YouTube holds many shows and movies that are entertaining to watch. Yet, only some have time and a powerful internet connection, preventing others from watching their favorite TV shows on the go. In such situation you need to know How to Record on YouTube TV.

You can’t watch live shows and shows due to your busy schedule? But now you can because we have brought in a straightforward guideline to record shows on YouTube TV.

How to Record on YouTube TV

How Does YouTube TV Recording Work:

With the accompanying YouTube recording feature, it has become a piece of cake for everyone to watch their favorite shows in their hour of comfort. The fantastic service of YouTube TV enables you to save loads of programs without covering any space in your phone, laptop, smart TV, tablet, or other devices.

Recordings are done with the help of DVR, through which you can save a show or live programs and get recordings of upcoming episodes and reruns. It will automatically get saved in your DVR library without any work.

Here is all you must know about how to record TV shows on YouTube TV, explained in an easy step-by-step process just for your convenience. So let’s get started.

How to Record on YouTube TV?

Anyone can save shows they want and other videos through cloud DVR on YouTube and enjoy pleasurable screen time.

First, you need to open the YouTube application on the device to begin. Then click on the search bar present on top and put in the name of the show or program you want to save. After this, click on the plus sign present next to the show’s title. You must sign in with your Google account to record a show successfully. This way, the program or show will get added to your YouTube library.

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Here is a step-by-step procedure for you to make the process uncomplicated for you:

  1. Go to the YouTube TV app.

How to record on YouTube TV?

  1. Search for any sports event, show, or program of your liking you want to download.

How to Record on YouTube TV

  1. Click on the add sign, and that’s it. You will not only be able to save the current video, but all the upcoming episodes and reruns aired will automatically be saved. The plus point is that everything is fine regarding the total storage capacity, as all the protected content will be stored in the YouTube library and not on your device.

How to Record on YouTube TV

  1. Congratulations. You have successfully learned a way to record on YouTube TV.

How to Record Live TV Shows on YouTube: Android And Apple TV

Well, that’s quite a common problem with all of us: when we are watching a live show, we get interrupted because of various issues; hence, we end up missing it. But now you don’t need to worry about any such problem. We will teach you how to save streaming on YouTube TV.

To save a live show, open that show and start watching it, then pause it. Then select the plus sign located just below the title. You must also choose the add to library option, depending on the device you use to record YouTube TV.

Follow these simple steps to get shows recorded on YouTube TV:

  1. Open YouTube.
  2. Open the live stream tab.

How to record live TV shows on YouTube

  1. Choose the performance of your choice and play it. Or you can type the name of the show you want to record.

How to record live TV shows on YouTube

  1. Pause the video you are watching and click the add sign to start saving.

How to record live TV shows on YouTube

HURRAY! Now, you can watch all shows going live on YouTube. No matter the disturbance, you can always rely on YouTube TV recordings.

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How do we Remove Programs or Shows?

Removing shows or programs from being recorded further is much easier as you lose interest or get bored with them. The process is relatively easy to follow.

All you need to do is click on the remove tap right next to the name of the show or program. Video saving will immediately be turned off for the current and upcoming episodes and events. However, the previously saved items will remain available until the session expires.

Record Live Telecasting Sports.

Missing any second is a serious thing when it comes to sports. Taking cricket as an example, every second is a must to watch; no one wants to miss out on a guy making six in the last ball. But sometimes, things come up, and you must catch the critical part, which can be annoying. Not anymore.

YouTube TV allows you to record live telecasting sports to enjoy every aspect, even after missing it while it was live. This feature comes in handy when you only like to record the matches of your particular choice or favorite team. It is excellent for those who are always busy throughout the day but want to attend their favorite sports matches.

  1. Reach the YouTube TV search bar and type the sport.
  2. All the related content will appear on the screen. Click the one you like
  3. The add to library option will appear under the name; click add to the library.
  4. Choosing a team or league allows YouTube to record all the games of it.

Where to find recorded live sports and shows

It is a straightforward process. Open YouTube and find the library tab below. Click on the library tab, and voila, all the saved items will be in front of your eyes. Select any show or episode, and it starts from where you left it. All the videos will be safe and secure until the device is subscribed. So enjoy your comfort time with YouTube TV.

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Why should you record YouTube TV shows and live TV?

Have you ever wondered why YouTube TV is the best option to record shows and live programs? Here’s why. We will explain why YouTube TV apps are better than live TV, Fire TV, and other recording means.

  1. It is cheaper and budget-friendly, As you don’t have to pay a cable bill every month when you have YouTube TV by your side.
  2. Efficient DVR: You can enjoy unlimited DVR cloud service, which no other options offer.
  3. The library: You get the perks of your library wherever you go.
  4. Light on the phone: Storage is fine; everything you tape is saved in your YouTube TV library, not your device’s storage capacity.
  5. Easy to revive: Offline videos are liable to stay on your account until the session expires, which is dated for nine months. You can further revive the video if you wish to keep it safe for much longer than the time of expiry of the session.
  6. Privacy: As each account possesses a personal account library, the essence of privacy makes the service more reliable.
  7. Device friendly: YouTube is workable on every device you wish to watch video content, be it a phone, laptop, tablet, or any other of your choice. Six accounts can be functioned from a single YouTube TV membership. Thus, your whole household can enjoy the perks by paying for a single charge. Now, that’s something remarkable.
  8. Unlimited space: Are you thinking about storage, huh? YouTube TV provides impressive service and infinite space to record uncountable shows and sports. So register as many shows and episodes as you want without filling the room.

Why not watch YouTube TV recordings on any other DVR

Many screen recorders and show-capturing apps are available in the market that claims to help you rerecord live TV, sports, and other TV channels without actually using your YouTube TV account. Nevertheless, as a sensible individual, you should only use this way to save video for a few reasons.

Firstly, other sources occupy the internal storage of your device. Whereas YouTube grants you extra DVR storage. In addition, when you open the YouTube TV app, you notice an efficient and unfriendly interface that you see nowhere else.

Lastly, taping live TV on YouTube allows you to access them on multiple devices easily.

Things to Know about YouTube TV DVR

It is pretty specific for a good thing to have some drawbacks. In the case of YouTube TV, they are:

  1. The monthly cost of YouTube TV is high, making it difficult for some users to buy.
  2. Though YouTube TV offers a wide variety of channels for viewership, there are still some channels unavailable on YouTube TV.

Being unbiased, we could decipher only these points in the sectors of disadvantages of YouTube TV.

Tips to record shows on YouTube TV

  • Delete already watched shows no longer needed to avoid confusion among hundreds of recorded items.
  • DVR filter: It will help in finding the particular sport or episode.
  • Controlling panel: It helps keep the children away from over 18 content.
  • Utilizing the search bar feature allows you to search for new shows and live sports on YouTube TV easily.

Final Words

YouTube TV shows are a fun way to pass the time. Nevertheless, not everyone has enough strong connections accessible everywhere. YouTube TV allows you to download shows you want to watch later on the go,

We are sure that now, each of you will be able to save shows on YouTube TV very quickly, and none of you will spare a chance to miss your favorite programs ever again. Follow the simple steps mentioned above and enjoy and read the guide carefully from start to end.