Poking someone on Facebook was one of the addictive features back in the early days, and everyone was poking for attention. Facebook decided to remove the poke from the Facebook profile for a new update. No, we will guide you on How To Poke Someone On Facebook.

In this blog post, we will learn what Facebook Poke is. How do you poke someone on Facebook? What happens when you poke someone? So you will be able to poke someone through your android phone or computer/laptop. Keep reading the article:

How To Poke Someone On Facebook?

What is Facebook Poke?

Poking someone on Facebook means that you are trying to grab attention or say hello without sending messages. When you poke, a notification will be sent to them, and they have the option to poke you back or ignore the poke. It is a good feature to boost social presence and engage with friends or targeted audience. Also, check the Facebook poll creation.

It is just a way to interact with someone. It does not mean you are a friend or have a relationship. It is a simple and quick way to communicate with someone on Facebook.

How to Poke Someone On Facebook 2023?

These are the following steps to poke friends.

Poke a friend on Facebook on the Mobile App.

If you are using mobile device like Android or iPhone to poke your friends. Follow these steps;

Step 1: Open Facebook

First, Launch the Facebook app, open the Facebook app on your Android or iPhone devices, log in to your account by entering your personal information like username or password, and tap on the search icon at the upper right corner.

Step 2: Search Poke

Tap poke on facebook your search bar at the top of the page and click on the search icon on your device keyboard.

Poke a friend on Facebook on the Mobile App.

Step 3: Select Pokes

Click on the facebook pokes from the search results; it will take you to the Facebook poke page. Here, you have seen the list of facebook friends that you poked first before the suggestion of people that you can poke.

Poke a friend on Facebook on the Mobile App.

If you do not find the person that you want to poke, then use the search bar and tap on the poke button.

Poke A Friend On Desktop

There are the following steps to poke a friend on Facebook using a desktop or laptop;

Step 1: Login Facebook Account

First, open the Facebook official website, www.facebook.com, and log in to your account on your preferred web browser.

Poke A Friend On Desktop

Step 2: Click On The Help Center

Next, click on the Help Center button on the top right corner of the news feed page.

Poke A Friend On Desktop

Step 3: Search Poke

Tap poke in the search bar and press the Enter Key on the keyboard. The several questions show answers in the search results.

Poke A Friend On Desktop

Step 4: Click on “How Do I Poke Someone On Facebook?”

Now click on How do I poke someone on Facebook? It will be the first question in search results and give the desired answer to the question.

Poke A Friend On Desktop

Step 5: Click On Poke Page

The answer has the poke page link. Click on the poke page link.

Poke A Friend On Desktop

Step 6: Search Friend Name

Use the search field to find a person whom you want to poke. Tap the name of a friend in the search field, and all the same names in your friend list show.

Poke A Friend On Desktop

Step 7: Click On Friend Name

Click on the person you want to poke, then tap the poke option next to their name; our friend gets a virtual notification.

Poke A Friend On Desktop

What Happens When You Poke Someone On Facebook?

When you poke someone on Facebook, the following thing happens;

  • The first thing that happens when you poke someone on Facebook is that the other party receives a notification on their Facebook account.
  • The person you poked has chosen to ignore or respond to poke back at you or send a message to start a conversation.
  • If you poke several times, they consider it spam. In this case, they can block or restrict you on Facebook.
  • Your poke is visible to you and the other person you have poked.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Reason Of Poking On Facebook?

The reason for poking is to get someone’s attention. It can be used to send greetings, show interest, or just for enjoyment. The meaning of the poking is vary from relationships or context between the people.

What are Facebook Poke Etiquettes?

When you are poking someone, you need to remember the etiquette of poking, including being clear about your intentions, respecting boundaries, and keeping it casual, ETC.

Can we poke someone who is not on my friend list?

No, you can poke people who are on your Facebook friend list.


Facebook Poke is a unique and fun way to find out friends online. It is the convertible part of the social media experiences. As a part of Facebook users, the Poke features remain to stay. Unfortunately, the poke button is removed from the profile page but is still available and allows you to poke using Facebook. You can even poke friends or friends of friends.

In this article, we provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to poke someone on Facebook in 2023 on smartphone devices or Desktop/laptop. I hope this blog is helpful for you to learn how to poke your friends and family. If you have any queries, feel free to comment below. Thank You!