Facebook has evolved from a social networking website for connecting family and friends to an excellent platform for growing business. You can create a page, promote new products, and build a social media fan base. Managing a Facebook page is very difficult, but you have the option to take the responsibilities on your page.

You can add members as administrators or moderators; the admin offers complete control over the page, including page roles, settings, posts, comments, and other features of the page.

This article will help you to remove admin from a Facebook account. Keep reading the article to learn step-by-step guides about the Facebook page.

How To Remove Admin From Facebook Page?

Types Of Admins Roles

Admins have the authority to manage your page and make changes to your business page. There are five types of admin roles available on the page. Also, check the Suggesting friends on Facebook.

  1. Manager: The manager can edit or delete items, ban users, post status updates and comments, or send messages to fans.
  2. Content Creator: Can edit the page, update status, create ads, and cannot remove page admins.
  3. Moderator: Can ban or block users, send messages, reply to comments, and cannot create or edit posts.
  4. Advertiser: Can create and manage ads.
  5. Insights Analyst: Access on insight interface.

What Happened When You Remove As Admin From Page?

  • When you remove an admin, they lose all access to the page. They will not be able to create or delete posts, send messages, update status, edit pages, create ads, view insight, or remove the other admins.
  • They will still be able to see posts and pages as followers but can’t be able to make any changes or edit the page.
  • They will not get any notifications or emails that they have been removed from the Facebook Page. They will notice when they interact with them as an admin.

How To Remove Admin from Facebook Page on Android?

Suppose you want to remove someone from the page admin position. Following the steps to remove admin on the mobile app.

  • Go to the Pages tab on your Facebook.
  • Tap on the setting icon at the top of the screen.

How To Remove Admin from Facebook Page on Android?

  • Click on the page roles.
  • Next, click on the pencil icon on the right side of their name.

How To Remove Admin from Facebook Page on Android?

  • Tap on the remove option.
  • A pop-up will show to confirm; click on the remove again. That’s it.

How To Remove Admin from Facebook Page on Android?

How To Remove Admin From Facebook on Desktop?

  • Open the Facebook page on the web browser.
  • Go to the homepage and click on settings.

How To Remove Admin From Facebook on Desktop?

  • Click on the Existing Page Roles.
  • Click on the edit button.

How To Remove Admin From Facebook on Desktop?

  • Tap on the remove button in the bottom left.
  • Next, tap on the save button to confirm changes go through.

How To Remove Admin From Facebook on Desktop?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I remove myself as an admin from the FB Page?

Yes, you can remove yourself. If you are the only admin of the page, then you need to add a new admin, and then you can be removed.

How can I remove a Facebook page admin using the page role section?

Get the access page and go to the role section by assessing from the settings, choosing the role section, and clicking on the remove button.

Can an admin change the page owner?

Yes, they have full control over the page. They can change the owner of the Facebook page easily.

Can an admin delete the Facebook page?

Yes, they can delete the Facebook page permanently.

How many admins can I make on the Facebook page?

There is no specific limit to adding an admin on the Facebook Page. But add the trusted members to an admin list so that they can manage the page effectively.


A Facebook page admin has all the control and is responsible for everything on the page. Managing a page is challenging when you have other things to go ahead in life that need attention. However, Facebook provides a simple interface that allows you to remove yourself as an admin. To remove anyone from the admin list, go to the Facebook page Settings, tap on the Page Roles, and then tap on the Remove Button.
In this article, we learned about the Facebook admin’s roles, what happens when you remove someone as admin from Facebook, and how to remove admins from the FB Page on Android and desktop. The process is straightforward; you can easily remove the admin. If you have any queries, then drop below in the comment section.