Did you find someone named ‘’Instagram user’’ with no profile picture and username in your DMs and wondered what does Instagram user mean? Keep reading to find out whether they have deactivated or deleted their account.

what does instagram user mean?

What Does Instagram User Mean: Deactivated or Blocked?

You might get a shock while scrolling through your Instagram DMs and finding out there is no profile picture or username on your crush’s handle. Rather, it would show it labeled with “Instagram user”. You are not alone if you don’t know what does Instagram user mean?

However, the short answer to your question is the person might have deleted or deactivated their account. Moreover, it might be possible they have blocked you. Keep reading the longer answer to learn more about what does it mean when it says Instagram user.

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1. The User has deleted their account

When a person deletes their Instagram account, it disappears from the platform. It shows Instagrammer or ‘’Instagram user’’. But, it takes 30 days for Instagram to remove its data completely from the day it was deleted. The User might recover their account account if they opt to. Also, check the How to Copy Instagram Comments.

So, if a person who is your follower or you are following them deletes their account, You will see that particular handle named Instagram User in your DMs and the followers or following list. It might appear for 30 days like that before disappearing completely.

User has deleted their account

2. The User has temporarily deactivated their account

The other behind an Instagram profile showing ”Instagram user” is that the person might have temporarily deactivated their Instagram account. People often deactivate their Instagram account for many reasons. Some might choose to take a break from social media, or a student might want to focus on their studies to prepare for upcoming exams.

So, when an account is deactivated temporarily, Instagram labels it with the Instagram user. The person can activate it after a certain period when they wish to. Then Instagram will show their profile as it was.

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3. The User has blocked your account

The other reason you see a person’s Instagram handle displaying Instagram user in your DMs or your followers or following list is that they have blocked you. When someone has blocked you on Instagram, you can’t DM them, open their profile or see what they share.

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4. Instagram has banned the account

Like other social media platforms, Instagram doesn’t let any suspicious or fraudulent activity happen across the platform. It lets you report fake profiles and Instagram bans them after analyzing their accounts.

So, if your follower or following list had such a fake profile, it might be possible Instagram has banned their account. That’s why it might be showing the ”Instagram user” user tag.

How to Know if Someone Has Blocked You on Instagram

Are you unsure whether someone has deleted his account or blocked you? Here are a few ways to know if someone has blocked you on Instagram.

1. Search their account on Instagram

If you think someone has blocked on Instagram, search for their account as you normally do. If the person’s account doesn’t appear in the search results, then it is likely that they have blocked you.

However, in the case of verified accounts or celebrities, their account appears in search results even if they have blocked you. However, you won’t be able to see the photos or videos they share on posts and stories.

Search their account on Instagram

2. Ask your friends to search the account on Instagram

Secondly, you can ask one of your friends to search the account you are suspicious about that the person has blocked you. If the person’s account appears in the search results on your friend’s account and doesn’t appear in yours, then it is confirmed that they have blocked you. You can go to your second account or create a new account to search yourself if you are hesitant to ask a friend.

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3. No access to chats with the account

Another way to know if someone has blocked you on Instagram is if you cannot access the chats you had with the person. The disappearing of chats is a clear indication when someone blocks you on Instagram. It is because texts never disappear if someone has deleted or deactivated their account.

what does instagram user mean?

What if I have DMs from “Instagram User”?

If you have a DM from an ‘’Instagram User’’ then it means they have deactivated their account. If you had chats with a person who has now disabled their account then texts won’t disappear. However, if you had texts with a person who has now permanently deleted their account, then chats will disappear after 30 days.

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What does it mean if chats disappear and show ‘’Instagram User” in DM?

Well, there can be three scenarios if previous chats are not available and it shows an Instagram User.

  • The person has deleted their account. After 30 days of account deletion, texts are no longer available
  • The person has blocked you. When someone blocks you, the texts disappear, and you can no longer see their posts, followers, following and username
  • Instagram has banned their account due to suspicious activity. Instagram deletes all of their data and even the texts they had with you


Why do I see Instagram user instead of a username?

There are four reasons you see Instagram user or Instagrammer instead of a person’s username:

  • The User has temporarily disabled or deactivated their account
  • The User has permanently deleted their account on Instagram
  • The User has blocked you on Instagram
  • Instagram has banned the User

How do you know if someone deleted their Instagram account?

Here are some indicators that tell the person might have deleted their account permanently:

  • It shows their handle labeled ‘’Instagram User’’ instead of their username
  • There will be no profile image, and the profile will be blank
  • The chats you had with the person will disappear after 30 days
  • Instagram will indicate ‘’User Not Found’’ when you tap to see person’s profile

How to know if someone has blocked you on Instagram?

Here are a few indicators you should look for to confirm if you’ve been blocked by someone on Instagram:

  • Search their username, and if it doesn’t show in search results, then they have blocked you
  • Go and see your DM; if your chats have disappeared, then it’s a block
  • Ask your friend to search the user account on Instagram; if it appears in your friend’s search results, then it means you’ve been blocked


Determining whether someone has deactivated their Instagram account or blocked you can be a perplexing task. However, you can make an educated guess by paying attention to key indicators like profile visibility, messages, and the use of mutual friends’ accounts. I hope you’ve learned everything about what does Instagram User mean. Cheers!