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  • Custom Comments from Real People:

    We always provide Instagram services related to growth from real people. Therefore, you will get your Instagram comments from genuine Instagram users with proper profile information.

  • Non-Drop Guarantee:

    There is a 0% chance of a decrease in your comment count because we always provide comments from authentic users rather than bots. Therefore, you will not see a drop-down in your posts’ comments over time. That’s why Neptuneviews is the best in the business!

  • Instant Delivery:

    Our team begins processing your order as soon as you purchase a package. We always complete your order within the limits of the mentioned delivery time. If we fail to deliver your order in that time, you can contact us to ask for the delay or get your funds back.

  • Secure Payment Process:

    We offer secure payment gateways to clear payments. All our payment gateways follow the PCI DSS standards. You can pay us via your credit card or through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

  • Wide Range of Packages:

    As a reliable source, we offer a variety of custom comment packages. You can choose the package according to your requirements and budget. Thus, choose a suitable package and enjoy the results.

  • Money-Back Guarantee:

    You will get your funds back if we fail to deliver your order within the mentioned time frame. If it takes longer than three days, you can claim a refund. For further details, visit our service page and read our refund policy.

  • No Passwords Needed:

    Our team members will never ask for sensitive details like your Instagram account password or private information. The process of ordering is simple. You only need to provide the link to your post or video for which you want to buy comments.

  • Around the Clock Customer Support:

    We offer 24/7 live customer support. You can contact us anytime with any queries or problems regarding our services. Thus, contact us via Email or live chat and get round-the-clock customer support.

Instagram has become the best place to turn up the game of any business, brand, or celebrity with the power of the “comments” feature. Every user wants to get fame and engagement on their posts from people worldwide.

Therefore, buy Instagram custom comments from real users rather than spend much time crafting your content and getting organic post comments. Buying Instagram comments properly ensures the promotion of yourself and your brand.

Comments are the backbone of the Instagram marketing strategy; therefore, buy Instagram comments from a reliable source providing services as genuine people do. When you purchase comments, Instagram will start ranking your posts, and you will get immediate results.

What Are Instagram Custom Comments?

Instagram comments, either custom or random, on your posts represent the most relevant feedback from the audience about your content. When people leave many comments on your Instagram posts, your content gets their attention, attracts them to read all the comments, and leaves their thoughts in the form of a comment. Most Instagrammers buy custom Instagram comments to increase the attractiveness and authenticity of their posts.

Sometimes, you want specific comments about your posts along with getting engagement; however, Instagram comments are the hardest to get among the main engagement types on Instagram. Therefore, you should buy customized comments to add value to your posts and account.

Difference Between Regular Comments and Custom Instagram Comments

You can pay for our reliable services and get engagement on your IG posts through Instagram comments. However, standard or regular comments are random and typically work for any post. Purchasing these comments is great for some situations, but sometimes, you may need custom post comments.

This is because you want people to comment on a specific phrase or use a certain hashtag, like for a contest or promotional campaign. Therefore, Instagram comments are for specific purposes and help you promote a specific photo aspect or your overall brand.

Reasons Why Should You Buy Instagram Comments?

An Instagram comment on your post is one of two main ways to allow users to engage with the content they see on the platform. Although getting more likes is also essential, comments are a unique and more active form of getting engagement and require more effort.

Instagram marketers, brand owners, and social media influencers generally use the comment section to generate engagement and get valuable feedback about their content since comments are more relevant. If you also need comments for your posts on Instagram, you can purchase comments from an authentic source like ours.

Buy real Instagram comments and stand out from the competition! Because purchasing comments is a useful trick to make your posts look more popular. People on Instagram view posts full of comments compared to photos or posts with little or no comments. So, when you have more comments under your posts, you will attract many new people to your profile.

Buying Random comments may be the best option to go with. Some maintain engagement by liking or commenting, and perhaps some will follow your account just because you give the impression that they are already popular. So, buying our comments services will help you receive more organic likes, comments, and followers.

As a result, your account will be more active than ever before. Thus, buy comments for your posts to achieve your dreams quickly.

Major Benefits of Buying Instagram Comments

Comments are a great way for people to show engagement with content on Instagram, and you can also increase the visibility and reach of your content by having more comments on your posts.

You will enjoy the following benefits when you purchase comments for your Instagram profile.

Build Social Proof and Recognition:

Every day, people spend millions of dollars seeking recognition on social media, but only a few become celebrities. Do you know what is the reason behind this? The reason is that they use conventional ways of spending money without considering modern trends. Purchasing comments is a smart move to boost your social media credibility quickly. You can buy cheap Instagram comments from a reputable seller and enjoy the quick results.

Boost Engagement and Visibility:

Buying comments for your posts on Instagram helps you increase engagement because when more people interact with your content, it becomes visible to more people. This helps you reach a bigger target audience and get more organic followers.

Similarly, with more comments, your posts appear higher in Instagram’s algorithm, which greatly increases the visibility of your profile and ultimately leads to more organic engagement.

More Credibility:

Buying comments for your IG posts makes your profile more popular and credible because many comments are a sign of authority. Other people perceive your content as valuable and show interest by liking and viewing it. This way, you can attract new followers, Instagram growth, and more potential customers.

Save Valuable Time:

Spending hours creating and crafting valuable content to get more comments is tiring. You will get discouraged because you will not get the results you expected. Therefore, purchasing comments can save you valuable time and effort from regularly engaging with your followers to increase engagement on your account.

Become the Part of the Trending Hashtags:

You might have listened to hot topics from some of your friends, but have you ever considered how someone becomes a hot topic or trending hashtag on social media? The answer lies in purchasing comments for your social media posts. When others see more comments on your posts, they start reading them and respond to them by tagging their friends. This way, your content is shared with many people, increasing social exposure and becoming a hot topic on social media.

Get More Likes and Views:

You can also enjoy other benefits when you buy comments for your IG posts. Your posts will also get more Instagram likes and views. People who notice many comments on your posts are likelier to check out your Instagram account and follow you. Secondly, it increases engagement on your posts by delivering a positive growth signal to the Instagram algorithm. So, the Instagram algorithm promotes everything on your account that gets comments and responses.

Choosing the Best Site to Buy Instagram Comments

Finding the best place to buy Instagram comments can be challenging because many sites provide fake comments from bots. Some take care of their customers’ privacy and leak sensitive information.

Our site, Neptuneviews, is doing a great job in this regard. At affordable prices, we offer 100% real, active, and non-drop Instagram comments. Our site always prioritizes the security of our customers over money. Therefore, look no further if you want to make the most of your comments and save time and energy.

Thus, no matter how many comments you need for your posts, we can help.

How to Buy Comments on Instagram from Neptuneviews?

Buying Instagram comments for your posts from Neptuneviews is simple and quick. Follow the steps below to purchase from our site.

Enter Your Details:

The first step for purchasing comments for your Instagram posts from Neptuneviews involves entering necessary details like your post’s URL or video link for which you want to purchase comments.

Select a Package:

After entering the necessary credentials for purchasing comments, the second step involves selecting the number of comments from the list of available packages. We offer a wide range of budget-friendly packages. Thus, choose a specific package according to your needs.

Buy Now

After entering details and choosing a package, click the “Buy Now” button to confirm your purchase. Clicking on this button leads you to the Checkout page.


On the Checkout page, review your details and the package you selected to confirm your purchase. Choose a payment method by clicking the “Payment” button to make transactions and wait for the results. You will start getting your order after clearing the payments.

Final Words About Buying Custom Instagram Comments

Nothing packs more important than buying Instagram custom comments to increase engagement, visibility, credibility, social proof, and ranking of your Instagram posts. Thus, buy custom or random Instagram comments from a reputable platform to make the Instagram algorithm promote your content.

Authentic platforms like ours provide 100% real, engaging, non-drop, instant Instagram comments at reasonable prices. Thus, visit our service page, select a suitable package and enjoy fast engagement with 100% authenticity.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Random Instagram Comments

What is the best place to buy Instagram custom comments?

Neptuneviews is the best place to purchase Instagram custom comments because we provide comments from real accounts. Moreover, we keep updating and tweaking our strategy to instantly provide authentic and high-quality IG comments.

Can I purchase real Instagram comments from real users?

Yes! From Neptuneviews, you can purchase real comments from genuine users. We offer different comment packages. Thus, choose a custom comment package and enjoy the results.

Can I purchase random Instagram comments?

Yes! At Neptuneviews, we offer options to buy Random Instagram comments for your videos or posts. You will get high-quality and real comments from our site.

How much does it cost to buy Instagram custom comments?

It depends on the amount of comments you purchase. For the minimum range, it costs $3.99 to purchase a package from our site. For further details, visit our site’s service page.

Is it legal to buy Instagram comments?

Yes! At Neptuneviews, it is legal to buy IG comments because we offer real comments from genuine Instagram users. Everything will look like normal growth, and your account will remain safe.

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