Instagram comments are an exciting feature allowing one to share their thoughts about a specific content or creator. These comments are sometimes so funny and exciting that you should copy them for later. But how do you do it?

Although, you can save the comment by simply taking a screenshot. Yet, it could be more efficient. The same is why we have come up with some different ideas. Keep reading to find efficient ways to copy comments, Instagram captions, and all the other crucial information. So, without any further discussion, let’s jump into the content.

Method #1: Copy Comments on Instagram via the Browser

The first method is for all the people who prefer the traditional style of site usage of the PC browser rather than the application. Follow the mentioned steps to copy the comments via the browser.

Step 1: Navigate to the site

Open your browser and type on the search bar. Press enter, and the internet will redirect you.

Step 2: Login

Copy Comments on Instagram via the Browser

On the homepage, you will have the option of logging in. Click upon it and provide your credentials, including your email address, phone number, and password—press login.

Step 3: Find the post

Scroll through your account feed or check the notification to find the post where your target comment or caption resides.

Find the post

Step 4:

Once you have landed on the comment you want to copy, highlight and Press right click from your pointer. A short drop-down menu will appear. Select “Copy”.


Step 5: Save

Lastly, save your copied Instagram comment anywhere, such as WhatsApp chat, Microsoft Word, or Google Docs, to keep it for later use.

Method# 2: How to Copy Instagram Comments Through Browser on Android and iOS

Another way to copy a comment is by Using your browser on your phone. This method will let you easily copy any Instagram comment on your mobile phone through the Instagram app. Here is how you can do it.

Step 1: Open Instagram app

Unlock your phone and launch the Instagram application from your app gallery. You may also use the search bar to spot the app in the clustered space.

Open Instagram app

Step 2: Find the post

Find the post from which you wish to copy the text. You may scroll the feed to find it, check notifications, or search the account that has made that specific post. But do not open the comments thread at this point.

Step 3: Open the Instagram menu

Tap on the three-dot menu you must find at the top of your mobile screen to open Instagram menu on your phone.

Step 4: Copy the link

The short menu on your phone’s screen will offer you multiple options. Find the option that says “Copy Link”.

Copy the link

Step 5: Past the link on the browser

If you are an iPhone user, open the Safari app and paste the link; and go. Do the same with Chrome if you are an Android user. Your browser will now open the post and its c comment section on your phone.

Step 6: Find the comment

Expand the comment section to have a keen look at all the comments that the post has. Scroll carefully to spot the exact statement you wish to copy.

Step 7: Request desktop website

As you are using Instagram’s classic mobile web version, you won’t be able to copy a comment now. So navigate to the settings menu on the web page in the address bar and select “Request Desktop Website.”

Now, the page will redirect you to Instagram desktop version.

Request desktop website

Step 8: Open the comment thread

Now, open the comment thread and rotate your phone to landscape to see all the comment on Instagram posts.

Open the comment thread

Step 9: Copy

Finally, copy the targeted comment by pressing the analysis for about 2 seconds. A pop-up option will appear; select copy/ copy text from it, and it will get copied to your clipboard.

Why Copy Instagram Comments?

You can avail an extensive range of perks by copying the Instagram comments. Many interesting, educational, and knowledgeable words may not be beneficial for now, but they can be helpful in the future. Time to save that comment; you copy it and paste it on the notepad.

In addition, this comment might be your gateway to give words to your feelings. For instance, you landed on a statement that seems insightful to you and also matches your sense of opinion. You can save it and use it later to give your idea on multiple videos.

One uncommon yet brilliant idea is using these comments as captions for your Instagram stories. This way, you won’t have to strive to create content daily. Instead, it is readily available. Copy the text via any of the abovementioned methods and paste it into your story.

Where to paste copied captions and comments

You can copy Instagram comments from the content above through your mobile phones and Instagram desktop site. Now the question is, where to paste them? Well, there are many places you can use in this regard, such as:

Word Documents

If you have randomly copied the comment because you liked it without any specific reason, you may paste and save it in a Word document folder. You can use Microsoft Word WPS Office or any other Word document providing service in this regard. We suggest using Google Docs because it allows you to save the document on the computer and keeps an automatic cloud copy of the content in case you lose your data. One can also paste the link of the Instagram post to which your copied comment belongs.

Excel sheet

Another way to save your caption or comment is to make an Excel sheet out of them. Keep on copying the words and pasting them on a separate Excel sheet. You can also divide these into different categories to keep a record of how many and what sort of comments you have gathered all along.

WhatsApp chat

Saving Instagram captions and comments on your WhatsApp app chat might be handy if you frequently use it. Just use your phone app or log in to web WhatsApp on your browser. Copy and paste the comment on any chat you wish to use. You can even send a comment on your number. You can also use the discussion of your Instagram account for the same purpose.

 Beneath the video

Last, the most common usage of a copied comment is pasting it underneath the video for which you have copied it. Find the video, right-click and paste it.

Final Thoughts

On the bottom line, you can take a screenshot of the comment and save it in your Google Photos or Apple Photos. Or you may use any Google Lens or third-party universal copy app for the same purpose. Nevertheless, there are more efficient options.

The same is why we have assembled this fantastic guide that allows you to copy a comment in multiple ways. In addition, find all the relevant information, including Where to save the context, How to use it, etc. So make sure to read from start to finish.