YouTube is one of the most popular platforms to watch videos of every niche. Everyone is used to enjoying YouTube videos, but sometimes, a video gets deleted or disappears from the view.

If you are also one of those who love to watch their favourite YouTube channel, you are facing some issues related to deleted videos. Still, unfortunately, getting confused about how to watch them again, you must keep reading this till the end.

You may have tried some ways to recover the video again but are disappointed in recovering YouTube videos; you are in the perfect place! This article will provide you with the best guide on how to watch deleted YouTube videos by introducing some quick methods to take you off this trouble. So, let’s begin to learn how to watch YouTube videos again!

How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos

Is it Possible to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos?

If one of your most desired videos has been deleted and you have also cleared your watched youtube history, there are still some ways to find your favourite YouTube channel video and watch it again. Excitingly, you don’t need to get confused about whether you have the URL of the deleted video or not.

This article will cover some of the best guides on how to recover YouTube videos again with or without URLs. So, let’s begin to learn them!

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Methods on How to Find Videos Deleted from Youtube?

There are many ways to recover YouTube videos with or without URLs, and you quickly get YouTube videos (access deleted). These methods work simply by scanning the videos on your account. So follow the procedure nicely to make it possible to find and then watch deleted videos on YouTube again. Also, check the video clarity issues.

Here are some methods you can follow easily to recover YouTube videos! So, let’s learn these techniques in detail!

6 Ways to Recover Deleted YouTube Videos with URL

If you still have the URL of the YouTube deleted video, there is no hurdle to finding the YouTube videos that have been deleted. There are many tools and websites to recover YouTube videos. Here, we will introduce some tools and their procedure that you can easily follow to search YouTube videos again.

1. By Using Wayback Machine:

On our list of best tools to recover YouTube videos, Wayback Machine is at the top. Wayback Machine is the best and quick to find videos quickly.

If you have watched that video before, you can search for that YouTube video in the YouTube history. Moreover, remember it or go through your ‘LIKED VIDEO LIST.’ If you have marked that video in the category of liked videos, you can access it there. After finding the deleted video’s URL, the method continues using the Wayback Machine to recover that video.

Wayback Machine

How does it work?

Here is the guide on how to view deleted YouTube videos by using Wayback Machine:

Find the URL of the deleted YouTube video:

First, you need to get the URL to the YouTube video. You can search the video in search bar and then go through the history, but log in to your YouTube account first.

Get access to the Deleted YouTube video on the Wayback Machine:

After accessing the deleted YouTube video link, it’s time to browse the search bar to open the Wayback Machine portal.

Now, you must paste the Link to the YouTube video to watch it using Wayback Machine. By this, you can also ensure the archive of deleted YouTube videos.

Process of Installing the Wayback Machine:

The Google extension of Wayback Mchine is available. So, you can easily add this extension to your Google account to watch videos on YouTube. Therefore, you can access the watched video without putting the URL in the search bar of the Wayback Machine. This is the best tool to retrieve deleted YouTube videos.

2. By Using

It is another of the best online websites to search for deleted videos. This platform gives access to the YouTube video in MPEG-4 format. The process of finding a YouTube video is similar to other websites.

How does it work?

  • First, you need to visit the website
  • Now, paste the YouTube video link of the video you have already copied.
  • After that, a yellow file will be shown on the screen; then, by saving the file, you can access the video.

3. By Using

You can also use to recover the YouTube video if you have the URL. It is very similar to the Wayback Machine to recover deleted videos again. The process of using this tool is relatively easy.

You can also add the extension of this tool to your Google account. You must click on the specific date and select a screenshot to find your YouTube video.

4. By Using YouTube Video Finder:

Another tool to search YouTube videos is the YouTube Video Finder. This tool is also beneficial to ensure you watch your YouTube video again by recovering it.

How does it work?

The process of following this method is relatively straightforward.

  • First, you need to visit the online website or the software portal.
  • After visiting the site, you must paste the video link.
  • Now, you will be able to get access to watch the YouTube video that you have deleted accidentally.

5. By using Google Caches:

Going through Google Caches is another best way to watch deleted YouTube videos easily. This search engine keeps your watched videos and stores them as caches.

So, it would help if you searched for the Link to that video on the GOOGLE search bar. You will find an arrow to download the ‘Cached’ file there. After selecting that option, you can get access to watch the video again.

How does it work?

Here are Steps to recover YouTube videos;

  • Copy the YouTube video URL into the clipboard.
  • Open the Google chrome cache website, i.e.
  • Now, you need to paste the link in the search bar.
  • Select the option of ‘Google Web Cache.’
  • Another tab will be shown here with the cached YouTube videos.
  • Now, you can watch videos here.

6. By using the Embedded Technique:

Here is another simple way to recover YouTube deleted content by using this simple trick. This trick works because some YouTube videos are embedded with some pages or other websites with the help of external links. You can also watch a deleted video on YouTube using these servers.

How does it work?

The trick is quite simple to follow. Here is the procedure to find a deleted video;

  • First, you need to copy the Link of the YouTube video.
  • Focus on the Link and find the part, i.e., watch?v=.
  • You must replace the ‘watch?v=’ with ’embed.’

5 Ways to Recover and Watch Deleted YouTube Videos Without Link:

Can you not find the Link to that deleted YouTube video you want to watch? If yes, you don’t need to worry about it more!

So, if you don’t have a link, there is still another solution for watching deleted videos.

The method is to search for the video title to watch YouTube videos. Suppose you need to remember the proper title of the YouTube video. In that case, you can write any word or phrase related to that video in the search bar. This way, you can find the deleted video you want to watch again.

Methods to find deleted YouTube videos using the best tools are given below:

1. By Using Social Media Platforms:

An exciting and best practice is to search for videos by searching the related keywords or phrases on other platforms. These platforms can be even social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, or others. This practice is also effective as sometimes YouTubers upload the video on other platforms.

Social Media Platforms

2. By Using Backups

Backup is always a good step to recover your data from any mishap. If you save your YouTube watched videos as a backup, it will be helpful for you to guide on how to find videos deleted from YouTube.

So, follow this practice to back up your daily watch history, including YouTube videos. You can use this app to watch a deleted YouTube video again.

How does it work?

 Here is the procedure to find a YouTube video that has already been deleted;

  • First, you need to copy the URL of the YouTube video.
  • You must remove all keywords from the Link except the ‘Video ID.’
  • Visit any social media platform or even Google and paste the modified URL in the search box. Remember to paste the revised Link in double quotes.
  • Once you find a deleted video on any platform, visit and save it to watch again.

3. DDiG Windows Data Recovery:

4DDiG Windows Data Recovery software is one of the best tools that you can use to recover YouTube videos without URLs. An interesting thing about this software is it allows one to recover not only YouTube videos but any source of video across Windows. It will enable detailed access to find and recover your videos over the windows.

The algorithm of this software is very nice as it works very profoundly to search over the system to scan or find your lost data. However, there is a bit of corruption or deletion as well.

When you start finding the deleted, this software scans all the files across the system to search for deleted ones. After browsing through the deleted files, it compiles those scanned files into a coherent file, allowing the user to rewatch the deleted one.

This software will scan all the files throughout your selected location to find YouTube videos. So, when you find your deleted video, you can stop the process. Moreover, this tool will categorize your videos in the selected location. Usually, these categories are Lost, Deleted, Tagged, Existing, and Raw files.

DDiG Windows Data Recovery

How to Use?

 Here are Steps to Recover YouTube videos;

  • First, you need to install the application or open the online website on your system.
  • You will see the ‘Data Recovery’ option on the Home Page. You need to click on this option.
  • Now, you must select the location to search and store the deleted YouTube file.
  • After choosing the location, you must allow this software to search or scan the file.
  • You can see the file type on the top if you want to select the file type.
  • The scanning process will start once you find a deleted YouTube video, and you can stop scanning.
  • After stopping the procedure, you can save and watch the videos safely.

4. By Using RecoverMy.Video:

On the list of deleted YouTube videos without links, RecoverMy.Video is another of the best online platforms. It works simply by signing up for your account. This online platform allows users to find the video’s Link across the watched or liked YouTube videos.

After searching the Link of the video, this website will find the video as it keeps a copy or makes your deleted video archive even if you have deleted the history of that video. Trying this platform is very helpful for YouTube videos without URLs.


5. By reaching out to YouTube Support:

Suppose you have tried all the methods to watch deleted YouTube videos. Moreover, in the end, you will still need clarification and worry that there is no other method to find videos.

So, yes, there is a solution remaining. You can contact the support. To follow this method, you can email YouTube support and request them to help you recover the YouTube videos.

It will work for you if you have no other method to find deleted YouTube videos.

Steps to Recover YouTube videos;

  • First, you must log in to your Google account on YouTube.
  • On the bottom of the page, you will see a ‘Help’ button; click on this button.
  • You must select the ‘Get Creators Support’ option after that.
  • Now, you need to choose the relative category.
  • After selecting the category, click the option ‘Email Support’.
  • Another option is to click on the ‘Contact Creator Support team’ Link.

Follow the above steps to find and watch deleted YouTube videos on YouTube


In the above guide on finding deleted YouTube videos, we have shared the best ways and steps to search YouTube videos to get access to deleted YouTube videos.

Moreover, the procedure to follow these methods is relatively easy. The above techniques will work for you! You need to follow them properly to enjoy your deleted YouTube videos!


Is there any online website to watch the deleted YouTube videos again?

Yeah, many software and applications allow you to recover deleted YouTube videos. Such as RecoverMy.Video, 4DDiG Windows Data Recovery software, Google caches, video finder,, Wayback Machine, etc. You must follow the steps to find and watch deleted YouTube videos online.

Do deleted YouTube videos remain deleted forever?

Once the YouTube video gets deleted, it will not be accessible anymore. Until and unless there is a case in which you can still watch the same video. However, this case is rare because sometimes the video gets more viral, and many other channels repost that video. It is how you can view the same video on another channel.

Is it possible to watch deleted YouTube videos without a URL?

Yes, it is still possible to watch and restore the videos even if you don’t have the URL of the video. You can use RecoverMy.Video or YouTube video finder software or can also get access to the backup of the deleted video. Moreover, you can also search on social media platforms to find deleted ones. Other ways include finding videos by reaching out to YouTube customer support.

Can I access the deleted YouTube videos in the history?

The answer is NO! You can not see or find YouTube videos in the search or even watch your account’s history. Because it was deleted from the specific platform, it is not accessible to view the video.