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? Start Time: 12-24 Hours

? Minimum Order: 10


The purpose of real and custom comments is to gain viewers’ attention. Here, you can save your time and get your hands on the treasure of comments in just a few clicks. If you have decided to choose us, just pour all your trust in and be proud of your decisions.

buy youtube custom comments

How to Buy custom and real Youtube comments

Look around your needs and let us know how many Custom or random comments you want on your YouTube video. These are some luminous services right on your way to help you go through the needs of following YouTube algorithm and help you reach your goals.

Let’s make it easier for you! On the product page, select the number of comments you wish to include and click ADD TO CART, then check your CART and click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT  page, once you get there put all the Custom comments into the ORDER NOTES section and pay with any of the available options.

Do all the comments need to go on the same video or can I spread them out?

For instance, let’s suppose we charge $6 for 20 comments, if you do the payment and provide the URLs of two different content videos, we’d divide the comments, and do 10 comments on both the content videos

It entirely depends on the preferences of our clients. We work as per the orders of our client, if a client pays a certain amount of money and provides the URL of their content, we do the comments as per required that content, which relate to them and doesn’t look forged.

Which clearly is understandable that all the real comments will not need to go on the same video in case you want them to be spread out?

Why does everyone buy YouTube comments?

There are various reasons for buying comments on youtube.

Many of the YouTubers generally asks you to like and comment on their video in the greetings or at the end of the video specifically to make their reach go longer to other people.

The question comes to mind that why does everyone buy Real and custom YouTube comments? They buy custom YouTube comments to increase the channel authority, make their channel grow, maintain their status and keep in touch with the engagements levels.

Some people buy YouTube comments to provide the fine presentation of their business or their brand to stay active on the level of their competitors and be visible in the sight of people.

Then there are the channels that struggle really hard to get any likes or comments on their video. They often take help from buying the custom YouTube comments. However, it is an easy option for people to quickly get their hands on comments by purchasing them to keep boosting their posts.

What are the benefits of buying YouTube comments?

The benefits of buying YouTube comments can be your lucky charm at times. Through this, you boost your likelihood of the content that is shared with so many people. Apart from this you can level up or get ahead of your competitors.

Keep in mind; the relevant and real comments are the demand!

However, before you are ready to buy real YouTube comments, you are supposed to make sure that you are buying Real comments from one of the high reputation and reliable site like neptuneviews

It is said that the best advantage of this purchase includes the ‘higher ranking’, ‘better engagements’ and ‘social proofs’

Is there a chance my video could get taken down because I bought comments from you?

No, your comment will not be taken down just because you’ve bought them from this site. As per YouTube Guidelines, comments that are harmful and unethical can only be removed.

Let’s suppose, one of the bought comments is a negative remark for other viewers (which never is), then only YouTube would be taking down those particular comments, not the entire video.

We make sure that the comments we provide you with are written and made in a respectable and engaging manner, which will not allow to makes it look suspicious or fake or anyhow that you have bought them from a site.

Will anyone know that I bought some or all of my comments?

There is no way to determine whether you purchased the comments or not. Similarly, there isn’t any way to find who did a downvote to you.

According to YouTube’s privacy policy, it keeps your comments, likes, or dislikes hidden and private for the protection and security purposes of the users but it’s expected a secure bet that anyone who did a positive comment on your made comment can also like it.

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