Do you want to track the location of an Instagram location? Do you want to find the account and owners’ location? Where he lives, work, and travel? Some people keep their locations private, but in this article, we will provide you with some methods to track the location of your desired Instagram account.

How to Track an Instagram Account Location

How to Track an Instagram Account Location | Methods to Find

There are several methods that people can use to determine the Instagram location of your targeted account.

Using IP Address

When you go to the IP address of any account, you will find the exact location of the Instagram account where they are posting or sharing posts. Various Instagaram IP Address finders will help you find any account’s IP address. The process of finding an IP address is straightforward.

  • Open the Instagram app on your phone.
  • Copy the profile of the Instagram user whose IP address you want to find.
  • Open the Grabpiy IP Logger website in Chrome.
  • Paste the copied URL, and it will create a link.
  • Copy and paste this link to the IP logger after refreshing the tab.
  • After refreshing, it will display the exact IP location.

Using Instagram Location Label

When some post a photo or video on Instagram story, they put a label on it that refers to a s specific location. A user wants his audience to be able to find him; that’s why he uses a label and an exact location tagged on the label. If you want to travel toward the location, you must click on the label, and the location will open on the map.

Using Instagram Location Label

Track location by Instagram posts

Finding Instagram account locations using posts is one of the efficient ways to track them. You can post anything with tagging location on it. You can find their location by stalking on their posts. Read through the captions if you don’t find any location tags in their photos. Users sometimes mention locations in the caption text even if they don’t officially tag the location.

Moreover, you can also see the location in the bio of the Instagram account. Most users give locations in their bios.

Track location by Instagram posts

Use the Instagram location search feature.

If you want to track the location of Instagram account, Instagram offers a location feature that will provide your exact and real-time location.

  • Open the Instagram account.
  • Click on the search button.
  • Enter the location that you need to track
  • There will be many accounts in the result.
  • Open the Instagram account’s location that you are looking for.

Use the Instagram location search feature.

Connecting with the Account Owner

If you know the Instagram account owner but don’t know their location, another option is simply sending them a direct message asking where they are. Sending a polite message asking them to share their city or general location can yield an answer directly from the source. This straightforward approach is effective if you already have a relationship with the account holder. So, this is a straightforward method to track down someone’s location on Instagram. In this method, you will get the exact user’s location.

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Legal Considerations for Tracking Instagram Accounts

According to the law, tracking someone’s Instagram location or user’s IP address is considered stalking, harassment, and invasion of privacy. So, be aware and keep secret tracking of anyone’s account location. Ethically, it would be best only to attempt to track someone’s location on Instagram with their consent.

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Can someone track my Instagram account?

Yes, it is easy to track the location of someone’s Instagram account. Your account can be tracked by IP or the post you shared on Instagram. They can track the IP address or geotagged that you use on your posts.

Can we track someone’s Instagram account with a contact number?

Yes, you track the account and location of an Instagram user with the contact number. When you enter the number in the search bar, the account registered on that number will show in the list. Also, click the account to display the location and further details.

Can we track the location of Instagram accounts for free?

Yes, you can track locations without paying anything. There are various methods that I discussed above to track locations. For example, you can track an account by checking their recent post, where they possibly mention their location. Some other options are to get the IP address of an Instagram account and use Intsagaram location checker.


This article taught us how to track Instagram’s location in 2023. Now you know how to track location of the account. Feel free to find someone’s location on Instagram account by following our guides. The best option is to explore their account and posts where they mentioned their locations.