Instagram chat enables users to communicate all across the globe and make some new friends. However, at times, your phone may get captured by those peaky neighbors or friends who straightaway head over to the Instagram chat section, breaking all the privacy norms in between. And that is where the hide feature comes to help. You will learn in detail How to Hide Chat on Instagram in this guide.

Keep reading, and the content below will illuminate a complete guide to let you know how you can hide chats on Instagram without deleting.

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How to hide chat on Instagram

What is the hiding feature on Instagram?

Instagram does not provide any such feature as the “Hiding feature” or any other direct option to hide a conversation on its app or web version. Yet, it allows for an extensive range of methods users can rely upon for hiding any particular chat from the general chat session. Also, check the How to See Memories on Instagram?

The main reason behind such an offering is to allow users to enjoy enhanced privacy and focus on what they are doing without getting disturbed by sudden message notifications and chatting space.

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Method 1: How To Hide your chats on Instagram Without Deleting It Through Vanishing Mode

Hiding the Instagram chats for a short time might be a superior option over deleting them, as losing all the data does not cost you. Here is a quick step-by-step guide to doing so

Step 1: Open the Instagram app

Navigate to your phone’s application gallery and find the Instagram application. If you are unable to see it, use the search bar. Type Instagram on the bar, press enter, and the application will appear. Tap on it.

Step 2: Open the messages on Instagram

Navigate to the DM section of your Instagram personal account through the messenger icon. Please find it in the top right corner of your mobile screen. Click upon it, and all the chats will appear. Scroll until you land on the conversation you want to hide.

Step 3: Hide messages on Instagram

Now, long swipe on the chat for about 3 seconds, and a purple-colored icon will appear that says Vanish Mode.

How to Hide Chat on Instagram

Step 4: View the archived chat

Now that you know how to unhide the conversation, it’s time to enable you to view it again. You can stop at step three to avoid looking at it again. However, if you want, long swipe the chat again to unhide it.

How to Hide Chat on Instagram

Method 2: How to Hide Chat on Instagram on a Creators Account

Although the method mentioned above is effective and efficient in hiding the Instagram chats completely, it may need to accurately conceal the chat box of personal account on a creators. If you also face the same problem, we discuss another method specially designed for creators accounts.

Step 1: Change your account

Before jumping into the actual hiding process, ensure you are logged into your professional Instagram account. To do so, launch the Instagram app on your mobile and click on the profile icon. Tap on the three-dot menu icon, also known as the hamburger icon, and navigate to settings. Now scroll down to the bottom and find an option saying “Switch to Professional Account” and ‘Continue.’ Lastly, provide credentials, and you will get logged into your creators account.

How to Hide Chats on Instagram on a Creators Account

Step 2: Find the chat

Navigate to the message section of you personal account and scroll until you find the target conversation on Instagram. Once found, swipe left. If you use an Android device, long press on the conversation instead of swiping left.

Step 3: Move to General

At this point, the site will move the chat to the general mode from particular primary section t. Thus, tap on an option that says “General.” This way, you can view the hidden Instagram messages within the general tab.

How to Hide Chats on Instagram on a Creators Account

Why Should You Hide Conversation on Instagram?

There is a long list of perks that you can enjoy by hiding the chats on Instagram. Here, we discuss some of the most significant reasons you should conceal your chats on the Instagram app.

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Enhances your privacy

The first and foremost reason Instagram launched its hiding option was to enhance and respect its users’ privacy concerns. Thus, hiding might be a great option if you prefer to avoid talking about your personal life in public and prefer to avoid exposing your messages or style to others.

Less chances of getting caught

Are you chatting with the love of your life, blushing and smiling, and getting observed by your parents? The hiding feature is no less than a savior in this case. Notice your parent in such a situation; if they are about to invade your phone, and you have no time to think about any other way, hide chats you want to save from their eyes. This way, you will not only hide all the current messages and conversations but also prevent any new messages from coming away and popping up on the screen. In addition, the message notification will not come as well, saving you from getting caught red-handed.

Save your business secret from competitors.

You run an Instagram business page and are heading to an event. You suspect other competitors have planted spies on you who are looking for an opportunity to have a quick look at your Instagram conversation to take a sneak peek at your clients and collaborations.

One great way to save yourself from such a fast-paced invasion is hiding all such chat from your DM section. As a result, even if those people get access to your phone for a second or two, they will need help to extract the information.

Protection from crazy friends

Let’s just say we all have some crazy friends just looking for a chance to find something from your phone that they can use as a weapon for blackmailing you for a burger or a slice of pizza. So whenever heading over to such gatherings, make sure to put all of your chat, including your mother’s chat, with your childhood picture or family groups to hide.

keeps your DM neat and clean

Last but not least, another fantastic benefit the hide feature provides you with is a neat and uncluttered DM. The case gets even more special if you are running a business page and using it for receiving orders.

In such cases, you can not delete the chats, as obtaining client history is essential. This is to keep your Instagram message section clean; you can put the discussions in the Instagram hiding feature. Whenever you want to find some chat, type the account name, and it will pop up.

Help you to focus on Work.

You are at the office flooded with Work and have no time to breathe, but suddenly, your friends start messaging you for a party. Or perhaps you are a writer wanting to craft something unique and attractive, but your family member continues to compel your DM section. Of course, you can not block them as it will create a significant problem for you. But you can permanently hide these chats and solely focus on your Work. Once done, unhide the conversation and read all the messages easily; your friends will never know.

Less disturbance

For instance, if you are chatting with someone on the app and are having a meaningful conversation, you can not leave in between. However, one of your nasty friends has seen you online, and they are trying their best to disturb you with unnecessary messages. And to a certain extent, they are getting successful as well. A simple way to stop them is to put their chat into a hidden messages on Instagram feature.


Can I see hidden DMs on Instagram?

You can see hidden DMs on Instagram through the method mentioned above. Just follow the simple steps to get done with it.

How To Hide Instagram Chats on Creator Account?

Also known as the professional account, the creator account allows users to hide chat from the application. We have mentioned the short step-by-step guide in the content below. However, before you jump into the hiding feature, switch your regular account to the creator’s account.

Will I lose my data if I hide chat on Instagram?

The simple answer to this question is NO. Instagram stores each and every message of yours under its database by converting them into data packages. These data packages will be removed from your account’s ( Personal or Business Account ) memory once you permanently delete them. The same is why you will lose none of the data, no matter how often you hide and unhide a particular chat.

Can you hide messages on Instagram?

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Instagram allows users to archive messages, which removes them from the main chat list but doesn’t hide them completely. However, the platform’s features may have evolved since then. Check the latest Instagram settings or updates for any new options related to hiding or archiving messages.


On the bottom line, Instagram chats are utilized all over the world by users to connect and make new friends. However, sometimes, you want to take a break with these messages without deleting them.

The same is why we have assembled this ultimate guide that considers two efficient ways to hide chat on Instagram. The first one elaborates on hiding chat from a standard or Business Account. At the same time, the second method sheds light on hiding chat from professional accounts. In addition, find all the relevant information along with detailed answers to some of the significant frequently asked questions.