Facebook is the largest social media platform built around making new friends and connections around the globe. When using this social media site, your profile picture is the first thing that people notice about you, and they make assumptions about your personality by merely glancing at your name and profile picture. Moreover, this also helps you find your old acquaintances by seeing them. However, if you don’t want others to see your photo or simply want to delete it, then how to remove your profile picture on Facebook?

Quick Answer:

To remove the profile photo on Facebook, open the ‘Photos’ tab on your profile and choose “Albums.” Now, open the “Profile Pictures” album and tap the pencil icon on the photo you want to remove. Finally, click ‘Delete Photo’ and tap ‘Delete’ to confirm the action.

This article will discuss different processes for removing your profile picture on Facebook on a PC, Android, and iPhone. Moreover, you will also learn to change your profile image or remove it without deleting it.

How to Remove Facebook Profile Picture?

What Does Profile Picture Reflect On Facebook?

Most Facebook users use a photo of themselves as their profile picture. A profile picture reflects the user’s face, personality, and present beliefs, so they should use as up-to-date a photo as possible.

They should change or remove their profile picture together to update it. And if you are not a regular Facebook user, this process can be complex without proper guidance.

So, let’s move on to removing your profile pic on a PC, iPhone, Android, and iPad.

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How to Remove Facebook Profile Picture on a Desktop or PC?

You can easily remove the profile picture of your Facebook account using any browser on your computer. There are two methods to help you do this.

Method 1: Via the Profile Pictures Album

Follow the steps below to remove the profile image using a web browser on your PC.

  1. Open your browser and head towards the Facebook website.How to Remove Facebook Profile Picture on a Desktop or PC?
  2. After logging in, open your profile or name in the top left corner.How to Remove Facebook Profile Picture on a Desktop or PC?
  3. From your profile, click the ‘Photos‘ tab.How to Remove Facebook Profile Picture on a Desktop or PC?
  4. Then, from this menu, choose ‘Albums.’
  5. After choosing the album, head toward ‘Profile Pictures.’ Tap the Pencil icon on the photo you want to remove.
  6. From the popping option, choose ‘Delete Photo.’How to Remove Facebook Profile Picture?
  7. Finally, select ‘Delete, to confirm the action.

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Method 2: Directly Through Profile Picture

Instead of removing your profile from the photo album, you can also hide it by clicking directly on the Profile image.

Here are the steps to follow.

  1. Open your Facebook Profile on any web browser.
  2. Tap your Profile Name at the top left corner of your PC screen.
  3. Tap your Profile Picture.
  4. From the options below, choose See Your Profile Picture.How to Remove Facebook Profile Picture?
  5. Tap the Three Dots on the top right.
  6. From the popping-up menu, choose Delete Photo.
  7. Tap Delete to confirm the change.

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How to Delete Facebook Profile Picture on Android Device?

Follow the steps below to remove your profile picture using an Android device.

  1. Launch the Facebook app on your phone.
  2. Click your Profile picture from the top left.How to Delete Facebook Profile Picture on Android Device?
  3. From the Profile page, click Photos.
  4. From the appearing menu, choose Albums.How to Remove Facebook Profile Picture?
  5. From different album options, select Profile Picture album.
  6. Tap the Profile image you want to delete.
  7. Click the Three Dots from the top right.
  8. From the popping-up menu, click the Delete Photo option.
  9. Finally, click Delete to confirm.How to Delete Facebook Profile Picture on Android Device?
  10. In the case of the Facebook Lite App, tap Yes to confirm the change.

How to Remove Your Profile Picture on Facebook Using iOS?

Here are the key steps to follow while removing your Facebook profile image on iOS.

  1. Launch the Facebook app on your iPhone device.
  2. On your Profile page, click the Menu icon from the bottom right.
  3. Choose your Profile image from the top left corner.
  4. Scroll down and click the Photos option.
  5. Then, from the appearing menu, choose Albums.
  6. From the album section, select Profile Picture album.
  7. Now, choose the photo you wish to delete.
  8. Click the Three vertical dots.
  9. From the appearing option, click Delete Photo.
  10. Click Delete to complete the action.

How to Remove Facebook Profile Picture Without Deleting?

There are three options to remove your Facebook profile image without deleting it. The first option is to make your profile picture blank.

The second option says to edit your profile picture’s privacy settings.

Third, it states that you remove your Facebook profile image if you don’t want others to see it.

You can use the following methods to remove your profile image and hide it from your friends and other Facebook users without removing it.

Method 1: Use Facebook Profile Picture Remover

  1. Download and install the Facebook Profile Picture Remover tool on your device.
  2. Open the app and enter your Facebook ID credential from where you want to remove the photo.
  3. Click the Remove DP option after opening your ID in the picture remover tool.
  4. Now, the tool will automatically remove the profile photo of the given ID.

Method 2: From Settings

The simple and quick way of hiding your profile picture is to change the privacy of your profile picture from ‘Public,’ ‘Friends,’ or ‘Friends of Friends’ to Only Me.

From Settings

Here is how you can remove your Facebook profile picture.

  1. Open the Facebook application and log in using your account credentials.
  2. Head towards your profile image for other setting options.
  3. From the profile page, tap your Profile picture and then choose ‘View Profile Picture.’
  4. Your profile image will be opened. Click the three vertical dots.
  5. A pop-up will appear featuring many options.
  6. From the list, tap Edit Audience.
  7. From the appearing options, tap Only Me to enable it.
  8. Now, only you can see your profile photo. No one else can see it.

Your friends and other Facebook users will only see a blank profile picture.

How Does Profile Look When Someone Remove Profile Pic?

When someone removes a profile picture from their Facebook account, the app automatically sets the default blank photo to replace the profile image.

Other users will see a blank white silhouette of a girl or boy in a light blue background according to gender. This photo neither opens nor gets bigger; nothing appears when users click on the profile picture.

Along with removing your profile image on Facebook, you can also remove your cover photo. When you remove it, a blank image will appear that will not open and get bigger with a click.

Similarly, Facebook also shows a default blank image when your friend or any other user has permanently or temporarily suspended their account or any user blocked you on Facebook.

How to Upload a New or Change Your Facebook Profile Picture?

If you want to upload a new or change the previous profile image on Facebook, follow the steps below to achieve this.

NOTE: These steps are useful when using Facebook on a PC.

  1. Open your Facebook account on any browser and log in to your profile.
  2. Tap your Profile Name at the top left corner of your PC screen.
  3. Choose Profile Picture.
  4. From the options, select Update profile picture.
  5. Click the Upload Photo to upload a new photo, or simply navigate through Uploads.
  6. Edit or adjust your photo.
  7. Tap the Save option to confirm the changes.


How do I upload a new or change a Facebook profile picture using my smartphone?

Follow the steps below to create a new or change your smartphone’s profile image (Android and iPhone).

  1. Open Facebook on your smartphone and click the Menu
  2. Choose your profile image at the top of the page.
  3. Click the camera icon at your profile picture’s bottom right corner.
  4. Click “Select Profile Picture”.
  5. Select a photo from your camera roll or existing Facebook albums.
  6. Make necessary edits in your pic, and when done, click Save.

Can I delete multiple pictures at once on Facebook?

No! You cannot remove multiple photos at once. You can remove them one by one or the complete album. To delete the photos you want, follow the abovementioned steps for a PC, iPhone and Android mobile app.


A catchy Facebook Profile picture can act as a window to the soul. Often, the selected photos represent the visual sense of that person and his association with users. It becomes more important if you are a business owner trying to promote your brand. Therefore, at some point or another, we all want to remove a profile image, but how do we remove a Facebook profile picture?

You can remove your profile image anytime you have grown uncomfortable with it or change it with a recent photo of you.

So, follow this step-by-step guide to delete or remove your Facebook Profile image on a PC, iPhone, or Android device. If you don’t want to delete the Facebook profile image, simply add a new one or change the existing one.