Do you want to get more followers to boost your Instagram account? Are you starting a new online brand and want to increase your follower count quickly? But the point is how to increase followers. We don’t recommend buying fake followers or using bots because only real and organic followers will engage with your account.

They will care about your valuable content and your brand. So, in this Article, we will provide an in-depth guide about how to get more Instagram followers.

How to get more followers on instagram

How to Get More Followers on Instagram | Why It Is Important

There are more than 1 billion monthly active users, making Instagram one of the most influential social media platforms. As we head into 2023, Instagram followers are important to those looking to expand their businesses through Instagram, brands, influencers, and artists. More followers give more engagement to your content, which helps monetization and community building.

Methods to Get Instagram followers

There are some authentic methods to increase your Instagram followers, and these methods are according to the algorithm of Instagram. Read our step-by-step guide and get real Instagram followers.

Optimizing Your Instagram Profile

Optimize your Instagram profile to attract and engage new followers. Your profile contains your name, bio, website, profile picture, etc. It is the first step to making your profile attractive, and you have to focus on the following:

Create a search-friendly username

You must incorporate a keyword in your Instagram username because it improves the chance of appearing in a show whenever someone searches for a related keyword. The username must be shortened so your audience will recognize your name.

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Add a professional Profile Picture.

It is very important to add a professional image with perfect size because too small or large size a picture may be blurry. This may affect your social media presence, and you must add a professional image to your Instagram profile. There are some tips regarding profile images.

  • Add your photo as your Instagram profile picture; your face will represent your account.

Add a professional Profile Picture.

  • Create a visibly appealing profile to get more eyes on the account and get engagement.
  • Use your logo photo as a profile image if you have a business profile. Create an attractive brand logo and put it as your profile image. Moreover, your brand will soon have its own identity.

How to get more followers on instagram

  • Keep the background of the profile picture clear. You should use the best photo editing tool to make your picture perfect and clear background if required.

How to get more followers on instagram

  • If you want to make your photo aesthetic, use filters and stickers to make it.

How to get more followers on instagram

  • You can make an avatar of yourself and put it as a profile picture. It is also engaging and fun.

How to get more followers on instagram

Creating an Engaging Instagram Bio

Your Instagram bio is your first expression of your followers. Your Instagram bio is your portfolio, resume, and brand identity. Bio should be more than 150 characters, and you must write all your information in it because you have to convince your followers why they should follow you and what they get.

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Also, it would be best to use your targeted keywords in your bio to increase your presence in the app and appear in searches. Additionally, you can add one external link, which is up to you. You can add website links, Facebook profiles, Twitter profiles, TikTok profiles, and other social media platforms.

If you have an Instagram business profile or creator, you can add extra information, such as a contact number, your business type, and your business’s location.

Creating an Engaging Instagram Bio

Using Hashtags Effectively

Hashtags are among the most effective ways to engage with your targeted audience. It is a fundamental way to label and categorize your content to relevant users. So, using a well-crafted and right hashtags strategy will put your post in front of relevant users even if they haven’t connected to you before. When you use the right hashtags, it will improve your discoverability and get more followers.

Using Hashtags Effectively

How do hashtags help to promote content?

Hashtags are literally effective in spotlighting your content and increasing its visibility. After understanding the prowess of hashtags, the next line is how to use them in a better way.

  • You can use up to 30 different hashtags in your caption or feed while posting on Instagram. When you use up to 30 keywords, you have a chance to appear in the search from 30 different keywords.
  • Use hashtags in stories, reels, and Instagram feed posts to increase appearance.
  • Additionally, find the trending and more engaging hashtags in your niche. But you don’t know how to find hashtags in your niche? For this purpose, explore your competitor’s posts, where you will find engaging hashtags related to your niche.

How do hashtags help to promote content?

  • Explore the influencer’s posts and pick the hashtags from their posts.

Optimizing Your Instagram Stories

Stories may disappear after 24 hours, but you can save them on your profile in the story highlights section. Stories become popular because they are real content behind the scenes, so people attract more when you show them your brand or business. You can make stories more engaging by using strategic hashtags and location tags.

Moreover, you can create polls, Q&As, generate comments, and DM conversations, which will help you to get more followers. Also, add every story to highlight because when a new user comes, he can watch all your stories.

Optimizing Your Instagram Stories

Captivating Instagram Captions

Captions are essential to your post, which may humanize your brand and win your followers. The caption will be an exposure to your post and engage more followers. So, use clever, branded captions that grab attention and tell about your brand’s personality. Educate, inspire, and entertain your followers through captions. Moreover, you can use hashtags and emojis to express your feelings. Use proper and trending keywords that will make your post boost.

Add keywords for Instagram SEO.

In 2023, when you post on Instagram, you can use keywords to improve discoverability. Using keywords in the description helps Instagram to understand better whether it is relevant to the search query or what’s in your content and how it helps the users who search the specific keyword. For example, you can use the keyword “best time to post,” and your post will appear in search when people search this keyword.

Add keywords for Instagram SEO.

Optimizing Your Instagram Reels

Unlike the other Instagram posts, reels are one of the most effective and new ways to reach an authentic audience on Instagram. Reels have their spot on the app, and a separate section for reels is in the navigation bar. So, create reels with trending music, effects, hashtags, and filters to make fun. Also, follow these steps to optimize your reels:

  • First, identify which type of reels you are creating. Are you creating funny, music, entertainment, or educational reels?
  • The first 5 to 6 seconds of your reels should be engaging. You have to create suspense because your viewer must watch your complete reel.
  • Choose a perfect sound that must match the video you are creating.

Optimizing Your Instagram Reels

Creating High-Quality Instagram Content

When you share-worthy content on your profile, it will help you to grow your Instagram account and followers. High-quality content is the best practice for reaching a loyal audience. Consistent, high-quality content is the key to making a loyal community. So, post eye-catching photos, videos, memes, and quotes. Additionally, engaging content will resonate with your targeted audience. Here is what you need to do to create quality content.

Creating High-Quality Instagram Content

Engaging with Your Audience

To gain followers, you have to engage with them. This will make you a trustworthy influencer. You must engage with your followers.

Know your audience

Once you post something on Instagram, then analyze your content performance. In this way, you will know what your audience is and what they want. If you don’t know what aspects motivate your Instagram users and audience, then how will you create content that engages them?

  • First, define your persona to your buyers, audience, and users. What are their pain points? What is their time to like your posts? What are their hobbies?
  • Instagram provides you with demographic insights about your followers. In the insights, you’ll get information about people engaging with your posts, including their accounts, likes, and genders.

Know your audience

Interacting with Your Followers

Do you reply to your audience in DM? Do you set a time to reply to DMs or their comments? You can not engage your community without engaging them through comments and DMs. Replying to comments, answering questions, and having meaningful conversations help converting visitors into followers. This is one of the best ways to engage your followers.

Use engaging stickers

Using interactive stickers is another effective method to boost your following. There are plenty of stickers that you can use to drive more users on Instagram.

  • Use music stickers while adding the lyrics or soundtracks to your reels.
  • If you want to ask your followers some questions, then you can add quiz stickers.
  • Add pool stickers if you want to get some opinions. Also, prompt them to ask something from you.

Add carousel posts to get more engagement.

Carousel posts help in growing your Instagram following. Don’t pick a single photo; pick a mix of images and videos to make it more creative. So, your followers will be engaged because they get multiple content in one post. Moreover, if you have a business profile, you can post your product video, images and also add reviews of your customers. In this way, you will get more engagement and trusty customers. Moreover, you can use:

  • Product reviews
  • Product tutorials
  • User-Generated content
  • Customer Reviews

Promoting Your Instagram Account

Promoting your Instagram account is one of the most effective ways to get more followers. There are different methods to get followers on Instagram.

Cross-Promoting Your Instagram on Other Platforms

You can promote your Instagram to get new audience on various platforms like TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and others. You have to link your account or share your post to cross-promote. There is one effective method to promote your content on Instagram, which is promoting your posts through various Instagram accounts. In this method, you have to create different Instagram accounts and then share your posts through all these accounts. In this way, you will get organic engagement and a number of views on your videos.

Create contests for free.

Promoting contests and giveaways across your social media channels can be an effective method for increasing your number of followers. When you develop compelling contests and offer exciting prizes, followers will be forced to participate to win prizes, and then your engagement will increase. Promote your contests through all social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and others.

Running Instagram Ads

Do you want to Grow your Instagram in 2023? It would be best if you ran Instagram ads and promotions. You will get wider followers through the ads. I also followed various accounts because of the sponsored posts I saw on Instagram. You can run ads through images, videos, stories, reels, shopping, and various others.

  • In Instagram ads, businesses allow the brands to use single images to advertise their brands, products, and services.

Running Instagram Ads

  • In video ads, you can show your product or brand in an eye-catching way, which may be an effective method to showcase your services.
  • In story ads, an image or video of your product will be advertised in the story feed of your targeted audience.

Buying Instagram Followers – Pros and Cons

According to Instagram analytics and experts, buying followers only increases the Instagram following but decreases your engagement rate. Instagram tracks the engagement rate. So, your account may be suspended because buying unethical followers is against the community guidelines. So try to get organic and potential followers.

Tips for Increasing Instagram Followers

With methods, there are some tips to get more real followers, which will also help you to get more followers on Instagram in 2023.

Posting at the Best Time

Posting schedules on Instagram also helps to attract new followers. You must make a posting schedule if you want your Instagram to grow. But for this, you must analyze when your content gets more engagement. Create a post on a trending hashtag and topic, then analyze your posting at the right time. Also, this will help you to get potential new followers.

Set Posting Schedule

When you observe which time is best to post on Instagram, then use the posting schedule tool. This helps you to post automatically if you have a busy schedule and don’t have time to post. You will select the post that you wish to post in the future, and it will publish your post at your selected time.

Set Posting Schedule

Targeting Your Audience

Do you know who your audience is? Do you have a selected audience? It’s up to your brand or your account type. You can target your audience using hashtags, trending topics, locations, etc. Then, analyze in Instagram insights that you are getting the number of followers from which factor. Tap into their passions, interests, and pain points they care about.


Can we use Instagram scheduling tools for posts?

Yes, you can use scheduling tools for posting because the time you set your post will publish automatically. More followers will engage with your Instagram in this way.

Can a cross-promote Instagram account help get engagement?

Yes, when you cross-promote your Instagram account, a new audience will engage with your account.


In this Article, we learned how to get new Instagram followers. Our guide will help you get more followers and more engagement and followers to your account. Grow your Instagram followers by using trending hashtags, topics, and others.