Photography can be a hobby and passion for some people, and they want to capture all the beauty of the world with their camera or iPhone. If you are an Instagram influencer and want to reach a maximum audience through your Instagram post, then you should open the Instagram app and share live photos on your Instagram app.
Many people want to know how to post live photos on Instagram.

The reason is that the Instagram app doesn’t allow users who want to post to share a live photo on their Instagram feed. But you can make a frame on Instagram using the Boomerang feature of Instagram with a live photo you want.
Let’s get started to have complete know-how on how to share and select the live photo or make a Boomerang on Instagram from a camera roll.

How to post live photo on Instagram story

Live photo as an Instagram Feed

Sometimes, we use the live photo option on our phone or iPhone, but we don’t know about the live photo feature. That’s why when we heard about taking live photos on Instagram, we got confused because we had never fussed with the camera setting before. Mostly, the live photos setting is enabled on iPhone by default.

Process of taking a live photo on Instagram

Here’s how to post live photos or Boomerang on Instagram.

The first thing you do after opening your Instagram app is to swipe the screen and slide into story mode. There, some concentric circles will be visible to you in the top right corner of your screen. Also, check the Instagram follow requests.

How would we know if the camera is on live photo setting or not?

But the question arises here: how would we know if the camera is already on live photo setting or if we have to adjust the setting to share your live photos?

  1. So what you will do is check the circles. If the circles are yellow, then it means your camera is on live photos sharing mode by default and is ready to post your live picture.
  2. But if you find some white lines on the circle, it means you need to adjust the setting to share live photos on Instagram, which is to tap on the circle, and it will turn yellow, and there will be no lines on the circle now.
  3. Now, your camera is ready to get your live photo to your Instagram story.
  4. You can take live photos and upload it to Instagram account. You need to press the shutter button, and then the camera will handle the rest of the work.

What’s Special About Live Photos on Instagram?

Live photos on Instagram can show the scene of 1.5 seconds before and after taking the picture. If you don’t want to use the live photos option, then the Boomerang feature is also available on Instagram to stitch different pictures and cover them in a few seconds.

How to Use Instagram Boomerang to Upload Live photo on your Instagram Stories?

When you have spent precious time somewhere, then Instagram allows you to share live photos of that event with your Instagram family. Instagram Boomerang is an amazing feature to convert live photos on Instagram to quick videos. Let’s read out the complete process to convert a live photo to a video on Instagram.

  • On the very first, Instagram users will swipe to the Instagram story mode, and there, you will find multiple icons to enhance the quality of your live photos on Instagram and your Audience as well.
  • In the Instagram story screen, you will find three prominent options, which are to add text, use a layout for pictures, and create a Boomerang. To symbolize the Boomerang option, an infinity sign is present there.
  • After clicking that sign, you can start creating an amazing Boomerang on Instagram without any fuss.
  • Next, if you want to make a Boomerang on some live photos on Instagram, then you have to click on the bottom left corner.
  • After tapping on the bottom left of the screen, you can select your live photo and click on the infinity sign to start converting your live photos to Boomerang.

You can use four types of Instagram Boomerang to enhance the quality of your great live photos on Instagram stories.

  1. To add normal speed and before and after effects to your live photo, you can choose Classic Boomerang.
  2. To half the speed of Classic Boomerang, you can use slow-mo Boomerang for a photo as an Instagram post.
  3. For adding blurry effects to your live photos on Instagram stories, you should use Echo Boomerang.
  4. To increase the speed and add a glitch filter in a live photo on Instagram, you will use Duo Boomerang.
  • After the selection of Instagram Boomerang is completed, tap on Done, and it will be posted on your Instagram story.

Final Thoughts

In the above blog post, I have discussed in depth how to post live photos on Instagram. Using the shutter button after adjusting the settings of your camera, you can easily cope with this wonderful task. Live photos on your Instagram will save your golden memories and will enhance your audience with your diversified content on your Instagram feed.
For more questions, you are always welcome in the comment section.


Can we post live photos on Instagram?

Yes, we can post live photos on our Instagram account using the Boomerang option or Photos app.

How do I save a live photo?

You have to tap on the Photos app, find the Live photos albums, and select the desired photos on your iPhone. Also, you can use the share option in the menu and click on save as video.

Can you use live photos in Instagram reels?

Yes, you can use these photos in your Instagram reels.