouTuber seeking help from others to complete a particular task.

Content creators generally charge a nominal fee for such collaborations. In addition, you also get exposed to subscribers of that other YouTuber, accelerating your per view earning indirectly.

Sponsored videos

Sponsored videos are a lucrative factor for content creators to boost their revenue generation and enhance subscribers. It consists of a collaboration of a YouTuber with any brand or service for marketing and product placements. The sponsor brand pays YouTubers to promote their product or service on their YouTube video or YouTube shorts.

Such sponsorship can be in any form, such as reviews, recommendations, or direct endorsements. Such videos help both parties, the sponsor and content creator, enhance revenue streams. However, you must produce and upload high-quality content to attract high-paying sponsors. Remember, the more subscribers you have, the more sponsors you get.

Get collaborated with YouTube Premium.

YouTube Premium is a relatively new idea proffered by YouTube. You can collaborate with YouTube Premium, influencing your subscribers to purchase a package. In return, YouTube will grant you a decent sum of money for bringing more traffic to its premium version.


Instruct your loyal subscribers to support your videos by making one-time donations to enjoy exclusive perks such as live video group calls, chats, etc. You can use platforms like Ko-fi and Patreon for this purpose.

Webinars and online courses

YouTube can also be your gateway to build loyal fandom that follows you beneath the platform. If you are uploading high-quality content and expertise in your area of interest, you can conduct a webinar, allowing the audience to join in exchange for a small fee. Share premium content over there with all the information no one discloses for free.

Or you can assemble an excellent course consisting of videos, lectures, how-to tutorials, or even a Word document, promoting it through the YouTube channel. Market it enough and provide insight about the course and how it can benefit you to get the maximum number of subscribers.


On the bottom line, YouTube is an excellent platform for generating mainstream income. However, as a newbie, one must understand how much YT pays per view. The content above discusses the answer in detail; also find some relevant information, such as CPM rates and their effects, along with other ways to earn money on YouTube. So make sure to read from start to finish.