In our daily life, we use different words and acronyms. But in different languages and contexts, the meaning of the word can be different. Nowadays, the acronym CF is used by Instagram users.
New users are confused about this term and what does CF mean on Instagram.

So, let me clear you that CF means close friends on Instagram. This close friend feature of Instagram has made it easy to post their Instagram stories and show them to their closest friends whom they want to add to their CF list.
For more information, reading this blog is necessary, so let’s delve into the depth.

What does CF mean on Instagram?

What Does CF Mean on Instagram | The Guide

Sometimes, we feel easy while using short words instead of uttering or writing complete words on social media platforms. Similarly, the abbreviation CF is used on the Instagram app, and many Instagram followers and users don’t know about this feature on Instagram.
So, basically, the meaning of CF on Instagram is to choose ‘close friends.’ This feature allows Instagram’s users to share content with their CF list only. Most of the time, a person doesn’t want others to view their private stories or share photos and videos with all of their followers. That’s why they use this new feature of Instagram to make a close friend list. Also, check the TTM Mean on Instagram.

You can easily add people to your CF list, and also you can remove someone whom you no longer want to keep in your CF. When you share content, including your pictures and videos, you will see a green badge representing the CF list.

How to add close friends on Instagram for private stories?

It’s not rocket science to use CF on an Instagram account to share stories only with your ‘close friends.’
However, the condition is that your account must be verified before using this feature on Instagram.

Suppose you want to use Instagram’s close friends feature. In that case, you should complete the necessary information on Instagram, and then your account will be verified, and you can enjoy this wonderful feature. Before this time, people wanted to add many people to their accounts. Still, they were looking for quality instead of quantity, so they wanted to deliver their content to the targeted audience only.

Use of CF List on Instagram

To add close friends, you have to click on the top right corner of your screen after logging in to your Instagram. There would be three parallel lines in the right corner, and then you will be slid into a box where you have to select the option ‘close friends.’
Now, you can add desired people to your list of close friends. This feature is useful and secure on Instagram to share private stories, photos, and videos with your loved ones.

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Is it possible to use a close friend list on different types of Instagram Accounts?

Yes, you can use this feature to share content with your desired population. Three different types of Instagram accounts can be created, including personal, business, and creator.

Personal Instagram Account

This sort of Instagram account is created by those Instagram users who want to add only their close friends or family to their Instagram followers.  If you want to lessen the audience on your Instagram story, then you can use the CF feature as well.

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Business Instagram Account

Business Instagram accounts are used by those people who want to expand their business using different social media apps. They grow and advertise their products using Instagram. They can use the close friends feature to show their specific products to a people-specific audience.

Creator Instagram Account

This type of account is created by persons who want to excel in the world and want the world to see their content and appreciate or criticize them. Different people can follow creator account holders and view and share photos, videos, and other shared content. Also, check the SMT Mean on Instagram.
If they also want to create a CF list, then it is also possible for them.

Where CF can be used?

CF list can not only be made on Instagram, but you can also create a CF list on Snapchat or TikTok to deliver specific content to specific audiences.

Final Thoughts

Many people were asking about what does CF mean on Instagram. To solve their queries, I’ve clearly mentioned that for what CF stands for on Instagram in this detailed article. Hope so, now you can easily create a CF list on Instagram to add or remove your close friends and for private story setting. This feature allows users to enjoy privacy while sharing intimate content on their stories.
If you have any questions after reading this article please let me know below.


What is the full form of CF in media?

Mostly, CF is used for denoting close friends on Instagram, TikTok, or Snapchat. This feature allows you to create a CF list, hide stories from unknown persons and show them to selected people.

What does CF stand for?

In different languages, CF stands for different purposes. But when it’s about social media, CF stands for creating a close friend list to share your content with or a group of desired audience including close friends and family to whom you want to share specific information or stories on Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok.

What does CF mean on Twitter?

When it comes to Twitter, CF stands for cross fingers.