In this world of advancement, social media is full of captivating content. This content will keep users engaged in Instagram reels. These reels are short videos full of entertaining and informative amusement. However, to enjoy this content, you should learn how to pause Instagram reels to take a break sometimes.

Instagram is full of content that is both entertaining and informative. Everyone wants to have control of their accounts for a better experience. Instagram will give you that control where you can pause and rewind the reels. You can also appreciate the reels that you love.

I’ll help you understand how to pause Instagram reels in this article. Whether you’re an iOS or Android user, this article will help you both. Now, let’s start!

How to Pause Instagram Reels

How to Pause Instagram Reels?

It is an art to know how to pause reels on Instagram. Everyone needs control in their lives and on social media, too. Instagram is an app that will give you proper control over your scrolling experience. By learning this art, you can control your scrolling and save the content you love.
The content that captures your attention can be controlled and saved. I’ll help you to understand this process in some simple steps. You can enjoy Instagram like a pro whether you’re an iOS or Android user.

Understanding the Need to Pause Reels on Instagram App

Instagram reels are full of video content on their platform for consumers. These reels are short, entertaining, engaging, and addictive. So, these reels have made it easy for consumers to enjoy content without getting bored. This never-ending stream of videos will keep you engaged. Also, read the How to Half Swipe on Instagram.
So, if you come across anything entertaining and fascinating and you want to watch it again, then what to do? You can explore that content better if you have learned how to pause Instagram reels. So, knowing how to pause Instagram reels will be beneficial for you.

Importance of Engagement

Pausing reels is not only suitable for your convenience but also for your engagement. By stopping the video, you have an opportunity to investigate and draw in with the content. You can then like, share, and add remarks to the video.
Your engagement will likewise be valuable for the content makers. It will give creators the benefit of helpful feedback.

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A Step-By-Step Guide for iOS/iPhone Users to Pause Instagram Videos

Now, I’ll help you learn about pausing Instagram reels for people using iOS gadgets or iPhones. Have a look at the process:

Open Instagram App

First, you must install an Instagram app on your iOS device or iPhone. After installing, launch this Instagram app on your device.

Scroll the Reels

Now, start scrolling through your Instagram feed to enjoy reels. Enjoy scrolling until you find an interesting spin that you want to pause.

Tap and Hold the Screen

Now, you’ve found the reel you want to pause. To stop the rotation, put your finger on the screen and tap and hold any place on the net. At the point when you tap and hang on the screen, the reel freezes completely still.

How to Pause Instagram Reels

Release to Resume

If you’re ready to continue watching more reels, release your finger or remove your finger from the screen. When you remove your finger from the screen, the revolution will start or resume playing again.

Release to Resume

Engage with Content

You can also engage with that content when you’ve paused a reel. You can like, share, and comment on the revolution. It will give the creator valuable feedback.

How to pause a reel on Instagram by Android Cell Phone Users

I’ll move to the following stage to find out about stopping reels and Instagram stories on Android cell phones. This step-by-step guide will assist you in understanding how to pause an Instagram reel. Let’s start the process:

Install the Instagram App

The first step is to install and open the Instagram app on your Android smartphone. Pausing Instagram reels on your Android phone is very superficial. After installing the Instagram app, open Instagram on your mobile.

Find a Reel

Now, start scrolling through your Instagram feed. Scroll until you find an interesting reel video that you want to pause.

Tap and Hold

Now, you’ve found a reel that you may want to pause and further engage with that content. Tap and hold the reel, and the reel will be paused. The moment you tap and hold the screen, the reel will freeze in place.

Release to Resume

Now, after watching the reel and engaging with that content by pausing the reel. Now, you can release the reel to resume playing it. To release, remove your finger from the screen.

Engage with the Content

You can interact with the content in detail when you pause the reel. You can like, comment, and share that reel with your followers. It will also benefit the content creator.

Some Tips for using the pause button on Instagram account to pause videos

Here are some essential tips to enhance your reel-pausing experience to pause a video on Instagram account. Some of the beneficial tips are:

Fine-tune your timing:

Always fine-tune your timing of reel pausing. Check the duration during which you’ve paused the reel. It is beneficial because sometimes you need a long pause to enjoy or engage with the content fully.

Evade random taps:

Do not tap randomly on the screen to pause reels on Instagram. If you tap near the interactive facets like buttons or captions, it will open something else. This will cause unintended consequences and bad experiences.

Use landscape mode:

Some people find it difficult to use mobile phones in portrait mode. If you face difficulty, try using your mobile in landscape mode. It will make pausing reel much easier for you with a big screen.

Final Thoughts

In this digital media advancement world, knowing how to pause Instagram reels is a beneficial skill. It will allow you to control your Instagram account by engaging with the content you love. By following the methods described in this article, pausing Instagram reels will be easy for you now. It will make your Instagram experience more enjoyable and straightforward.
So feel free to make your Instagram experience intriguing and engaging. Stop, play, share, and add remarks on the content that you love. Likewise, remember to impart your experience to me.


1) Why can’t I pause an Instagram ad?

You can pause Instagram ads on your Instagram account. To stop a promotion on Instagram, open the Instagram application on your Android cell phone and go to your profile. There will be three-level lines on the upper right corner of your profile to open the menu. Presently select advertisements from the menu and tap the active button. When you tap the active button, you will find the ads you want to pause.

2) How long can you pause Instagram?

If you want to deactivate your Instagram account temporarily, you can. Yet, you can deactivate a record one time per week.

3) How to take a break from Instagram?

To have some time off from Instagram, just put down a point in time limit on your Instagram account. In the time tab, you can set your daily time limit to use Instagram under managing your time. You can set daily reminders to take a break on an Android smartphone.