You are surfing the content on the internet and suddenly see an amazing text or image and want to share it with your friends on Instagram. If so, copy and then paste that content to share it with your friends. But the question is, where is Instagram Clipboard, and how do you find or use it?

People wishing to copy Instagram comments, captions, and DMs to expand their posts and generate more followers frequently search for a clipboard on Instagram. Here, we will tell you everything about what it means on Instagram and how to find it on Instagram Posts and Stories on your iPhone or Android.

Where is Instagram Clipboard?

What is an Instagram Clipboard?

Instagram is a great social media platform to share unique content and organically grow your followers especially Geo-targeted Instagram followers. Although the social media platform restricts sharing copyright content, you can use copyright-free content from clipboard history.

An Instagram clipboard lets you select and then paste an image or text that you find captivating. But what does this feature mean on Instagram?

It is a virtual place that keeps your copied images or text files for some time to paste them somewhere else.

Using this feature, you will not have to download or upload a photo or text for sharing. Therefore, irrespective of the type of app or website, just select the content, hold on to it to “Copy,” then paste it somewhere else.

Users think there is no clipboard option on Instagram, but there is. However, Instagram puts limitations on many actions of the users, but by following some shortcuts, we can avail those features.

What is an Instagram Clipboard?

Where is Instagram Clipboard on My Android Phone?

The clipboard option on Instagram is a temporary holding area that keeps copied texts, IG hashtags, images, and other content that you can use later within your posts, comments, or other texts. In other words, it is a digital notepad where you can save content for later use without switching between different apps.

You might be wondering where is my Instagram clipboard on my Android phone or how to get to this feature; worry not- there are two spots where you can find or access this feature. Those two places are:

  1. Instagram Post
  2. Instagram Stories

Where is Clipboard on Instagram Post:

The content you select or cut, such as comments or DMs, is stored in your phone’s Clipboard. You can then paste that content somewhere else within that app. For instance, you can select a set of trending hashtags from one post and put them into another post.

This way, clipboard history helps you eliminate the process of manually retyping or remembering the content, saving your precious time and effort.

To find it on posts:

  • Select your desired content from any website and open Instagram on your phone.
  • Click the + icon below on the Instagram page and access your Gallery.

where is instagram clipboard?

  • After accessing your Gallery, select a photo you want to upload and tap “Next.”
  • Edit your photo by applying a filter and tap “Next.”
  • In the “New Post” section, tap and hold on to the “Write a Caption” option for some time.
  • It will open the Clipboard on Instagram option.
  • Tap it and select from the copied material there.

This is how you can access this feature on your posts. You cannot put photos or videos by copying them; instead, you will have to download them, and then you can post them on Instagram.

How to Find Clipboard Feature on Instagram Story?

Follow these instructions to find or access Clipboard on the Story Sharing page of Instagram:

  1. Like the above method, choose content from a website and open Instagram on your phone.
  2. Now, swipe right from your Instagram page to reach your camera.
  3. From the camera page, select the gallery button on the bottom left.
  4. Now, select an image from your Gallery.
  5. When the image or video comes up, click the “Aa” button on the upper right side.
  6. Now, press the text entry box to access the “Clipboard” button and select the copied content.

This is how you can access this feature on your Instagram story. To share an image on your Story, you will need to download it first and then upload it.

Where is the Instagram Clipboard on My iPhone?

Accessing the Clipboard on your iPhone is a breeze since you can use it to copy eye-catching captions or texts you see on the web. However, it is important to know that you cannot add visual media on Instagram, similar to Android. You can only choose text like DMs to accompany the photos or videos you upload from your Gallery.

Where is the Instagram Clipboard on My iPhone

Iphone users Need to Follow the steps below to find the Clipboard:

  1. Simply tap and hold on to the website text you want to add to your post.
  2. Open the Instagram app on your iPhone and tap the + icon. From there, click on the Gallery icon.
  3. Choose the image or video you want to upload and select “Next.”
  4. Choose a filter or effect for your image and choose “Next.”
  5. Now, tap and hold on to the caption field. This will allow you to post your selected content.
  6. Finally, click “Done” and upload your post.

How to Copy Content from Any Website and Paste that Content on Instagram?

Previously, you could not copy material from a website and paste it onto your post on Instagram. However, with recent updates, Instagram allows users to choose content from external sources directly into their posts.

This way, users can easily share valuable content and information from websites to their Instagram profiles. To select content from any website:

  1. First, log in to your Instagram account on your Desktop.
  2. Visit the website whose content you want to use. The content can be text, images, or videos.
  3. Select that specific content and right-click to select ‘Copy’ or pressing Ctrl+C on your keyboard.
  4. Open your Instagram profile and create a new post by tapping the plus (+) icon.
  5. They use a drag-and-drop feature to upload a photo on your feed.
  6. Edit the photo using a filter.
  7. Click the “Write a Caption” and hold on to it for one second.
  8. Now, add your desired text on Instagram.

That’s all! You have successfully pasted content from external sources onto your post on Instagram. Remember, don’t share copied content frequently, as the Instagram algorithm is very sensitive and blocks your account.


Where is my Instagram clipboard on Android Device?

Are you wondering where is the Clipboard icon on my phone? Instagram does not feature a visible icon for this feature within the app. So, if you want to access Clipboard while using Instagram on Android, copy text from any external website and then paste it into your posts.

How do I find a link copied to Clipboard on Instagram?

You cannot find the copied link from Instagram or any other app within the Instagram interface. You must use your device’s keyboard or a manager to find or view the copied link.

Can I paste content from the Clipboard to Instagram or any other app?

Yes! You can paste selected content on Instagram and other apps.

Can I post videos from Clipboard on my Instagram feed?

No! You cannot post videos directly from Clipboard to Instagram because it only allows users to copy and paste text into comments within this app.

How do you delete Instagram Clipboard on your phone?

To delete content in the Clipboard, tap the “Delete All” button on the right. This deletes all the material from it.

Final Words

In conclusion, the answer to Where is Instagram clipboard is that you can find this option in two places: Posts and Instagram stories. Use this helpful feature to frequently copy and paste content within the Instagram app on your phone. So, this feature simplifies the process, whether you want to reuse the hashtags, duplicate captions, or reference usernames.