You are not alone if you appear smart but can’t think of texting a cool girl. You can’t deny the urge to chat with attractive girls, no matter how shy you are. It is instinctive. So, if you need to learn how to start a conversation with a girl on Instagram, this article is for you.

There are almost 1.39 billion Instagram users, of which 52% are females between 18 and 49. You would likely bump into someone of that 52%. So, you must know how to talk to a girl on Instagram to grab every chance.

How to start a conversation with a girl on Instagram

10 Best Tips to Start a Conversation with a Girl on Instagram

Here are the best ways to start a chat with a girl on Instagram and get a nice reply from her.

1. Analyze her Instagram profile

If you want a response from the girl you like, you must be careful from the start. Your first text should be customized to her tastes. She must not feel that you are casually texting her to try your luck. It must feel special to her. Only then you will get a response.

Analyzing her photos lets you know about her hobbies, food, and more. Her instagram bio, profile picture, and posts can help. Send her a follow request if she has a private account. Then, send her a text that she would have left no option but to reply.

Analyze her Instagram profile

2. Reply to her Instagram story

An Instagram story usually summarizes one’s day. You can reply to her instagram story and send a text regarding what she was doing to have something to chat about. You don’t need to beat about the bush; just talk about what is featured in her story.

Ask her about the trip and if it was her picture on a beach. If it was a food picture, you can ask where that food was from. Or, if she posts a quick selfie, you can compliment her. Always stay simple, and don’t be pointless. Here are some examples of what your reply should look like:

  • “That curry looks yummy. Is that from the new Indian restaurant?”
  • “Wow, look at those scenes! Is this near Perth beach?”
  • “Beautiful abs! Crunches or planks?”

Reply to her Instagram story

3. Like and Comment on her Photos

You have to pop in her Instagram notification to get her attention. You can achieve this by liking her photo. Do not go to her profile and start liking every photo she has posted in the past. It looks weird. Rather, double-tap her single old photo. You can also post a nice little comment on her recent post.

Send a compliment followed by a little question so she has no option but to reply. You must have to keep your comments friendly and respectful. Ask questions regarding the post you are commenting on. For example;

  • “Wow, the crowd is amazing. Was this last ashes?”
  • “I didn’t know you go hiking! Was it adventurous?
  • “Your dog is cute! How old is he?”

Like and Comment on her Photos

4. Send a GIF or a meme

You have to be predictive regarding her activities on Instagram. Don’t send what you like. Instead, send what she likes. You can send her memes or gifs if she posts a lot of memes. You have to be person-specific even while sending memes, or you will end up annoying her.

If you don’t want to DM memes, tag her on a funny cheems meme if she likes pets. If she is a foodie, food memes are what you look for. You must make her laugh to make her mood good and eventually get a response. Sending memes in DM is more private, and you will likely get a reply.

Send a GIF or a meme

5. Mention mutual followers or friends

You can start with that reference if you have some mutual followers or friends. Or if she is a friend of a friend, you can add that as well. You can start the conversation about how she knows your close friends. Or you can say it’s weird you never met before. Like:

  • “Weird, we have 30 mutual followers; how have we never met before?”
  • “Hey, do you know Sam? I guess we met at his party last Sunday.”

6. Start a texting game

A simple quiz or a texting game can make her smile even if she had a bad day. It is interesting, and she would reply to you. Plus, choose a topic of friendly debate where you both agree or disagree. Don’t start an argument right away on your first text.

“Would you rather” is an excellent ploy as a conversation starter. If she seems interested, you can go on; otherwise, pull this move right away. Here are a few examples:

  • “Would you rather live in snowy winters or sunny summers all your life?”
  • “Would you rather go to the beach or lush mountains?”
  • “Would you rather drink tea or coffee for all your life?”

Start a texting game

7. Just one text at a time

Please do not overdo it by double or triple texting. Don’t delete or unsend the text once you’ve sent it. It looks weird and can give a wrong first impression. When she replies, follow her pace. If she is replying fast, do it quickly. Or if she takes a minute or two, you should also take the same time to respond.

Overriding her pace can make you look desperate to talk to her, which isn’t a good sign for her. Also, don’t just start typing essays to her single-line messages. Please reply in the same manner as she does.

Just one text at a time

8. Talk about something from her photos

If you don’t know how to start a conversation with a girl on Instagram, try sending a text regarding something from her page. It is pretty easy if she posts a lot of photos. If you have more than one hobby in common, it will give you many conversation starter topics.

In this tactic, do not go down to her old photos. Instead, choose one from her recent posts. You can try starting a conversation with a girl saying something like:

“Wow, is that the newly launched smartwatch in your recent post? Should I get my hands on that as well?”

Talk about something from her photos

9. Post something she will respond to

It is a good idea to start a conversation and get her reply. But you will need to be specific about what you post. You must know what she likes and what her hobbies are. You can post about food, trips, gadgets, pets, etc.  For example:

  • You can post a pic of your cute poodle if she loves pets.
  • You can post a pic of the new resort if she likes trips.
  • You can post a pic of a new restaurant to try out if she is a foodie.

10. Give her time or move on if she is not interested

One of the most essential tips to start a conversation with a girl on Instagram is to give her some time if she doesn’t reply ASAP! Don’t panic. She could have a bad day, mood off, or any other reason. You don’t know what she might be going through. It can take a few days or even a few weeks.

However, you can text her after a week or two with something funny. She might enjoy the joke and reply to you. If she doesn’t respond after weeks, you shouldn’t overdo things. Or if she replies and sends dry texts, late replies, or single-line and short replies, that indicates her lack of interest.

The best thing for you in this situation would be to have self-respect and move on. Come on, lad, there are tons of women out there.

Give her time or move on if she is not interested


Instagram is one of the easiest ways to chat with girls and make inroads to get their number. You need to be more innovative and patient to succeed. Please don’t get too needy or desperate; it will contribute nothing good.

Stay confident and follow our tips. You won’t need to ask your mingle friends how to start a conversation with a girl on Instagram after reading our expert tips. Good luck, and happy chatting!