You know that feeling when you are watching something on YouTube, at the exact moment when you get invested in it, boom! An ad pops out of nowhere. It is annoying, right? Ads are not only mood killers, but they also waste a lot of our time. We will guide you How to Get YouTube Premium for Free.

Often you want to download a video from YouTube, but the app tells you it’s not available for non-premium users, and it sucks.

Are you someone who wants to get the premium features of YouTube while keeping your wallet happily closed? If this is the case, say goodbye to limitations as we reveal ahead our top 3 ways to get YouTube Premium for FREE in 2023. YouTube Premium costs $13.99 per month, but if you want free access to YouTube Premium and YouTube originals, music and more, keep reading. You can also get youtube premium free trial before purchasing.

How to Get YouTube Premium for Free

Benefits of YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium, earlier known as YouTube Red, was launched in 2018. The most prominent benefits of getting a YouTube premium subscription are ad-free entertainment, access to YouTube originals, and offline viewing of downloads. You can now play music in the background of your phone.

Ad free experience

You can enjoy your videos without those annoying ads that ruin your experience when using the premium version of YouTube.

Background play

With YouTube Premium, you can now play the audio of a video while your screen is off or while you use the other apps.

YouTube music premium

A premium subscription plan allows you access to YouTube music without ads; you can download it to listen to offline music and play it in the background.


The premium version of YouTube allows downloads of your favourite videos for offline viewing so you can enjoy them even without an internet connection.

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A Guide on How to Get Youtube Premium for Free Forever

Brave browser

The Brave browser is my favourite way to get YouTube Premium free forever. It’s one of the most recommended ways of accessing premium features on YouTube. This browser is specifically designed for blocking ads and trackers. It blocks YouTube ads and many other websites, thus ensuring a smooth, ad-free experience. Additionally, it’s the safest browser since its focus is primarily on users’ privacy protection. A lot of people now prefer Brave browsers since the speed of downloading is faster than Chrome. By using this browser, you can get YouTube Premium for free.

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How to install Brave Browse

This browser is available for PC/Mac and Android/iOS, hence accessible to all. To make Brave a default web on your device, follow the following procedure:

  1. Go to Google or Apple Play Store and install the Brave browser.Brave browser
  2. Now open the Brave browser; on the right corner of the screen, you can see a three-dot menu icon; click on that.
  3. From that menu, click on settings and scroll down to the advanced action.advanced action
  4. Select ‘privacy’ and then tap on ‘web page defaults’.
  5. Select “Open links in apps” and click “Always” to change your default web view to Brave Browser. You can also enable the “Block third-party cookies” opportunities for more privacy if you want to.

How to install Brave Browse

After completing these steps successfully, all the links in your device will automatically open by Brave browser. This setting can be changed anytime by returning to the web page defaults in the environment and selecting a different browser.

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Now, you can enjoy a free, seamless YouTube premium experience without compromising privacy. You can enjoy not only YouTube without any ads but also other websites.

Free trials and YouTube subscriptions

If you are someone who does want to see for themselves before purchasing the premium subscription whether or not it will be worth it, you should try the 1-month free trial. You could also get it for cheapest youtube premium of less than a dollar for the first three months of subscription. Keep reading to see how you can do that.

youtube free trials

30-day free trial of YouTube Premium for new subscribers

For all new users, YouTube offers a free trial of YouTube for a whole month. This YouTube premium free trial is time-limited. If you want to continue the access for more time, you must pay for that. If you don’t want to continue using the premium services, cancel the subscription before the free trial period ends.

YouTube premium referral program for the cheapest subscription

If you know someone currently using YouTube Premium Free, you can avail of this referral program offer. YouTube provides a referral link to their premium users, which provides three months of YouTube premium for less than a dollar. Even though this is not entirely free of cost, it is still a steal deal. It would be best to consider getting it because it’s a great way to access exclusive content at a low price.

It’s also time-limited. As a premium subscriber, you can access all the exclusive YouTube features and perks. You must remember to cancel your subscription before the trial ends. Or else you will have to pay the total cost, i.e. 11.99 per month. Of course, you can always continue to use this subscription service if you find it worth the experience for the given price.

How to get a FREE YouTube premium trial

  1. Open the YouTube app or browser on your device. If you already have a Google account, tap on ‘sign in’ and log into your Google account. If you don’t already have an account, you can first make a Google account and sign into YouTube.
  2. After getting logged in, find the menu on the screen on your device. On the menu, locate “YouTube Premium” and click on it. You will be directed to the premium page of YouTube.YouTube Premium
  3. On this page, click on the ‘Try it free’ option. Now, you have to choose a plan for yourself. There are many options, like individual, family, and student plans. Choose what suits you the best.YouTube Premium
  4. Enter your payment details and enter submit. A free trial won’t cost you anything, but this is part of the procedure.
  5. Confirm everything on the last page, and hurrah, you are now ready to use YouTube Premium.

YouTube Premium Apk

This cracked version of YouTube Premium provides similar features to YouTube Premium membership. Firstly, it gives you a fantastic ad-free experience without spending a penny. The YouTube premium apk provides an adjustable resolution where you can even watch videos on a 1080p resolution. Even when the screen is off, it plays the audio of those videos without interruption. Make sure to download the latest version of YouTube Premium apk as many versions are available.

You can download videos that are otherwise not downloadable on the free version. Not only this, but you can play a video in the background of your phone while you may use other apps on your phone simultaneously. There’s even an updated version of YouTube Kids available to make sure that kids can access YouTube and play YouTube videos with age restrictions on content.

YouTube Premium Apk

How to install on Android devices

  1. Search it on Play Store or google on your device. Click on the install options, and you will receive the notification. Tap on ‘confirm’ to continue the procedure.
  2. A file will begin to install; it takes a while. So you have to be a little patient.
  3. This file will be visible in your file manager on your device.
  4. Open the files and tap on the install button to continue. After some time, this application will be installed on your phone. 

If facing some issues, you need to change your phone’s settings. Go to settings, tap on the security section, then click ‘unknown resources’ to activate it. Now again, tap ‘install the app in Play Store’ and download the app. This application can be used for both PCs and Android phones.

Note: using Youtube premium apk can also contain malware. Hence, this is not the safest option. Iff you are more concerned about your privacy, you should prefer the other options discussed in the article.


There are multiple ways to get a free YouTube premium subscription. This article has mentioned all the tricks and hacks you need to know to access YouTube’s premium subscription for free.

Be it a one-month free trial or three months of YouTube Premium for free, using browsers or apps like Brave or YouTube premium apk that would give you the same experience as a YouTube paid subscription. You can enjoy YouTube features without paying for them by using these resources.