Instagram has evolved extensively. Today, we can see a diverse range of cross-media features available on the platform, with Instagram stories being one popular among them. Do you know How to Save Instagram Stories With Music, if not this guide is for you.

It lets the users share their daily activities with their followers. Nevertheless, these last only a short time and disappear after 24 hours. So, how can you save an Instagram story? If you are searching for the same queries, look no further; we have your back. Keep reading; the forthcoming content will show you how to save IG stories with music.

Let’s begin

How to Save Instagram Stories With Music

Method 1: How to Save Instagram Stories With Music in Gallery after 24hrs through third-party apps

If your account is public, you can use a download application to save stories without logging into the specific version. You can use various applications to save any Instagram story with music. However, most of these are fake, claim vague promises, and only end up loading viruses into your phone. Here, we discuss some efficient options you can choose from along with the IG story download process.

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Application #1: Ig Story Download

The application is popular among the Instagrammers. You need to follow some simple steps mentioned below to download any story

  1. Navigate to the website: Go to the browser and type Storysave, net. Press enter.
  2. Type video title: You will find a search bar on the homepage. Type your target account handle name in it and search.Ig Story Download
  3. Verify: The site will ask you to solve a captcha to ensure it’s a human being perusing action. Get done with it. If you fail, try again with more concentration.
  4. Save: The site will now display all the stories of the Instagram user you are targeting. Look for the video or story you want to save and tap on an option that says: “Save as video.”Ig Story Download
  5. Confirm your action: The site will not ask you for the final time through a pop that says “download.” Click on it, and the download process will start. It may take a few seconds up to one minute, depending upon the internet speed of your area. Once downloaded, you can find the video inside your download gallery.

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Application #2: IG Stories

IG Stories is the second popular app that lets you download Insta stories you wish to save for free. Here is how.

  1. Navigate to the site: On Google Chrome, type and press enter. You can use any other browser as well.
  2. Search: You will see a search bar displayed on the home screen. Type the title or profile name of the Instagram account you wish to target. Be careful about the spelling and numbers, as it can alter the results.
  3. Choose your video: Now, IG Stories will display a list of all the videos and clips in the account’s Insta stories. Look for the video you want to download with music.
  4. Download: Click on the option that says “Save Video”. The popup will now come up, asking you to confirm your action. So click on the Download button.
  5. Save: The IG Stories will now start the download process, which may take a minute to complete. Once done, find the video under your phone’s downloads or camera roll gallery. You can also save other Instagram videos and Instagram reels this way.

IG Stories

Method 2: Save your Instagram stories via “Archiving Stories.”

This one isn’t an app in general but an application feature that lets you download your Instagram stories within a few steps. However, you need to enable the option by following the steps below.

  1. Step 1: Open the Instagram application from your phone’s gallery.How to Save Instagram Stories With Music
  2. Step 2: Navigate to the settings and privacy tab.
  3. Step 3: Tap on the story option.How to Save Instagram Stories With Music
  4. Step 4: Enable the “Archive: button.

Archiving Stories

Once you enable the option, any of your stories will automatically download to your phone whether you manually save it. You can also find the option under the archive section of your files.

How to save an Instagram story without posting

You have created a story on Instagram with immense effort and spending hours, but now you want to refrain from posting it because time seems wrong. Don’t worry; your actions will not go in vain, as there is a way to save the story with music without posting it. Below, we mention a step-by-step guide for your ease. Also, read the How to Half Swipe on Instagram.

  1. Create a story: Open the Instagram app, navigate to the story section, and create your content. You can take your time to produce satisfactory results.
  2. Add song: Notice a music sticker icon on your mobile screen’s bottom right corner. You can use it to add melody and make some relevant editing in the video.
  3. Tap the icon: Now whiteout posting the story on your account; tap on the three dots icon. A short drop-down menu will appear, proffering you two options: Draw and Save. Click on Save.
  4. Find it: Once you tap the option to Save, Instagram will instantly download your story to the phone’s storage. You can find it in your download gallery.

How to save an Instagram story without posting

How to delete saved music on Instagram?

Saved music that is not of use, and now you wish to delete it from your phone and your Insta account? Well, here is how you do it:

  1. Open Instagram: Open your account in the Instagram app and create a Instagram reel.
  2. Select: Open your gallery and select any of the videos or images of your choice.
  3. Tap: Tap on the audio icon.
  4. Save: Navigate to the music selection page and select an option that says: Saved
  5. Find the music: Under your saved section, you will find all the Instagram music you have ever saved. So, look carefully to find the sound you wish to delete.
  6. Remove it: Remove the sound from your collection by swiping left and tapping on the icon of the bookmark.

Bonus tip: Best practices while adding music to install stories

You must consider noteworthy points while adding sound/ music to your or your client’s stories.

Stay careful while adding subtitles

Subtitles are a double-sided sword. At one end, these act as informational content to make you aware of what you are saying; this way, people from different languages can also understand your words, resulting in vast exposure. However, if not taken care of, wrong spellings can make your whole video look like nothing more than a funny meme.

Add colorful elements

Colors always attract the human eye instantly. So, while you make your reel, try to add colorful GIFs and stickers that relate to the content of your story and the sound.

Check before publishing

Care is better than cure. So once you are done creating the content, carefully analyze it from start to finish. Look for any possible flaws and mistakes. When satisfied, publish it.


Q. Can we use another app to save Instagram stories?

Yes, that is possible; you can save stories using another app. Several applications on the Play Store allow you to save levels present on Instagram. These apps also allow you to save Insta stories with its music. Both Android users and Apple users can utilize them. But remember to respect the rules of Instagram and the creator’s privacy.

Q. Is there any other simple method to save the Instagram story download?

The answer is yes; there is a simple way to download Instagram stories: Screen recording. Save stories using a screen recorder, which can be found on your phone. But the screen recorder in the phone may not record stories with music. The problem can be solved if you can record it by downloading a screen recorder with music on your phone from the Play Store. Yet remember to watch out for copyright from Instagram.

Q. Is there any Instagram that allows you to save a story through its app?

Well, the straight answer is no. However, Instagram has done many updates in the past years on the application. Still, a feature must be provided to save IG stories through the Instagram app. You can view and react to the story through the Instagram app, but you won’t be able to download it. In that case, the story-saving apps on the Play Store can be convenient as you can save stories with music by them.

Q. Where can I find the download stories on my phone?

All the stories will be saved with music in your gallery if you use the app saver method to save it.


On the bottom line, Instagram stories is a valuable and fun feature for sharing your daily updates and keeping yourself updated about others’ life. Thus, saving IG stories can drive you with many benefits.

But how do you do it? The same is why we have assembled the guide above that discusses all the possible methods to help you save Instagram stories with music in your Android or iOS phone’s gallery. You can save your story with music using story savers. Or you can do it without an app. So, read from start to finish to download the Instagram story.