Like other social media platforms, Facebook also has rules and guidelines. These rules apply to person, business, group, and page. When you break these rules, Facebook restricts your account at that time. In such case you need to know How to unrestrict Facebook Account.

Facebook monitors your activities. When you spam, violate, or act like a bot, Facebook restricts your account. Facebook limits your account features, and you are turned into read-only mode. Common reasons are posting abusive content, sending spam messages, posting hate speech, etc.

In this blog post, we’ll learn what is a Facebook restriction, the reason for the restriction, how to unrestrict a Facebook account, and tips to avoid restrictions in the future.

How To Unrestrict Facebook Account

How To Unrestrict Facebook Account? | How To Avoid

The Facebook restriction is a temporary limitation on a Facebook account that limits the functionality of the user’s account. It happens when an account breaks the Facebook community standard, or any other person reports it. The specific restriction that exploits will depend on the seriousness of the violation.

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Common restrictions include

  • Facebook turned off your ability to post, comment, or like the content on Facebook.
  • Users are unable to send messages, send requests, or add friends.
  • The user is not able to use the Facebook Live Feature.

The Facebook restriction period ends in a few hours, days, or sometimes longer. The purpose of the restriction is to warn the user about their action and give them a chance to correct it. If the user carries on violating the Facebook community rules, their account may be permanently disabled.

There are two types of restrictions.

Temporary Restriction

Temporary Restriction

The restriction is due to performing certain actions to post comments or videos, etc. These Facebook restrictions are temporary. If you are facing temporary restrictions, then you have two options to resolve your problems.

  • Wait for the restricted period to expire.
  • File an appeal to Facebook administrators.

Permanent Restriction

Permanent account restriction means deactivating your account permanently. In case your account is disabled, then you can solve the Facebook Jail. So don’t worry; you can resolve this type of restriction.

Why Is My Facebook Account Restricted?

Facebook restricts an account found or reported to engage in inappropriate activities. Here are some common reasons why Facebook restrict account. Also, check the Hiding Likes on Facebook.

  • You send vulgar content to someone, and they report you, or the Facebook algorithm detects the vulgar content shared by your account.
  • Someone marks your messages and friend requests as spam.
  • Posting the content looks apprehensive to Facebook security.
  • Using fake names.
  • Involve in activities that do not meet the community standards for Facebook.
  • Sometimes, it could be a mistake on Facebook’s side, and the account restricted on Facebook for no reason.

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How to Remove Restriction on Facebook?

You can get unrestricted on your account by reporting the complaints. There are three ways to unrestricted accounts.

How To File an Appeal to Facebook?

If your account is restricted for a few hours, wait for the restriction to be removed by Facebook. However, it is longer than needed to request Facebook to check your account. Follow the steps:

  • Now, enter your details, including your account email or mobile number and Full name.
  • Attach your ID Card photo if possible.
  • Click on the Send Button to submit an appeal.

Now, Facebook will review your appeal. If your account is banned accidentally, then Facebook will remove your restrictions. If your account is involved in any offense or illegal activities, then wait until Facebook will not restore your account.

Unrestrict Facebook Account Using Facebook App or Website

  • Visit Facebook on your browser or Facebook App on your device.
  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Tap on the Facebook profile picture and then go to the settings and privacy section.Unrestrict Facebook Account Using Facebook App or Website
  • Click on the setting option from the menu.
  • Unrestrict Facebook Account Using Facebook App or WebsiteNext, go to the privacy option from the left of the sidebar.
  • Select the Blocking and tap on the edit button, then click on the restricted list.

Unrestrict Facebook Account Using Facebook App or Website

  • Now, you can easily alter the list and get your account.

Unrestrict Facebook Account Using Facebook Messenger

  • Open the messenger app on your Android device.
  • Confirm your identity.
  • Click on the three verticle lines on the top left side of the screen.
  • Click on the setting icon.

Unrestrict Facebook Account Using Facebook Messenger

  • Scroll down, select the Preference option, and open the privacy and safety section.

Unrestrict Facebook Account Using Facebook Messenger

  • Now, tap on the restricted account.
  • Then, the list shows that you can regain access to any restricted account on Facebook.

Unrestrict Facebook Account Using Facebook Messenger

How To Recover Account From A Permanent Restriction?

There are the following steps to regain your account.

  • First, go to the Facebook help center.
  • Now, provide the required information.

 How To Recover Account From A Permanent Restriction?

  • Write a complaint to Facebook if your account is deactivated without any reason or due to any virus.
  • Brief your issue when writing the complaint, and also develop a friendly tone.
  • In the end, if you do not receive any email or message from Facebook within 30 days, that means your complaint has been declined. Then, create your new Facebook account.

Tips to Avoid Facebook Restricting Your Account In the Future

Facebook restricts your account if you violate Facebook’s community standards and policies, suspicious activity, post hate speech, or send spam messages. If your account’s proven convicted of these offenses. But you can protect your account and enhance Facebook visibility without any problem by taking the following steps mentioned below:

  • Avoid posting spam and inappropriate content.
  • Send friend requests to people you know, and stop spam messages.
  • Use your real name and profile pictures.
  • Facebook actively monitors your certain actions, so do not share someone’s pictures without their permission.
  • Get knowledge about the Facebook community guidelines.
  • Do not share fake news or vulgar content that violates the community.
  • Avoid using bots to grow your account followers, likes, and posts.
  • Avoid scamming people on this social media platform; they will report your account.

The following tips keep your Facebook account safe and avoid it in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an unrestricted Facebook Account?

A normal functioning account with the ability to post, comment, like the content, and engage with other people.

How do I delete the restriction history on my Facebook account?

You can find the restriction messages in the review section of Facebook. If you want to delete it, you can directly remove it from the section without trouble.

How long does Facebook restriction last?

Facebook restrictions vary in duration depending on the violation. Minor violations may last 24 hours, while more severe infractions can lead to longer restrictions or account suspension. The specific duration is determined by Facebook’s policies and the nature of the violation.


An unrestricted Facebook account is a straightforward process. Suppose you want to unrestrict an account that you previously restricted. In that case, you can follow these simple steps: go to your profile, open the security, click on the restricted account, and then choose your account to unrestrict the account that you want.

Common tips to avoid future restrictions include not sharing vulgar content, avoiding scamming people, not using fake names and spam friend requests, etc. I hope this information is enough to resolve your issue.