Instagram is an incredible application that allows users to discover new things and stuff worldwide from their mobile. The app excites one to show creativity to the world and gets appreciated. Millions of people around the globe use the app, and it would be a great idea to make some friends out there.

The app makes it possible to make friends or converse with them. Go through people’s profiles, see their content, and send a request to follow the one you like to be friends with. However, can you see the follow-up requests you have sent on Instagram? Yes, you can check the sent requests. Keep on reading to know how.

How to see sent follow requests on Instagram

Know How to See the Sent Requests in the 2023 Step-by-step Guide:

 Step 1: Open up the menu

Firstly, power on the android phones and go to the phone app gallery, find the Instagram app, and open your Instagram. Make sure you are logged into your correct Instagram account. If you are not, do it now.

After the app opens, see your profile picture in the right corner below and click on it. Now, you must have landed on your Instagram profile page. Three line options will appear on the top right side of the screen. Tap it

How to see sent follow requests on Instagram

Step 2: Reach the option “your activity

This is the way to see Instagram setting; quite a few options will pop up. See the list, go towards your activity option, and tap on it. This will open all the stuff you have done through the app, such as the things you have recently searched for, current follow requests, or many others.

How to see sent follow requests on Instagram

Step 3: Download your Instagram account information

It’s time to download your Instagram data, which is necessary. To download the info, scroll downwards. You will find a “download your Information’ written. Tap on that. This way, it will transfer all your Information like the shared reels and stories, messages that have been sent in the past, Old requests and pending follow recommendations, etc.

How to see sent follow requests on Instagram

If we go further to the following site download, a request option will appear in front of your eyes. Click it to go further. It will let you choose whether to load the whole Information or just some sections. We suggest going for the entire because it will include everything.

How to see sent follow requests on Instagram

Step 4: Fill up some required stuff

After that, it will ask you to fill in some information, such as enter an email of yours ( it can be any email of yours. Instagram email is not necessarily required to be the email of that account. For the format, it is better to pick an HTML web browser. Pick the video or image quality.

As per the data, you can pick all the time or the most recent time, like a few months. After completing the whole thing, tap on submit a request, and a pending download will appear on the screen.

How to see sent follow requests on Instagram

It would take a little longer as it is downloading complete data, so be patient until the Instagram data or Information is done, which takes about half an hour.

How to see sent follow requests on Instagram

It is done. Instagram sent a notification, and you will get the message sent to your email.

How to see sent follow requests on Instagram

Step 5: The download option

Get your finger on the download button on the screen, and it will ask for the Instagram password. Enter the Instagram password to move on to the next step.

The file gets downloaded, and It’s time to see it on the mobile phone; iPhone users can find their downloaded file at file>download, and Android can go to the file manager.

Tap on unzip it and find a file containing all the Information.

The download option

Next, it will open all the folders, including the account information. To view your sent follow request, It’s time to locate the information file that is following and following. Later, find the folder and open it up. On the inner surface, look at the HTML file “pending_follow_request” and click it to see a list of follow-up and pending sent request requests.

The download option

See the following request on the computer.

People mostly use Instagram on their mobile phones, but there are some users out there who like to use a PC instead. Don’t worry; we will also discuss seeing sent follow-up requests on PC. Well, let’s look at how to see sent follow recommendations on PC. Also, check the How To Get More Likes On Instagram.

Firstly, Open Instagram

Go to a browser and open up your Instagram account or Instagram private account on it. If you are off that account, make sure to log in. Tap on the profile pic of your page. The three-line option is going to appear on the left side below. Reach the three-line option and tap on it to reach the setting.

Open Instagram

Secondly, “Your activity.”

Go to your activity and tap on it. A few more options will pop up in front of your eyes, like account history, interactions, photos, and videos, and download your Information. We want the data, so select the last option.

Your activity.

Thirdly Download Information

A new tab will appear with “get a copy of your information” written. At that point, you need to add your email. It can be any email of yours, not necessarily the Instagram one. Choose the HTML from downwards and tap next.

Download Information

Next, it will notify you that the data is in process and will be emailed to you once it is done. Only get cared for for a short time because it will be done in a few hours or minutes, which depends on how vast the data is. After it’s done, it will automatically be sent to your email.

Download Information

Go to that email and tap on “download information.” Select the download information option to take you to the Instagram page. Afterward, you will need to enter the Instagram password, and it will download the file. Zip it to your desired location and unzip it there to save.

Fourthly, select Followers and following.

After saving the file, reach it; it will show more folders. We want to see our follow request on Instagram, so select the “followers and following” file. To check the sent follow request, select “pending follow request HTML.” Here, you can view sent requests, which still need to be accepted

select Followers and following

Don’t be shocked If you don’t see the usernames of anyone because you must haven’t sent any requests in the past.

Why is the process complicated and lengthy?

Instagram keeps making changes to its feature. It adds and removes quite a few features. It was easy to see a sent follow-up request or cancel them in the past, but now the process has changed to this one. And many of you must be wondering why it is so complicated. Well, only the app knows we are still determining why to make such changes. In the meantime, the app has introduced several new features for its users and is working on more features that will be useful for the audience.

How do you have a look at the requests that were sent a while ago?

I previously sent someone a request and now want to look at those pending requests or cancel them. Well, that is possible. But for old or new users, it can be a task as Instagram frequently upgrades the app.

The old methods are no longer in use. However, if you are a new user or someone who constantly updates their Instagram app, you can look at the Instagram follow request. Scroll through the list of all the recommendations you have sent so far. At the bottom, you will find all your requests residing. If you want to cancel some of them, tap “Cancel Request.”

Final words

In the above Information, we have discussed a method enabling you to see the following requests you sent in old-time and manage the following recommendations. You can also cancel the subsequent request. It works both on iPhone and Android, and a method is also discussed for computer users.

The technique allows you to review your Information, including all your activities on Instagram, such as searching, followers, following, and currently follow requests, or if you have bought something from Instagram. The method will also help you to cancel the request. Make sure to obey everything to avoid getting confused by numerous sites.