Do you have a child who wants YouTube stardom with his own channel? Here is everything parents and guardians need to know about how to start a YouTube channel for kids.

Creating a channel for kids is slightly different from doing so regularly. Whether it’s your child who wants a YouTube channel of his own or as a parent, you have an interesting idea for a kid’s show, you can set it all up safely. It takes time and planning to do so, and there are some rules that you have to follow during the full process.

This guide is about creating a kid’s channel, the setup process, and tips to make your child’s channel successful.

How to Start a YouTube Channel for Kids?

How to Start a YouTube Channel for Kids? Key Steps

Setting up a YouTube account and channel for your kid slightly differs from the usual process. For a better experience, chat with your child, understand the content strategy you want to create and share and design the channel following the rules.

How to Start a YouTube Channel for Kids?

Here are the key steps you must follow while creating a channel on YouTube for your kids.

  1. Understand the YouTube Regulations or Age Requirements for Kids:

Age requirements for creating a kids’ channel on YouTube vary from country to country. According to the Online Privacy Protection Act, a child under the age of 13 years cannot create their own YouTube channel and need help. They will need parental permission up to 17 to create their channel. Similarly, kid YouTubers or users aged 18 or above cannot have accounts and access features like Google Payments, AdSense, and Google Ads.

YouTube Channel for Kids

However, as a parent, you can set up a channel on YouTube for your kids. But before that, you must read Google’s Child Safety Policy for YouTube content featuring kids. Violating these policies, like uploading sexual or violent content, can permanently ban your kids’ YouTube channel.

Therefore, learn these rules carefully, read up on Google’s content policies regarding YouTube kids’ accounts, communicate with your underage YouTuber as much as possible and make money on YouTube.

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  1. Create a Google Account for Your Kid:

If your child is under 13, you must create an account on Google for him. Beyond this threshold age limit, your child can create the accounts independently, but you must enable parental controls to save them from harmful content.

Follow the steps below to create an account for your kid or yourself.

  • Log in to your Gmail account or set up a new Gmail account if you don’t already have an account.
  • Use your Gmail account to set up a supervised account for your child using Family Link.

Create a Google Account for Your Kid

  1. Set Up the YouTube Channel for Your Kid:

After setting up your or your child’s account on Google, follow the below-mentioned steps to set up a kids’ YouTube channel.

Set Up the YouTube Channel for Your Kid

  • After logging in to your Gmail account, open YouTube’s Homepage and select Profile Image at the top-right corner of your screen.
  • Now, click on Create a Channel for your kid.
  • Choose an interesting name and new profile photo and associate it with the YouTube Kids Channel. Don’t use your child’s real or whole name as the channel name.
  • After that, set Privacy and Safety Settings.

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  1. Personalize the Channel’s Privacy and Safety Settings:

Keeping your child safe from adult content is an important part of learning how to set up a kids’ channel on YouTube. Therefore, take security measures for a child-friendly experience.

  • Go to the profile image’s dropdown menu.
  • Click the Restricted Mode tab and enable it.
  • Lock it on your browser so your child cannot deactivate it.

 Personalize the Channel's Privacy and Safety Settings

From Settings, you can customize the YouTube account’s privacy, notifications, payments, and other preferences. You can set your child’s videos to Public, Private, or unlisted.

  • In Public Mode, everyone can see your child’s videos. This feature is helpful when you want to monetize your channel.
  • In Private Mode, you must send an invite link with friends and family. This way, people only receive invite links to your child’s videos.
  • With Unlisted Mode enabled, your child’s videos are viewable and sharable but available for searches. Videos will not go viral. Only family members can share videos with their friends.

Thus, customize these settings before adding videos and allow your child to create and manage content on YouTube. As a parent, use parental controls and add the channel’s Google account to your Family Link to track your child’s activities.

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  1. Get The Right Equipment Necessary for a YouTube Channel:

To create quality content for your kids’ channel, gather the necessary material and equipment to set up, record, and edit videos.

Have space, a tripod, enough lighting, sound, and a camera to record videos. Moreover, you will also need a simple video editor that even your child can learn to use. You can also handle the editing process yourself with advanced software. Choose the content that keeps your channel fun and easy to maintain, not to mention safe for your kids.

How to Create a Kids Youtube Channel and Make It Successful?

Start a successful YouTube channel with proper planning and dedication. Below are some valuable and unique tips to help you in how to set up a youtube channel for kids and stand out from the competition.

How to Create a YouTube Channel and Make It Successful for Kids

  1. Find a Niche or Relevant Theme:

Every kid’s channel is based on a central theme, like what videos are about and what’s unique about your child’s content that makes them different. This will lead you to find a specific niche for starting a channel. Here are some popular niches that you can select:

ARTS AND CRAFTS: In this niche, your kids can create things with their hands while educating their targeted viewers. The father of the famous kids show “Art for Kids Hub” always included one of his children’s drawings with him. This way, viewers can see the same character from a professional artist and a child.

GAMING: You can also choose gaming as a niche because many young gamers, like Ethan Gamer, earned a huge reputation on kids’ YouTube playing well-known PC, mobile, and console games. Also, check the Price per view on YouTube.

SKITS: This is another interesting niche where YouTubers create their version of popular films like Ninja or propose their own unique concepts.

LIFESTYLE VLOGS: Choose this niche and capture your day’s activities with your family, similar to the popular kids’ channel The Ohana Adventure.

TOY UNBOXING AND TOY REVIEWS: It is a niche where children love watching other kids open toys.

Thus, choose a unique niche for your YouTube kids’ videos.

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  1. Design Your Video:

Design your video when creating YouTube for kids’ videos. Come with a list of ideas about kids’ YouTube videos. Hire a writer to write unique scripts for your videos. You can also take inspiration from other videos that have gone viral. Figure out the elements making that video viral. Moreover, research the content policies to make your videos shown on YouTube kids and learn how to set up a kids channel.

Design your kids’ videos by deciding when, where, and how you are going to videos. Also, assemble the necessary equipment to create a masterpiece.

How to Start a YouTube Channel for Kids?

  1. Optimize Your Video’s Title, Description, Tags, and Thumbnails:

Optimizing your content is one of the most important things to consider when starting a YouTube kids’ channel. It is a science that makes your content stand out.

Optimize your content:

TITLE: Create a catchy title for your video to persuade potential viewers to click on your video and find your channel. Take help by looking at the strategy owned by the most popular kids channels. Carefully look at their capitalization, punctuation, and keyword selection. Use sites like TubeBuddy to find the relevant keywords for your video title.

DESCRIPTION: Video description is also important to consider while optimizing your content. YouTube has a 1,000-character limit for video description. So, use this limit for a full advantage. In the description, talk about your video in detail. An optimized description makes it easier for people to find your video.

TAGS: Using relevant tags in your video is another effective way to rank and get picked by the YouTube search engine. Use tags that relate to your kid’s YouTube channel and make your video go viral.

THUMBNAIL: Try creating quality thumbnails because, according to the research of The Creator Academy, 90% of viral videos have customized thumbnails.

Thus, ensure all the above elements accurately reflect your kid’s YouTube video and channel.

  1. Market or Advertise Your Content:

After optimizing your content for search results, marketing or advertisement is another important factor to consider. You must put in some elbow grease to make your content do the best. You must share and promote your YouTube for Kids channel online and individually.

Begin by sharing videos with your friends and family members. Then, maintain an Instagram account to post behind-the-scenes photos sneak peeks of new videos and announcements there.

  1. Listen to Your Audience or Community:

Focusing on your targeted community or audience engagement is one of the most effective strategies to create a successful channel for your kids. It shows you know your target audience and listen to them for creating amazing content.

Always try making kids’ YouTube videos that make your audience feel like insiders. Thus, find different ways to build a tight-knit community. Try highlighting the things you have in common with your spectators.

YouTube Channel for Kids

Tips on Uploading Content to a Channel for Kids and Keeping Kids Safe Online

The ultimate reason behind creating a kid’s channel on YouTube is to post videos. There are multiple factors to consider while uploading content, and follow tips to keep your children safe from adult content.


  1. Choose Your Kids Channel’s Direction:

Before creating a kid’s channel on YouTube, it is important to understand what becoming a YouTuber entails. Once you understand the responsibility and risk behind this venture, you can select the direction of your channel.

For better results, upload content on topics you are passionate about. Take ideas from existing videos. Decide whether to create proper videos, slideshows, podcasts, or something else. Your kids’ channel should make a good introduction and ensure you have a realistic schedule.

  1. Gather the Necessary Equipment:

After selecting your channel’s direction, you will need hardware and software equipment to create videos.

If you choose a smartphone for making videos, it already has a camera, microphone, and handy apps. On the other hand, if you choose to work on a computer, look into getting new equipment.

Consider choosing free video-editing software alongside options for audio-based production. Thus, choose products that work for both you and your child.

  1. Master Video Upload Process:

You must master the video upload process to join YouTube as a creator. Other video platforms are user-friendly for uploading videos, but when you master uploading videos on YouTube for kids, it is more worth paying.

While uploading the video, there are different steps to take.

  • First, tick the Made for Kids box
  • Write the video’s description with relevant keywords
  • Select the video’s visibility

It’s enough for uploading a video. But you must keep noticing your kids when they upload content. Help them make the right content and ensure their videos are safe.

  1. Customize the Privacy Settings:

While setting up a kids’ channel on YouTube, please set it to private and delete the comment section. This way, you will receive minimal negative responses, and people with invite links can only see your content.

Therefore, customize your channel’s settings. To do so:

  • Click the Customize Channel button and open YouTube Studio.
  • From there, choose Settings.
  • Now, set the whole channel as Made for Kids.
  • Disable comments, notifications, ads, and stories from the Advanced Settings option.
  • For further convenience, select the Upload Default tab from the Settings panel.
  • This will set all the video’s visibility to private.

Customize the Privacy Settings

  1. Lay Down Firm Ground Rules for Kids:

Managing a healthy video schedule is also a part of learning how to make a channel on YouTube. For your young YouTubers, you must lay down firm ground rules.


  • Control your kids’ time recording videos or sitting on a mobile or computer screen.
  • Keep an eye on suspicious users
  • Be the first viewer of your child’s videos so that you can save them from harmful content.
  • Make a video with them.

Get Ideas from Existing Kids Channels to Make a YouTube Channel

After knowing how to create a kids’ channel on YouTube, explore other existing kids’ channels in detail and understand what you love about your favorite content creators. Analyze their video themes, content strategy, and channel layout to get ideas kids.

Similarly, use your experience and make it rewardable for your child in terms of entertainment, education, and emotional growth.

Famous channels for kids include Hulyan Maya, Hailey’s Magical Playhouse, Brianna’s World, and Like Nastya.

Final Words

We hope that now you know how to start a YouTube channel for kids. Starting a channel for a child can be an exciting idea you can all set up by following some steps. Follow this comprehensive guide and assure your child’s safety while helping them pursue their content creation talent.

Find a trending niche, design your videos, set a specific direction, know how to upload a video, and set up privacy settings and specific rules to keep your children safe from adult content.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Set Up a YouTube Channel

How to start a kids’ channel on YouTube for a child under 13?

Kids under 13 cannot create their own channel on YouTube. However, parents can set up a channel for their kids using their Gmail account or Google’s Family Link App.

So, enable parental controls and secure strong passwords to notice your child’s content-posting activities.

Do kids’ YouTube channels make money?

Yes! If you post content on YouTube and mark it as “Made for Kids,” you can make money and people happy. You can generate ad-based revenue in this process.

How can I start a channel on YouTube for my child?

Here is how you can set up a YouTube channel for your child.

  • Brainstorm the channel’s name and set up privacy settings.
  • Create an account on Google for yourself or your kid
  • Set up rules for your channel.

How to start a channel on YouTube without any experience?

Start a kids’ YouTube channel without having any experience by:

  • Select a central theme for your channel
  •   Set upthe channel
  • Verify your Google account
  • Create a banner for your channel