Sometimes, we want to suggest one of our friends to another one on Facebook. There are various methods to suggest friends on Facebook, but utilizing the “suggested friend” feature is one of the most popular and straightforward methods. This feature will allow you to connect with your friends to increase social networking.

Moreover, this feature helps the new user when he joins Facebook and may not have too many friends. This article will discuss ways to suggest friends and new friends on Facebook.

How to Suggest Friends On Facebook

Two ways to Suggest Friends on the Facebook Mobile App?

Facebook suggests people option is deactivated, but still, there are two ways to suggest friends. Install a mobile application on your smartphone and then Send friend suggestions via the app. There are some easy steps that you have to follow for friend suggestions on mobile;

Sending a Profile Link

Open Facebook and search for the friend name you want to suggest to another friend. Copy and Send a link to any friend’s profile from your friend list in the inbox. Sending links to mutual friends is the best option for friend suggestions instead of sending a friend request.

Step 1: Locate and Open the Facebook Application

First, open the Facebook application on your mobile or tablet and enter your login details.

How to Suggest Friends On Facebook

Step 2: Open the Page of One of the Two Friends

Open the page or profile of your few friends or the people you may know.

How to Suggest Friends On Facebook

Step 3: Copy the Profile Link

Copy the link profile of your Facebook friend.

How to Suggest Friends On Facebook

Step 4: Send the Copied Link to the Other Friend

Send the Link you copy via Facebook messenger to those you want to recommend friends.

Sending a Group Message

Facebook also introduced an option for group messages that will help you suggest a friend to multiple friends simultaneously.

Sending a Group Message

Step 1: Locate and Open the Messenger Application on Your Device

Use Facebook App to find your list of friends. View your profile credentials and put them into your Facebook account.

Step 2: Create a New Group

Create a new group and add friends to the group. The Messenger app allows you to add a new friend to this group. You have to add potential friends to the group.

How to Suggest Friends On Facebook

Step 3: Send an Introductory Message

Facebook allows you to send an introductory message to all users added to your group.

How to Suggest Friends On Facebook

Step 4: Leave the Group Chat

If you want to participate in group chat, choose the Facebook profile with whom you want to chat. Moreover, Facebook suggest friends to allow them to participate in your chatting.

How to Suggest Friends On Facebook

How do I send friends suggestions using a Computer?

Faceb ok friend suggestions or suggested friend list are the same as on mobile phones or tablets. You can send suggestions to friends of friends or friends in common with other friends’ profile.

Sending Link of profile

Sending a friend request or Link on the computer is completely different on mobile devices, but the process is equally simple and basic.

How do I send friends suggestions using a Computer?

Step 1: Log in to Facebook

In the web browser, search for the Facebook page and click on the login button where you will put your profile information[credentials].

Step 2: Go to the Profile of One of the Two Friends

Go to the friend’s page or mutual friends. You can use the search bar to find friends you want to suggest. Facebook may analyze your intent, and suggestions are based on your interest.

Step 3: Copy the Web Address

Copy the web address that will be on the top of your desktop.

Step 4: Send the Copied Link to the Other Friend

Now send the web address that you copy through inbox.

Group Message

Chatting in a group is fast and affordable way to convey a message and connect two or more people simultaneously.

Step 1: Log in to Facebook on Your Computer

Login to your Facebook account on your computer.

Step 2: Start a New Message

Start a new message in a group where you can add people to the Facebook group.

Step 3: Add Both Parties to the message

Add the friend whom you want to connect through group and ask them to recommend people to join your chat through group. Moreover, you can add more people to your friend recommendations.

Step 4: Send an Introductory Message

Create a welcome message and send it to the group. Welcome all your friends.

Step 5: Leave the Group Chat

If you don’t want to participate in their chatting then you have an option to leave their chat. Leave the conversation, and if you want to join again, then you will come and select the join chat.


Suggesting people on Facebook and spending time with friends is good for you and your network. You may enjoy this feature to enhance your popularity. Additionally, Facebook will suggest you people from your surroundings who live around you, work with you, in school, or the sites you may visit.

You can always suggest profiles or people you may know on Facebook, not only via Messenger, but you can send links through many other messaging applications.


Can Facebook use location data to suggest common friends?

Yes, Facebook also uses location for friend suggestions on the Facebook app on both computer and mobile devices. Also, suggested friends based on location data.

Can Facebook shows suggestion friends whose contacts are saved on my phone?

Yes, Facebook suggest friends from your phone contacts or sometimes based on mutual friends.

 Which factors may cause the friend suggestions?

Facebook suggestion works on several factors such as mutual friends, same workplace, same network, education, and many more. These suggestions are shown in the section “people you may know. The friends based on these factors will show on your Facebook.

Will a person’s profile show in suggestion When he looks at your profile?

Yes, his profile will show you in the section “people you may know. This person’s page will be on your friend suggestion list.

Is there any application that has the same way to suggest as Facebook?

No, there is no other application that shows friends’ suggestions.

Is Facebook suggestions still work in 2023 on your account?

While this feature is deactivated in Facebook’s latest update, you can suggest your friends through Facebook messages.