Do you want to get more likes on Facebook? Want to get more engagement on your Facebook pages, groups, and posts? Are you tired and sick of promoting your Facebook page to get minimal results? How do I get more likes on my Facebook account? Worry no more because we are providing you with the best tried and experienced tactics that actually work.

Using these top-pick hacks guarantees you to increase likes on your Facebook groups, pages, and posts. In this article, we will discuss all tips related to getting more likes on Facebook.

How to Get More Likes on Facebook

Tips to Get More Likes on Facebook

If you are going to buy fake followers for your Facebook page or group, it would never be a good idea. Because with fake followers, your post will not get organic engagement. Followings are the best top tricks to gain likes on Facebook.

Create an engaging About section.

Creating an engaging about section will boost credibility and increase likes on your Facebook page. The pages with complete and engaging information are more trustworthy, according to Facebook’s algorithm. Additionally, Facebook will show their post on the Facebook pages or groups with incomplete information, and more people will like your content. If you want to increase the likes on your Facebook page through the About section, you must analyze the competitors.

Create an engaging About section

Optimize your Facebook information to appear in the search because Facebook also has a search engine. When you use keywords in the About, make sure you have filled up the space by using all possible keywords. Then Facebook will possibly show your Page/group whenever someone searches the specific keywords that you used in the About section.

Create an engaging About section

Use user-friendly Username

You must use a branded and memorable username for your Facebook page so it makes it easier for people to find, recall, and like your page. Avoid using vague terms that may match multiple pages; then, it isn’t easy to find your page by existing or potential followers and fans. For using user-friendly, you should keep these things in mind.

  • Short and simple
  • It should be your Company or brand name.
  • Relevent to your Company or brand.
  • Easy to remember and spell
  • It should be professional.

With a customized Username, it is easier to find your page by your followers and viewers. For example

  • WpandYtbeignner09382
  • YTbeginner

Now, it’s up to you to analyze which one is simple and rememberable. Moreover, you can edit your Username if you create a random username. You must remove unnecessary and spammy words from your Username. One of the most effective methods is to put your company name as your Facebook page’s Username.

  • Go to the page setting.
  • Tap on the page info.
  • Now, change the Username.

Use user-friendly Username

Use relevant and eye-catching photos.

You must use visually appealing product photos on your profile and cover images. It is compulsory to use eye-catching photos to engage your visitors. The more visitors you have engaged with your Facebook page, the more likes you will get on it. You must follow some ideas to get more likes by profile and cover photos if you are representing a brand:

  • If your Company has a logo, put it on your Profile Image.
  • Use product photos that should be eye-catching.
  • Show the people or celebrities who use your products, and use their photos with your brand on your Facebook profile or cover images.
  • Also, use infographics to show your customer how your brand can fulfil their needs and goals.
  • Also, add videos of your products behind the scenes.

Use relevant and eye-catching photos

Choose the best time to post

If you want to skyrocket your Facebook likes, then you have to discover the best time to post when your followers are online. The best time is to get more engagement and likes, and when your followers are active, you will get instant engagement and quick likes to your post content. With the help of the Facebook Insight tool, you can analyze the time and day when your followers are most active.

  • Open the Facebook account settings.
  • Click on the insights and then posts.
  • On the top, click on the When your fans are online

Now, schedule your post content according to the time when your fans are online. You will get maximum likes from your active fans.

Choose the best time to post

Post according to your audience

The next step to boosting your Facebook likes is to find what your target audience wants or likes to watch. When someone likes a post’s content, that means he is interested in promotions and discounts, or he loves to watch your content if you share some funny memes or quotes. Also, choose the best for posting if you want to get more engagement and likes. Here are some tips to know your audience’s interest:

  • Monitor your insights to see which content resonates with the audience, then create more content like that to get more likes and interaction.
  • Moreover, create a poll and ask your audience which type of content they want from you.
  • You can also monitor the competitors’ content as well.
  • Test the Interaction matrics by posting multiple posts.

Post according to your audience

Get tagged by Branded Facebook pages.

When you get organic shoutouts from larger and branded Facebook pages, that will give you a skyrocket boost to your likes. Are you wondering how this happened? How can a branded page will shout out you in his post? Yes, it can be happy from pages related to your brand or company. This can happen if you follow these tactics:

  • Identify the brand that regularly share the customers’s content or post. This page and its audience should be complementary to yours.
  • Engage with those pages and post engaging videos and photos. Also, tag them in your post.
  • For example, if you are selling sneakers, then post a picture with your sneakers along with the jeans from another major brand.
  • This is a good idea, and the jeans brand will share your post with their followers. This love posture will give you more potential followers and likes.

Get tagged by Branded Facebook pages

This is the best example of branded pages sharing a customer picture on their wall.

Pin your top-performing post.

This is another pro tip to boost your page and post likes by pinning your top-performing post to the top of your Facebook page. Whenever a new follower comes to your page, it will probably open your pin post, and he might like your post. But if you don’t have a post to pin, then you can pin any post that you have believe this will get more likes and engagement.

Then, create a post with a poll, ask a question, or create a post about reviews about your page and product reviews and many more. You could create a post asking your followers to talk about themselves, then pin the post so it stays at the top of your feed and more people see it.

Pin your top-performing post.

Use Facebook videos to get more likes.

Video content on every social network is more engaging than other posts and content. Get more Facebook likes through video content. Follow some important steps.

  • Native video content on Facebook gets more engagement as compared to images or text posts.
  • Use grabbing thumbnails and make videos for more than one minute that perform best and get more likes.
  • Create short, engaging videos showcasing your product and post them on your business page.
  • Share funny videos and bloopers of your employees to engage more audience likes.
  • Create videos with captions and subtitles, which may be possible to translate for each community.
  • To get more likes and reach, share your videos on other social media channels.

Cross-promote your page on other social media platforms.

If you already have a higher number of followers on other social media platforms, then cross-promote your Facebook page on other social platforms. You can share the same post content on the other social media account that you posted on Facebook.

Sharing a URL to your post on social media may not always yield the best results in terms of likes and engagement. Facebook page. Instead of sharing the link, copy the content from the Facebook page and share it on another account to grab attention. In your caption, mention the source of the content. For example: “Check out this insightful post from my Facebook page!” This gives credit to the source.

How to Get More Likes on Facebook

Engage with community

Engaging with your community gives you a lot of likes from your followers as well as well as their friends. Give them a reply as they are buddies, and this gesture will build a great relationship between you and your followers.

Fostering an engaged community will give you loyal fans, and it gives more reasons for people to like your post and page. Engagement should be your priority.

Engage with community

Use Hashtags

When you use hashtags in your posts on Facebook, your visibility chances in other news feed increases while browsing specific hashtags that you have used in your post.

Strategically using relevant hashtags in your posts can help you reach beyond your existing page likes to new potential followers. This can lead you to more shares, likes, and engagement from new and existing followers.

Use HashtagsUnderstanding the Importance of Likes on Facebook

Maximizing the likes on Facebook should be the priority because likes are the key metrics. Likes on Facebook directly impact the reach, engagement, credibility, authority, and conversation of both individuals and organizations. The content with more likes appears more popular and socially validated. Likes can be important in various ways.

The Benefits of Having More Likes

A higher number of likes on Facebook provides a better route to the success of your business. It increases the visibility and credibility of your Facebook page. Here are some benefits of having more likes on Facebook posts or pages.

  • The higher number of likes on Facebook shows others approve it. People are likely to interact with content that already has a higher number of likes.
  • The Facebook algorithm always supports content that has organic reach and more number likes and followers. Facebook will show your page to other users, and you may get new followers.
  • Your Facebook page will show the other users and engage more people to like your page because more likes increase the visibility of the page and will show in the news feeds of more people.
  • Widespread likes on your Facebook page help in digital marketing because it can help you increase your sales revenue and assets.
  • You will get potential customers through a higher number of likes.

Utilizing Social Media Strategies

If you are trying to accomplish this on social media, all parts of your social media platform are beneficial to get likes. It’s important to share your posts and content on other channels. This will be your social proof, which will help you to monetize your brand and Facebook page.

Run Ads

If you want to get an ideal reach and likes on your Facebook page, then Paid promotions of your brands through your Facebook page are one of the most working and guaranteed methods in social media marketing. You have to pay for paid advertisements, and these will show on the Facebook profile of your targeted audience. Facebook algorithm tracks the interest of users and shows the ads to those users.

Incorporating Social Share Buttons on Your Website

If you want to drive engagement from the webpage, then place a social sharing button that should be prominent and highly visible. You will get unique visitors and likes from your website instantly through share buttons. Also, use share analytics, which will help you to analyze which webpage drives the most traffic and likes.

But while placing buttons on your web pages, your customer should be directed to your personal Facebook page, not a generic page of the brand.

Effective Post Strategies to Get More Likes

You have to follow the strategies of branded marketing influencers to get more likes. Discover your audience, and you have to know what they want to see. Posting at the best time when your followers are active. Always set a posting schedule and follow your posting schedule to get a higher reach on Facebook. Use eye-catching images to attract real people to your content. Use funny and emotional dialogue and captions. To cross-promote your content, you must use social media channels.

Engaging with Your Audience

Actively engaging with your Facebook audience is crucial for growing your page’s likes and building a loyal community. When you take the time to foster genuine interactions and relationships with the people who like your page, it encourages more engagement from them. Ultimately, it will increase the number of likes as well as followers. Here are some ways to engage with your audience, which leads you to success on Facebook.

Responding to Comments and Messages

  • You have to show your follower you value them by replying to their comments and messages in a friendly and professional manner.
  • Craft thoughtfully, value-adding, and professional replies to a negative comment. It will showcase a great customer service.
  • Monitor the customers who frequently comment or message, and give them discounts or rewards to grab more likes and fans.
  • Don’t miss an opportunity to get engaged by checking each notification of comments, messages, and likes.
  • Actively responding to all Facebook comments and messages from your followers gives you more loyal page likes.

Running Contests and Giveaways

Running contests and giveaways is one of the best ways used by all social media influencers, brands, pages, and product sellers. You’ll be able to grab more interaction with your brands. Also, it will help you to grow your Facebook page. Offer bonuses to like your page, giveaways to tag friends with engaged content, and other prizes to follow your page.

Collaborating with Influencers to Boost Likes

Partnering with influencers will give you a wider audience because it is a powerful strategy to promote your pages, products, or services. But it would be best if you chose a suitable and perfect influencer that should be related to your niche or industry.

  • First, discover your audience and their preferences.
  • Find an influencer that is directly connected to your niche or industry.
  • Reach out to the influencer through email or his social media account.
  • Clobbarate a good relationship with your influencer.
  • Clear your brand’s strategy, goals, objectives, and campaigns to your influencer.
  • Track the performance of your influencer’s campaigns.
  • Also, ready to engage with the audience of influencer.
  • Give replies to comments and messages.

Using Facebook Groups

Facebook groups will also help you to boost your likes. Influencers use paid groups for Facebook marketing. Here are some ways to get likes on Facebook pages via groups

Finding and Joining Relevant Facebook Groups

It would be best if you found the group related to your brand and niche. Before joining the group, you must check the group activities. The group must have a higher number of active followers, and there should be a higher number of posting content and group discussions. When you join such groups, you will get potential followers and likes on your page.

Participating Actively in Group Discussions

When you join Facebook, you must be an active member and proactively join the discussion because it is an important step if you want to establish your Facebook page. Promote your content by posting in the group and then start a conversation with whoever engages with your content.

Give prompt and thoughtful replies to their comments. Always focus on providing value to group members, creating quality content, giving respect to members, and building relationships. Within time, these efforts will help you engage more likes and followers on your page.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are Likes on Facebook?

Likes are the digital currency of Facebook and matric that allow the user to interact with content like posts, photos, comments, videos, and advertisements. When you like a post or page, it signifies support or enjoyment, and your simple trigger distributes a boost to your post.

Is it safe to buy Facebook likes?

You can buy likes for your Facebook page on your guarantee because experts and even Facebook algorithms don’t support buying fake likes. Your engagement will not increase when you buy likes because bots or tools generate these likes. So, Facebook tracks fake likes, and your account might be blocked if you buy likes.

How can I get more likes on FB automatically?

If you’re looking for high likes on your Facebook business page, profile picture, or post, you have to follow some strategies:

  • Run Ads
  • collaborate with Influencers
  • Pin popular post
  • Cross-promote your Facebook page
  • Follow a posting schedule


In this article, we learned about the strategies to get more likes and engagement on Facebook. Invite your friends to like your Facebook page. Run Facebook ads to get more likes. Also, use insights to find new users who are engaged with your post and Facebook content.