In this world full of advancements in social media, Instagram is one of the best apps. This social media platform has unique features and visuals that offer exciting content that attracts users. But there is an exciting feature on Instagram, which is half swipe direct message on Instagram. To enjoy Instagram to its fullest, you need to know how to half swipe on Instagram.

It would help if you learned about half-swiping on Instagram and Instagram DMs in this intriguing world. This half-swiping will reveal some incredible secrets to enjoy fresh content. Half-swipe on Instagram is simple whether you’re an Instagram devotee or a novice.

Prepare to embark on this journey to unveil the mystery of half swipe in 2024. Join me for everything you need to know to redefine your Instagram.

How to Half Swipe on Instagram

How to Half Swipe on Instagram | Understanding Its Use

Before we dive into the mechanics of half rip-off, it’s essential to understand its intention. Instagram introduced this feature to give users more control over their interactions with stories. When you half swipe, you can sneak a peek at your Instagram story without fully committing to viewing it.

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This is particularly handy when dealing with stories from understandings or accounts you’d relatively not engage with openly. Look at the step-by-step guide in this article to learn how to half swipe on an Instagram story.

How to Half-Swipe Instagram Story

Now, let’s dive into the article to learn how to half swipe on Instagram story and read Instagram messages without letting anyone know.

Open Instagram

Start by founding the Instagram app on your mobile device. Make sure you have an Instagram account on your Instagram. You need to open the Instagram app to access your account and interact with the content shared by other users, including their stories.

This step ensures that you are ready to engage with the half swipe feature. Open Instagram to enjoy this exciting feature.

Open Instagram

Locate the Story

The moment you open Instagram, you will see a story at the top of it. At the top of your Instagram feed, you’ll see a row of profile idols representing stories from users you follow.

Tap on the user’s profile icon whose account you want to half swipe. Also, you can view the Instagram story by tapping on the profile.

Start the Swipe

Once you’re viewing the user’s story, the fun begins. Begin rip-off from the left edge of your screen towards the right. By swiping towards the right, you will see Instagram DM.

This action instigates the half swipe. Locating the story you want to interact with is crucial because this step allows you to access the specific content you want to see. Before proceeding with the half-swipe, you must know whose account you wish to view.

Start the Swipe

Control the View

As you half-swipe, you’ll notice that the story commences progressing, but here’s the cool part—you can control the speed by adjusting the anxiety and swiping distance.

It is an excellent feature on Instagram that users can enjoy in 2023. It’s like existing in the driver’s seat of your Instagram experience.

Release to Exit

To exit the story without letting it occur as “seen,” simply release your finger from the screen. You’ll smoothly return to the story spread. This step will only show your view of someone’s story if you’ve seen it.

It’s important to understand that this step will allow you to secretly leave a story without knowing the person you’ve seen. This trick is beneficial if you want to maintain privacy or don’t want to engage with the content.

Revisit or Mark as Seen

If you want to view the entire story or mark it as seen later, it’s easy. Just tap on the story icon again and let it play correctly. This step is crucial because it will give you the flexibility to decide whether you want to interact with the story.

You can review the story and see the full content to be marked as visited. The account owner will know you’ve viewed their level by doing this.

Enjoy Furtive Viewing

The half swipe characteristic is perfect for those moments when you want to scrimp a level of privacy while still fulfilling your curiosity. Your actions will remain discreet, giving you peace of mind.

This phrase is important because it summarizes the benefit of using the half swipe feature on Instagram. It highlights that half swiping allows you to discreetly view someone’s Instagram story without them being aware that you’ve seen it. This can be particularly useful when you want to maintain your privacy or browse content without engaging openly.

Half Swiping on Instagram DMs

After learning how to half-swipe Instagram stories, I’ll tell you how to half-swipe Instagram DMs. First, open the Instagram app and swipe to the left. At the left, your DM will open. You can also click on the message icon on the top right corner of your Instagram.

The new messages will remain unseen if you know how to scroll up successfully. You can see the latest notes without making them seen by the correct method.

Open an Unread Chat

Now, find a chat with unread messages you want to open without showing them as open. Now, before opening it, read the most crucial step more carefully. Once you open the chat, you must swipe down in the conversation if you want to keep the messages scrolling up.Also, you must be quick in this method; otherwise, the new messages will load into view, and it’s game over. Then, those messages will be shown as “seen”.

Open an Unread Chat

Read Messages Without Marked as Seen/View

It is the most significant step in half-swiping Instagram DMs. You must be careful if you don’t want your messages marked as seen or viewed. When your message ends, the space between the message and the compose box will become visible. It will make your messages to be displayed as read.

If multiple unread messages are in the chat and one letter will come in the field of view, that message will be shown as read. Also, it will show a ‘Seen’ label underneath the message to the other person.

Best Hack to Read Messages and view Instagram stories without anyone knowing by half-swipe on Instagram

By this method, you can read multiple unread messages from your chat, but you can’t use this hack to read all the news without knowing the sender.

It is a method of how Instagram DMs currently work. The message will never be counted as read until the bottom of the message bubble appears on the screen’s foyer. So, enjoy this hack to read statements without making them marked as seen.

Etiquette and Best Practices to read message without them knowing

As with any social media characteristic, exercising reasonable decorum when half swiping on Instagram is essential. Here are some of the best procedures to keep in mind:

 Use Half Swiping Sparingly

Avoid making it a habit to half-swipe on every Instagram story you experience. Reserve it for situations where privacy or discretion is paramount.

 Respect Content Creators

If you’re a content creator, remember that others may half-swipe on your stories. Be playful, and don’t take it personally or don’t take it to your heart.

 Engage Genuinely

While half appropriation can be helpful, remember to engage fully with the content that interests you.

Liking, commenting or sharing can strengthen your connections on the platform and with others.

Final Thoughts

Learning the art of half swiping on Instagram will add charm to your social media. This technique will allow you to view content and Instagram posts more selectively. So, knowing how to half-swipe on Instagram will give you more privacy in your online interactions.

So, get ready to enjoy Instagram more efficiently. Furthermore, remember to share your feedback after using the half-swipe technique. We hope after going through this article you get the answer of can you half swipe on Instagram.


1) How to half-swipe on Snapchat?

What is half swiping and how to do in Snapchat, just open Snapchat on your mobile and open the chat tab. Then, tap and hold the profile icon of the person whose messages you will read. After this, swipe right, and the news will be revealed without being marked as seen.

2) How do you automate on Instagram?

Open the Instagram app, and at the home, you will see the Messenger icon on the right side. You will see under the setup of automated responses. Now tap it, and it will get started.

3) How many swipes are on Instagram?

It is the most common question about Instagram. Instagram will allow you to post only ten pictures or videos in 1 swipe-able carousel.