Has it ever happened to you that you are conversing with your friend and are suddenly restricted to sending a message? Or you may be trying to reply to a Instagram message you received a few days back, but Instagram prevents you from doing that. If yes and wondering why, let us tell you, it all happens for a reason.

Keep on reading. We will shed light upon all the reasons why you can not reply to any specific message on Instagram; in addition, we will find some efficient ways to tackle the problem.

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Why Can't I Reply to Messages on Instagram?

Reasons why you are unable to reply to any Instagram message

There could be many reasons why you need help replying to a Instagram message on the site. Here, we discuss some of the significance of all.

The user blocked you.

The first and most common reason Instagram restricts you from sending messages to any specific account or replying to their statements is that the account holder might have blocked you. Blocking is a feature proffered by Instagram to enhance user privacy and give respect to their decision. Also, check the How to Merge Two Instagram Accounts.

If someone decides that they do not want to continue talking to someone or perhaps want to cut off the connection with them, they can use the block user option to restrict that account from coming into contact ever again.

Internet breakage or weak internet connection

Internet sends your Instagram messages through data packages. These packages need to keep themselves connected with the frequencies provided by the modem or router of your house. So, if you are suddenly stopped from replying to a specific message, it means your phone has lost its alignment with the internet frequency,

This could happen if the socket has a short circuit or someone unplugged the wire. So get up, check your wire, and fix it if needed. Another big reason for an internet breakage might be if your provider is facing difficulty or electricity breakage. So call your service provider to confirm

There is an Instagram breakdown.

Instagram spreads its connection all across the globe and utilizes modern technology to ensure a smooth run. But at times, the site can face a short breakdown due to unknown reasons, preventing you from sending or replying to any message, posting something, or calling someone.

If this is the case that prevents you from replying to any Instagram message, confirm it by searching on Google. If Google is also down, watch the news channel.

You are using the app’s older version.

Instagram is a highly competitive app that keeps itself updated occasionally to cope with the needs. New features keep coming away, replacing the older ones, which may also affect your activities on Instagram account.

Although it is an automatic procedure, hurdles may come if you have restricted your phone from updating itself automatically. Go to the Play Store and search for the Instagram app. If the app is of the older version, you will find a button saying “Update” or “Update the App.” Click upon it, and the store will start the process. Don’t worry; you are not going to lose any data. It is also good to select automatic updates option.

In addition, if you do not have the Instagram app from scratch and use the web version to operate your Instagram account, this could be another reason you cannot reply to messages on Instagram. A simple solution is to use Instagram new app from the Google Play Store if you are an Android user or the Apple Store if you use an iOS device.

Your phone’s storage is full.

We keep downloading and installing stuff on our phones, cluttering their memory. But what we need to know and care about is that this stuff can create a lot of hurdles for you to use your phone, also affecting application activity. If your phone’s storage is full, it will affect all the applications, including Instagram, and you may also be unable to reply to even Instagram dms because of the low speed and performance. Go to your phone’s app gallery and tap on “downloaded.” Now, your phone will display all the applications you have downloaded. Look for the applications you don’t use anymore and uninstall them. Also, consider deleting pictures.

How to fix the Message Reply Issue on Instagram?

Now that you are all aware of the reasons and problems that may prevent you from messaging on Instagram, here we discuss some of the efficient techniques you can use to tackle the problem.

Reinstall the app

The first and most effective solution is reinstalling the Instagram app. Here is how you can do i

  1. Delete the app: Open your phone, find the Instagram application in your app gallery, press it for 2 seconds, and the delete option will pop up. Delete the app from there.
  2. Open the app store: Now open your phone’s app store. We suggest going for the Apple Store if you own an iOS device and the Google Play Store if you are an Android user. Make sure you are not logged out of your account. If you are, consider logging in.

How to fix the Message Reply Issue on Instagram?

  1. Find the app: Instagram is usually displayed on the home screen of the app store. But if it is not, use the search bar to find it. Just write Instagram and press enter.

How to fix the Message Reply Issue on Instagram?

  1. Click on the Instagram app and install: A long list of similar applications will appear in front of you. Choose the standard Instagram app with a pink camera logo and tap on it. Now find the button that says “Install” or “Download,” and the downloading process will immediately start. Now, you will be able to use the Instagram reply feature.

How to fix the Message Reply Issue on Instagram?

Restart your phone

Restarting your phone will help refresh all the applications and apparent ongoing cliches. To do so, press your power button for 3 to 6 seconds, and a short menu will pop up. Press the Restart button, and the mobile will start right away.

Contact Instagram

Last yet not least, try contacting Instagram. The site’s customer support staff is known as one of the world’s most understanding, fast, and professional customer support systems. So write them a message explaining your complaint. Here is a short step-by-step guide to contacting Instagram support on your mobile

  1. Launch the Instagram app: Open your phone and launch the app from the gallery.
  2. Tap profile picture: Your profile image must be displayed at the bottom right corner of your mobile screen. Tap upon it.
  3. Navigate to settings: Tap the three-line icon at the top right corner, and a short menu will appear. Select settings.

Contact Instagram

  1. Select Help: You will find many options to change your account under the settings tab. However, you want to see “Help” and click on it.

Contact Instagram

  1. Report your issue: At this point, you can tell Instagram about your issues. So take a moment and write your problem in a detailed manner. Tell them that you have done everything correctly. Still, you are unable to send or reply to a specific message.
  2. Wait for the repose: After you have submitted your complaint, wait for the response. Typically, customer support will respond to you within 24 to 48 hours. However, if your case is complex, it may take up to 3 days.
  3. Follow the instructions: Once the Instagram support has replied to you, look carefully at the message and all the education they have provided. Implement them, and you will be able to reply to messages. If the problem still needs to be solved, contact customer support again.

How to use the Instagram DM at its best

The content above already told you about all the problems that may enable you to reply to a specific message on Instagram, along with its solution. It is time to help you make the most out of it with the following features.

Use Emojis in between text.

Using emojis is an excellent option to express your feelings and emotions. But what’s better is using these in the middle of your statements. This way, the viewer not only understands your emotions but keeps aligned with the flow of the roller coaster of feelings you are going through at the time. Also, it makes the message look more exciting and eye-catching.

This method is best suited for people who are about to wish someone a good day.

Use stickers as replies.

Instagram holds a wide variety of stickers. Just type your concern to find a relatable sticker. It is one of the great ways to express your opinion about a particular statement funnily and sarcastically. You can also download more stickers from the app store or Google Chrome to widen the variety. What might be more interesting is solely relying on stickers to communicate with each other.

Using hashtags

Hashtags are usually used for the post purposes. However, one clever idea to bring creativity to your account is using hashtags in your replies and chats. For instance, you are a food lover communicating with another foodie friend about your favorite dishes and fast food. To show interest in your favorite item, such as Burger, you can include the hashtag #BurgerLover after your statement. It is one great way to bring authenticity and rigidness to your account.

Be funny

Being funny but in an intelligent way is critical to a healthy and long conversation. So, try to take things lightly and reply softly to the other person. Be gentle and let your sense of humor come to use with well-constructed sentences and meaningful talks in a fun way. This way, you might persuade the other person to participate in daily discussions.

Final Thoughts

On the bottom line, Instagram is a fun place to be and contact with each other through its direct message feature. However, the site sometimes might prevent you from replying to specific messages. It may happen for multiple reasons, such as a weak internet connection, being blocked, using the older or web version, and the list.

The content above discusses some of the prominent reasons for the case, along with their solutions. Furthermore, find all the other relevant information to make the most of the message features on Instagram.