Let’s meet YouTube – one of the biggest video streaming websites in the online world. Billions of users continue watching thousands of YouTube videos every day. According to the recent demographics and stats, there are more than 2.7 billion current users of YouTube as of 2023. More than 50 percent of these active users use YouTube daily.

This data shows that simultaneously handling millions and billions of videos and active users is not easy. The users face many issues while streaming and watching videos. Most of the users are always finding solutions to how to turn off automatic pauses on YouTube.

One of the main errors that YouTube users face while playing videos is the undesired or random pausing of videos. YouTube automatically pauses video issues due to various reasons. For example, when your cache data is full or the internet connection is slow, this problem interrupts the users. Using a YouTube auto-pause blocker, clearing your browser’s cache, or using another browser can fix this issue.

Still, if you are facing this issue, follow the footprints of this article to find out how to turn off auto-pause on YouTube. I have many solutions, and one will work in your case.

How to Stop YouTube From Pausing?

What is the YouTube Pause Feature?

We all know that the primary goal of YouTube is to sell advertisements and earn money. A user-friendly environment and working functionalities are essential to sell ads. So, YouTube works hard on its “viewing” features to bring an awesome experience to your screen. But what’s the purpose of stopping already playing YouTube videos? Also, check the YouTube Thumbnail Tutorial.

Auto Pause” is one of its awesome features that enhances screen time on YouTube. Its functionality is to pause video playback when someone has not engaged in the phone or TV where the video is playing for a long time. It reminds you if you are idle, sleeping, or not watching the videos. This feature pauses the video after 45 minutes of nonstop playing of videos.”

Why Does YouTube Keep Pausing, and How to Stop This?

Here are a few other possible reasons why YouTube keeps pausing videos. Also, solutions for how to stop YouTube from this are given below:

1. Poor or Interrupted Internet:

Almost 80 percent of users complain that their videos on YouTube stop playing. The main reason behind this issue is mostly poor internet connection. Fortunately, here are a few tips and tricks to enhance your internet speed. So, let us fix the problem and stop YouTube from auto-pausing:

  • Stop Using Unnecessary Apps: Your internet slows down due to unnecessary apps. These applications, either on a phone or laptop, can help your internet bandwidth. So, close them if they are not currently in any use!
  • Sit Beside Your Router: Mostly, people use Wi-Fi, but their router is far away from their devices. Their Wi-Fi signals slow down. You must move closer to the router to get 5GHz internet speed instead of 2.4GHz.
  • Restart Router: There could be a technical issue with the router. You can restart your router and clear its cache (short-term memory). The overall internet performance will be boosted. Plus, YouTube auto-pause disables by doing so.
  • Try Wi-Fi Extender: If any of the above-mentioned tips do not work, try to “Add a Wi-Fi Extender” and increase the coverage area of your router.

2. Headphones/Microphones Keep Disconnecting:

I also face this issue whenever my headphones or microphones connected to the phone are disconnected. YouTube auto-pause blocker works very well here. It also blocks playing videos when my Bluetooth headphones do not have enough power. Also, videos stop playing when your headphones keep disconnecting due to a broken port of your phone. Let’s fix how to get YouTube to stop pausing due to the headphones problem:

  • Stay Close to Your Headphones: Most headphone users move far away from the range of their headphones. The maximum range of Bluetooth devices is 20 to 30 feet. That’s the reason why your headphones disconnect again and again, and your videos stop playing. Move close to the headphones. Simple hack!
  • Check the Power of Headphones: My videos often stop playing when my headphones are not charged but connected to my phone or laptop. Change them fully and enjoy the uninterrupted services of the YouTube platform.
  • Disconnect Headphones 🎧: If you are looking for advice like a treat, turn OFF your headphones or any Bluetooth device. Take a break of a few minutes. After doing this, turn it ON. I hope your YouTube from pausing automatically will stop!

You can also take your phone and headphones to the authorized service providers. They’ll check ports and then do the mechanical work.

3. Phone Storage Issue:

One of the most common problems many mobile users face is: “Your Phone Ran Out of Storage!”. My recent phone always pops up notifications like this whenever I try to use any app. Due to this issue, my YouTube favorite videos stopped working. My smartphone’s storage was only 32GB. But today, my new Android device has 255GB storage, and my YouTube works unnecessarily without pausing.

So, you can also change your Android device with a new phone. However, I have another situation too:

  • Clear Storage Space: You can clear some of your internal storage space. Delete old files, cache, unnecessary apps, unwanted photos or videos, and force stop using internally stored applications that are not useful.

Important Note:

Don’t worry about losing your photos, videos, or files. You can upload them to your Google Drive, One Drive, or any other cloud storage free app.

4. Remove Cache Data:

The cache is the small data set about any website (i.e. cache of YouTube app) that remains stored in your Android or computer device. It happens that your internet browser saves too many website’s cache. This functionality has a negative impact on your YouTube performance. Follow the following steps to remove cache data from Chrome if your YouTube is stoping videos on Android:

  • Go to the Settings menu given on your Android phone.
  • Now select YouTube.
  • From other options, you need to click “Storage”.

Remove Cache Data

  • Find the option of “Clear Cache” and tap on that.

Remove Cache Data

Remember, every Android phone has different settings options. You can check yours to clear the cache if these steps do not work in your case.

5. YouTube Do Not Have Permission to Run At The Backend:

Have a check on your phone’s background data restrictions. There are possibilities that your “Background Data Usage” is set to “Restricted.” This restriction often leads to the video pausing issue on YouTube. Let’s fix this issue and turn off YouTube pausing automatically:

  • Click on the Settings option given on your phone.
  • Tap on the option of “Connections”.
  • Then, click on “Data Usage”.
  • Tap “Allow app while Data saver on”.

How to Stop YouTube From Pausing?

  • The app’s list will be given there. Find “YouTube”.
  • Lastly, turn ON the toggle key given there.

How to Stop YouTube From Pausing?

  • Done!

6. Corrupt or Outdated Browser Extension:

Extensions are good to go, but problems occur when you install many extensions simultaneously. As a result, your browser gets infected due to any outdated or corrupt extension installed in your browser. This may be the reason for the YouTube video stop problem.

Let’s fix how to stop YouTube from pausing if the issue is in browser extensions:

  • Go to Private or Incognito Mode: Open a new window in Incognito mode. Now, your YouTube will not pause. In Private mode, the extensions do not work.
  • Disable and Enable Extensions: Disconnect all of your installed extensions. Now, enable all of your browser extensions, but one by one. This solution will find which extension is the problematic one.

7. Malfunctioning Browser:

Sometimes, YouTube stops your videos, which is not the problem. The real problem resides in a malfunctioning browser. You need to cope with the randomly pausing your video issue.

  • Update your browser, and your problem will be fixed. The latest version of any browser is always free of errors and bugs.
  • Still, if you are facing the issue of YouTube pause, try to use another browser. Different browsers will definitely work. Your fun should not stop!

8. Battery Saver and Data Saver are ON!

To save data, people turn on their data saver option. This setting will save your data, but your YouTube video streaming will get interrupted. Overuse of data will definitely stop your browsing. So, how do you turn off the automatic pause on YouTube?

Unlimited Data Plan: If your data plan is unlimited, your YouTube automatic pause will be disabled. Follow these steps to disconnect the data saver for watching your favourite videos:

  • First of all, launch your YouTube app.
  • Go to the YouTube homepage and tap on the icon of your profile. The profile icon is always located at the top right corner.
  • Click on Settings.

Battery Saver and Data Saver are ON

  • Select the option of Data Saving.

Battery Saver and Data Saver are ON

  • You’ll find a toggle key that will be turned ON. Turn that OFF.

Battery Saver and Data Saver are ON

  • Done!

Disable Battery Saver Mode: Enabling battery saver mode can stop your YouTube videos randomly. It causes YouTube videos to stop. To keep them playing, deactivate battery-saver mode on your mobile device. For this setting, go to the notification panel of your phone. And click on the icon of Battery Saver. If it’s ON, it’ll turn OFF.

9. Take A Break Setting is ON!

People unintentionally turn ON the setting of “Take a Break from YouTube“. This setting is often ON even if someone does not turn it ON. Your YouTube video will turn off/pause if you watch many videos and spend a lot of time on this platform. Although it’s a good setting that gives you time to relax and stretch your body, many people get annoyed and disturbed. It’s more frustrating if your YouTube is taking pauses too often.

Here is how to get rid of one of the reasons why a YouTube video stops playing:

  • Open your YouTube app on your phone.
  • Go to the Profile icon.
  • Click the Settings option.
  • Tap the setting of General.

Take A Break Setting is ON

  • You’ll see an ON toggle key in front of the option: Remind me to take a break.
  • Turn that toggle key OFF.

Take A Break Setting is ON

Setting up a customized timer to stop playing YouTube videos is also the best option. Several extensions are available that provide services without any external or internal interference. Auto Tube YouTube Nonstop is one of the perfect extensions here. I always recommend it!

10. Interruption of Unnecessary Advertisements:

As we have mentioned before, advertisements are one of the main marketing methods for advertisers. Similarly, advertisements are a method of earning money. YouTube’s backbone is advertisement. But, the audience gets angry due to the interruption of unnecessary ads. YouTube auto-pause disables when ads get disabled.

I know you think “Skip Ad” is the best blocking option. But wait! I have another perfect solution – Ad Blocker. Just download any ad-blocker from Google. YouTube’s issue of pausing videos will never come back on your phone after using an ad blocker.

11. YouTube Application is Not Updated:

If the updated version of your YouTube application is not installed, you’ll face issues like YouTube automatically pauses. Let’s see how to update the YouTube app. The process is pretty easy!

  • Go to your phone’s Play Store if you are using Android or App Store if you are using iPhone.
  • Search “YouTube“. You’ll see the official app of YouTube in the search results.
  • Tap on that and then click on Update.

After getting an updated YouTube app, you can watch videos without seeing pauses repeatedly.

12. Conflicting Apps Interrupt YouTube:

There could be conflicting apps that can hinder the functionality of your YouTube app. They can keep pausing your YouTube videos. Usually, these conflicting apps include VPNs and antiviruses.

Randomly pausing YouTube videos stops when you uninstall the already installed apps or may be problematic. After doing this, restart your phone. I hope your videos will keep playing now!

13. Turn OFF HD Videos:

If the above-mentioned tips and tricks fail, try turning OFF the HD video option on the YouTube app. Watch the videos in low quality. Loading issues and pausing video problems can come due to high video resolution. I know it’s not the solution, but it will not interrupt you while watching videos.

A little TV-like icon will be given on your YouTube video screen. Turn it off from your video player. This setting will drop down your video quality. However, I’m sure your videos will run more freely and smoothly.

Summing It Up: How to Stop YouTube Video Auto Pause?

If any solution is not working on your device, then the possibility is it’s an error at the end of the YouTube platform, not yours! YouTube is a fantastic app, but technical bugs and faults could disturb active users.

You can contact the “YouTube Help” centre and share your problem with their professional team. They’ll definitely help you in this regard. You can also check out the “Known Issues” page on the official YouTube platform.

So, how do you turn off auto-pause on YouTube? If you know of any other solution, share here because sharing is caring.

I hope you like reading our blog. If you have any queries, you can ask me. I would be happy to answer your questions.

Happy YouTube Streaming!