Things get nasty when every second you receive a notification from an unwanted Facebook post. Getting constantly tagged in unwanted Facebook posts can be irritating to your notifications. How does this happen? It happens because of the tag feature on Facebook. Learn How to Remove a Tag on Facebook in this guide.

You can control tags if you don’t want to fill your feed up and timeline. So, can you remove yourself from the post you’re tagged? The answer is yes; you can get rid of tagging and notifications. Are you looking at the process? How can you untag yourself? This blog post will provide simple steps to untag yourself from a post or image.

How to remove a tag on Facebook?

How to Remove a Tag on Facebook on your Mobile app.

When a person in your friend list adds something on Facebook, they try to show your link by tagging you on their post. You don’t need to remove that tag if you are comfortable with it. But if you don’t like the person and want to remove the tag, you must follow the following steps to remove tags from your Timeline.

  • Open your Facebook account and visit the activity log.
  • You will find where your friends tag you when you open the activity log.
  • Now open the post or image where you want to remove the tag.

How to remove a tag on Facebook?

  • Click on the three dots on the right corner of the screen.
  • There will be two options: remove tag/report tag.
  • Click on the remove tag, and the tag will be removed.

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Remove Facebook tags on the Web/Desktop.

Follow simple steps To remove Facebook tags on the web/Computer.

  • Open the Facebook page on the web browser.
  • Open your Facebook timeline.
  • Now select the post that you want to remove.
  • Open the post and click the three dots menu on the right side.
  • Select Remove the tag and then click OK.

Remove Facebook tags in the Comment section.

Facebook has launched a new feature where you can tag your friends in the comment section. You can tag your friends by typing “@” and your friend’s name. It looks like a cool feature, but sometimes, when people discuss their personal lives in comments, it looks nasty and embarrassing. So, you can also remove comments where you feel embarrassed. Follow a few steps. Also, check the Find Drafts on Facebook.

  • Navigate the comment where you are mentioned/tagged.
  • Press on the comment, and you will see various options.
  • Select the delete option and click on OK.
  • The comment where you were tagged will deleted.


You can select the hide option if you don’t want to delete the comment and want only a few people to see your comment. In this way, only the poster, tagger, and you can see the comment.


How do I stop my Facebook friends from tagging me?

You can stop Facebook friends from tagging you by changing your app settings. Open the settings, scroll down, and find the tagging option. Click on the tagging option to allow who can tag you on your Timeline. Select the no one can you tag option, and the next time anyone tries to tag, you will get a notification. If you allow them, then the post will show on your Timeline.

Can I tag someone who is not on my friend list?

Yes, You can tag people who are not on your friend list. Type @ and type the name of the person you want to tag on a photo or video. Tag someone on Facebook in your comments or posts.

Can we tag friends by uploading photo?

Yes, you can upload photo on Facebook and tag those friends who are with you in the image.

Can we block the person who is tagging?

Yes, we can block someone on Facebook who is tagging on my timeline. Moreover, you can block someone in a post.

Can we report anyone’s comment?

Yes, you can report this comment where you are tagged. According to Facebook privacy that user will never be able to tag you again.

How can I block notifications when someone tagged me on Facebook?

You must follow a few steps to block irritating notifications.

  • Open the Facebook app and go to the settings.
  • Select “settings and privacy” in the settings.
  • There will be a notification setting in the top right corner.
  • Open the notifications settings and select all the options that you want to block and do not want notifications.


Remove tag on Facebook that you have been included without your permission. With the right setting, you can control who can tag photos, videos, and Facebook comment. When you change the privacy setting, only your selected friends will be able to tag post or photo. Stop people from tagging on your Facebook profile.