When scrolling through Facebook, you might have seen people commenting “BUMP” and wonder what it means. Why are some Facebook posts filled with comments with only one word, “BUMP”? The Term “BUMP feature engages more people with your content, image, post, or video. When a person comments BUMP on the post, he asks to read it, which may be important for you.

Facebook algorithm introduces this feature to get more engagement on your post. BUMP means “bring up my post,” Facebook will show the post many people bump on the top of your news feed. So, it might be very useful in many aspects. In this article, we will discuss why we should use BUMP. How might it be useful? And many other aspects. So, do you still need to learn what BUMP means on Facebook? This article is for you.

What Does Bump mean on Facebook?

How do you BUMP a post on Facebook?

Do you want to get more engagement on Facebook account? Then, you must BUMP your post, which will come under the top posts in the new segment activity. There are three segments of Facebook when a post is bumped.

  • When you post something new, Facebook will show the latest posts.
  • When someone comments on your post, it will show in the new activity.
  • When posts get a lot of engagement and bumps, they will be on the top.


When you post in a group or page, then this segment will apply. This will not apply to your regular posts.

Some effective ways to BUMP post

There are some ways to if you want to BUMP your post on Facebook. Look how BUMP work to take post back to the top.

BUMP post with comments

Commenting is one of the most common and easiest ways to BUMP post on Facebook. Also, it attracts more users to comment and engage with your post. If you comment BUMP on a post, it ensures more users and groups will engage with your post because they will see your post at the top of the feed. Follow some steps to BUMP your own post.

  • Make your post on your Facebook.
  • Please post it in your relevant Facebook group.
  • Post and comment BUMP.
  • Also, mention your friends and ask them to BUMP.

BUMP post without comments

BUMP posts without comments are also easy and simple, where you have to follow certain steps.

  • Create a post on Facebook.
  • Like and share your post on your timeline and story.
  • Copy the link and put the status on your WhatsApp.
  • Send links to your friends on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.
  • Also, send the link to the Whatsapp group.
  • Post the link on any social media platform.

BUMP post with Tagging and Mentioning

When you Tag your friends on a particular post, it means you are strategically inviting them to engage with you. Your post will appear in the news feed of those you tagged. Also, the friends you tagged will engage with your post. Also, it’s an effective method to get engagement on your post. Also, check the How to Post Anonymously On Facebook Group.

Moreover, BUMP your post by mentioning your friends on a post or comments. Mention and ask them to mention their friends to get engaged.

BUMP your message into the messenger

Now Messenger allows you to BUMP messages. You can BUMP a message in the messenger. Sometimes, when many people send a message, they miss an important previous message. So, you can BUMP the important message, and this will appear as a new message, and everyone gets a notification as they get a new message notification.

When Should we ‘BUMP’ a post?

Knowing when to BUMP is most important because bumping every post is not good practice. When you BUMP into a funny meme or another important post, your followers will not engage whenever you post something important that needs engagement. Following are some recommendations when you need to BUMP on Facebook, which will be very effective.

  • BUMP a post when launching a new product, service website, recommendations related to any service, etc.
  • When making an important announcement like hiring in the company, policies, office openings, etc.
  • BUMP your older post instead of making a new post.

BUMP your products into the Facebook Marketplace

BUMP your Facebook post in the marketplace differs from the one in the group or page. You have to renew your post if you want to BUMP your product list. This way, your listing will show at the top of the marketplace. Follow simple steps to renew your list and take your post to the top.

  • Open the marketplace.
  • Click on your items.
  • Then, click on the listings to renew.
  • Click on the Renew Lists in the Marketplace.
  • Your list will appear at the top of Facebook.


Why bumping the post is important?

BUMP The post is important because it points out the people who want to come and engage in this post. It is essential when a post needs attention to appear on the top. It increases the post engagement visibility and enables it to be on the top of the news feed even if the user is not looking for it. You will also notice that the post has a lot of reach and engagement.

What is the benefit of a Paid BUMP on a Facebook post?

You will get paid BUMP, known as “Boosted Posts,” on Facebook. This will be sponsored, where you have to pay to Facebook, and it will boost your post. It helps you to get more reach and engagement on social media platforms like Facebook. Facebook will show your posts to your targeted audience.

Can hashtags help in bumping posts?

Yes, hashtags also help to BUMP the post. When someone searches for a topic with a hashtag, your post may appear there.

Can I use the BUMP features for my regular posts?

No, you can not use BUMP on your regular posts. When you post in a Facebook group, you can use this feature by commenting on a post. Mean when someone comment on the post “BUMP,” Facebook bumps this post, not your regular posts.


BUMP your Facebook post and get more reach and engagement. BUMP refers to the audience to bring up my post. So, when you type BUMP in the comment section, people realize there may be something new and important. That’s why they come, and there is something important: they invite their friends. Also, you can BUMP a message on messenger app, which will appear at the top of the chat.